Navy Cyber: The 5th Operational Domain

♪ MUSIC ♪ The United
States Navy is at risk. Right now. This very minute. Wave after wave of
unwanted intrusions. Capable of striking
anywhere on the planet including right here at home. The probes are invisible but they could
potentially cripple our forces with as much devastation
as any bomb or missile. This is all occurring in
cyberspace the worldwide domain where communications,
intelligence gathering, kinetic operations, logistics
and command and control can be threatened
at network speed. But the U.S. Navy stands
ready to repel this threat, and to maintain superiority in
this new operational domain. The cyber warriors of
U.S. Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. Tenth Fleet
help operate and assure the security of Navy
networks around the world providing powerful
cyber capabilities necessary for
warfighting superiority across the full spectrum of
military operations. Any entity with
access to the internet can operate in cyberspace, including criminals,
terrorist, hacktivists, and nations large and small. As vast as the
internet has become, cyberspace is even larger, with virtually all
commerce and communications passing through
electronic networks. From GPS Systems
to wireless phones, credit card scanners to automatic climate control
systems and the U.S. power grid all are vulnerable
to cyber attack. And so is our military. Each day, the Department
of Defense, alone, receives 6 million probes. The traditional
operational domains of Maritime,
Land, Air and Space have definite boundaries that
separate one from the other. But a fifth operational domain, cyberspace,
crosses all domains. Cyberspace is where
the battles of the future will be won or lost. Tenth Fleet is no stranger
to unconventional missions. In World War II,
submarines were the new menace, changing the very
conventions of naval combat. Tenth Fleet was formed
to counter that threat, unifying
intelligence and operations in one command
for the first time. Today’s Tenth Fleet
continues that tradition. The Chief of Naval Operations established U.S.
Fleet Cyber Command and recommissioned
U.S. Tenth Fleet as the Navy’s central
operational authority for cyber, electronic warfare,
networks, cryptology, signals intelligence, and
information operations. This represents a
landmark transition in the evolution
of Naval Warfare, bringing
information to the forefront of the Navy’s
21st century arsenal. Almost every operation
on board a naval vessel functions in cyberspace. It is the primary medium
for Navy command and control, communications,
computer, combat systems and intelligence capabilities. All these systems
must function effectively even in the face of
degradation or outright attack. That’s the job of U.S.
Fleet Cyber Command and U.S. Tenth Fleet. To assure Command and
Control, the Navy must maintain “Dynamic Situational Awareness” this is constant and total
awareness, in real-time, of the state of our networks and
communications capabilities. SAILOR: I’m seeing a drop
in capacity centered in the typhoon off Japan, we need to
re-route our traffic until we can make
sure it’s still reliable. NARRATOR: An extension of
Dynamic Situational Awareness is “Dynamic Network Defense”, the ability to
proactively counter intrusions or hostile acts
against our networks before they
disrupt our operations, and to seamlessly
maintain continuity of command and control. SAILOR ONE:
Battle Watch Captain, I’m detecting a
large amount of traffic flowing into the
Fifth Fleet MOC. SAILOR TWO: Sir, our network
sensor grid is indicating a malicious
signature there as well. I believe they’re
probing our premise router and are getting ready to launch
a Denial of Service Attack. OFFICER IN CHARGE: Block
that incoming source IP address and have INTEL pass it
to the U.S. Cybercom J2. SAILOR TWO: Yes, sir. Sir, we got ’em. OFFICER IN CHARGE: Good work. NARRATOR:
Dynamic Network Defense and Situational Awareness are necessary to enable Tenth
Fleet’s third responsibility: “Full Spectrum
Cyberspace Operations”. This refers to a wide range
of non-kinetic effects that can be used independently or to complement
kinetic actions. Cyberspace operations can be as effective
as a bomb or missile but can be conducted from virtually anywhere on
the planet, in real-time. The Sailors of
Tenth Fleet are cyber warriors, conducting operations in
a critical modern domain. They are a force multiplier for both kinetic and
non-kinetic Naval operations delivering timely,
mission-critical information and capabilities to our commanders and
operating forces worldwide. ♪ MUSIC ♪

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