Nathan’s NDIS Story- Today Tweed Heads, tomorrow Hollywood
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Nathan’s NDIS Story- Today Tweed Heads, tomorrow Hollywood

(uplifting intro music) My name is Nathan. I was raised in Banora Point with my mum, dad and my brother. Well, I like to host. I like to dance and I like to sing. My dream job is hosting. [Mel] At the moment we are rehearsing
for Night of Abilities. We also do exercise. We discuss healthy choices. We discuss living. Nathan also has singing
lessons which he just loves. Well, Mum, she had that call on the NDIS thing, and organized all the funding to make something big. To make it something fun and joyful. The Night of Abilities is an opportunity for young adults with different abilities to showcase their talent. A night where they can get up and do exactly what they
love doing with no judgment. [Nathan] I started in 2018
of the Night of Abilities and all the people is
clapping and cheering. [Mel] So on the night he just turns up and does all the entertaining,
the dancing, the singing. He talks to every single person
that walks through the door and makes them feel welcome. [Nathan] And me performing, I’m
doing the Rocket Man, I’m Still Standing, and I love it so much. The Queen medley of Bohemian,
Another One Bites the Dust, We Will Rock You and Don’t Stop Me Now. [Mel] They don’t get the
credit that they should. They really don’t. And they don’t have enough
opportunities to show it where as this night shows that. Everyone that comes is just
gobsmacked by the talent. The more people that come
and witness the talent and are blown away, the
more the word will get out. [Nathan] One word to describe
for the Night of Abilities is happiness. Happiness means fun!

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