Nalayaks | Web Series | S01E01 – Tuition ka कलेश | Nazarbattu
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Nalayaks | Web Series | S01E01 – Tuition ka कलेश | Nazarbattu

(Crickets sound) Buddy! These cops are such a liar. They said, they will take us to your in-laws. But took us here. And I only tell them the truth, even then put me back into the lock up. Hmm.. Man! Don’t know who has screwed us? Huhh.. Yeah bro! Your motor-bike has hung up and your beloved too. But bro! You also have hung here because of me. Oh! What are you saying man! Mom used to say that I will get trapped with you one day. And see, today I have fallen into the situation. But you are more than a brother. . And never try to spit such shit again Brotherhood of brothers… Such a contagious disease… Enough to get high… This bond…. When we meet, it never ends… When we go out together, we never stop… Our bond grows up in every moment… Which never stops… Unaffected by time… This world is such a pain… Don’t worry, be happy… Don’t worry, be happy… You and I will be like this forever… It has become your daily routine. C’mon, let’s go. I don’t want to go to school. I don’t feel so. Even you skip it. Please! Man! What are you up to? What’s the problem dude? Okay! I will give you a treat of Gupta’s Dahi Bhalle. Kalu will make us regret. You don’t know, he will check the notebook today. Why don’t you understand? Okay then, we will bunk the school before his lecture. That’s what I’m saying. Let’s bunk the school. Oh buddy! Won’t you come with me? Huhh! Won’t you? Won’t you? Huhh! Pal! Don’t tickle me. Okay then come with me. Hmmm! Students! Do you guys know. We have two such exceptional personalities in our class that you can’t even imagine. And those outstanding personalities are spending their precious time with us. A big round of applause. (Clapping) Hey! Hey! Look at them. Look at these personalities. They do not require any formal introduction. How much marks I scored in the exam, sir? What is the need of marks for you? These are for normal people, like us. You guys have raised above all these normal stuffs. Sir, Tell the marks. Marks are just like your deeds. What does that mean, sir? You scored two marks only. And what about me? You! You are superior to him, son. Son, do you know, who were you in your last birth? Sir, Who? Have you ever heard the name ‘Aryabhatt’? Is he Alis Bhatt’s brother? Do you know, who was he? Yes sir! He is Alia Bhatt’s brother. His debut movie is about to release. (Class laughter) Aryabhatt was the one who invented ‘Zero’ And the soul of same Aryabhatt resides in your fat body. Till the date… Which did not leave you, till the date. That’s the only reason you are scoring Zero. Dear Laddu! Make efforts to get over these zeros. Huhh… But sir, to get up, we must be in sitting position first. So, May I sit? Stand up! Get out! Get out! You sit down! Get out! Sit down! Open your notebooks. (Ladder cracking sound) (Song lyrics) Don’t leave me here all alone. You wait for me out there. I’m coming. Okay? Okay! Okay! Son! Preparing for moon landing? One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight… Nine… Ten… Sixteen… Ten… What are you guys up to? Sir, we are just solving mathematics problems. Mathematics problems? With a ladder? Yes sir, yes, that…. that problems of height and distance. Means? Look sir, as we do practical in Science subject. So I and Laddu decided to solve the problems practically. Sir, look. Just like this. The base of this ladder is four feet, So we were just calculating the perpendicular distance upon this wall. Okay! I want to tell one more theorem. There are some other formulae for moon-landing… Pretty good… Come. Come. C’mon! It’s hurting. Ahhh! Sir, forgive us sir. It’s paining. Please. Son, this is also a kind of practical. That means we have to lay eggs now. No son. You do not need to lay egg. when hands of length two and half feet pass through… the legs of four and half feet… then what will be the distance of eyes to the floor. Sorry sir. It’s paining a lot. Get on the legs, son. You guys are caught red handed this time. So, what’s next escape plan? Mother swear! We will never bunk again. Promise sir. That means you guys were bunking the school. God swear, sir. We never think of it. We were just checking out, how fast we can move on the ladder, sir. Son, your brain runs faster. But in misdeeds. Hmm… Go and get your notebooks. I want to see. Bro! is this the plan of Gupta’s Dahi Bhalle? Now, go and get the notebooks. Sir, you have checked our notebooks that day. Which day? Sir, that day… that… that solar eclipse day… Shut up! You future will get eclipse. Go and get me your notebooks. (School bell rings) Hey! Both of you! Come with me. Come with me. See son! Do you guys want to do something in your life or not? Hmm… Even I don’t like to see same faces in the same class every year. Isn’t it? You guys are unaware of your own potential. Just like great Arjun. He never knew that he was a great archer. Someone has told him his secret. Who, sir? Dhronacharya! Guru Dhronacharya did. As long as Arjuna did not come out of Arjuna. Arjun did not know that he is “Arjuna”. Getting my point, what I’m trying to convey. Minus and minus become addition. Just as you minuses… find Dronacharya for yourself… so that ‘Arjuna’ comes out of you. Got it now? Not understood? Oh idio… get a tutor. Oh… Tuition. Now, I get it, sir. You are in touch with lots of mathematics teachers… please recommend us a good one. Didn’t you get it, man? Son, it’s the end of my tolerance. Have you understood? Yes sir. Definitely. I will make him understand. Don’t worry. You better understand! Sandy! Kalu has tied one more bell around the neck. Tuition! I won’t go for it. Actually I’m thinking to join my papa’s dairy business… She came all of sudden… in front of the eyes… as if the moon came out the clouds… Hair were spread on the face…. The day had fallen into the night itself… I met a stranger girl in such a way… Bro! What a sweet thing bro! Yeah bro! So creamy. That must be expensive. Such things are always expensive. Mother swear! I will eat that all alone. Oi She is your sister-in-law. Bro! From when ice-creams are becoming sister-in-law? Oh voracious! Not the ice-cream. See the one who is holding it. Yeah bro! (motor bike sound) But who’s that villain who took sister-in-law away. Just command me bro! I will get his den down. Calm down! We will see him one day. Bro! Sister-in-law is gorgeous. Laddu, what do you think? Will she come tomorrow? Why not? Your love will make her…. to come down at the ice-cream stall. But to which school she belong? I’m sure that she is not from government schools. Sister-in-law must belong to a rich family. You rock man! You know bro! It’s a sin if you don’t have a girlfriend these days. That means we are terrible sinners. Yeah bro! Terrible! All your sins will be washed as soon as she will become your girlfriend. Do something for me. Why are you so worried, bro! There is a place in this world where everyone’s sins are washed. But that route goes through your father’s pocket. Go away from here! (Pot falling sound) Aye laddu’s father! Give him the money. You have spoiled him. Don’t you see Bhule Yadav’s palaestra back of our house? Can’t you do exercises there? Father! If I don’t get the money today. I will suicide, I’m telling you. Another drama episode of yours! No, I’m serious. I’ll drink this phenyl and kill myself. Need help to drink? See mother! Look at father! He is trying give me this toxic liquid. I’m fed up of you, nobody is free to die peacefully in this house. I don’t think that I’m your child, you guys took me from temple. Laddu! Laddu, leave this. You tell me, how much money you required. 2000 bucks! Huhh! Isn’t it a big amount? Actually, it includes Sandy’s fee also. But why would we sponsor him. Maa! If I’m your real son… you will give me 2000 bucks. Otherwise, you and the milkman picked me from temple. Okay! Take it! Maa! I need 50 rupees more for juice. Get lost! Daily… early in the morning… You do exercise… When I look at you… I start wishing… Hi guys! Here is the first episode of ‘Nalakak’ Hope you guys enjoyed it. We have worked hard. Really hard. Now, you guys have to do us a favour. You have to share this video. So that people will start missing their school days. Viral it, viral it, just viral it. And those who just saw our channel for the first time… Please subscribe our channel. And tell us. In the comment section, how did you find our friendship. Laddu! You have put on so much weight. Bro! I recently have joined the gym. Just see me after 3 days. what after 3 days? Next episode of ‘Nalayaks’ Now, let’s go to the gym. Breath goes faster…


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