Gets Personal: The People Behind The Web Hosting Brand
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Melissa (marketing): wants to make one thing really clear. Stephen (sales): What matters most to us is our customers. What’s important to them is important to us. Turker (CEO): They tell us what they want is peace of mind, and that’s exactly what we offer. Kaan (COO): When it comes to hosting, you have an unprecedented abundance of Michael (CFO): We understand that, and that’s exactly what makes us different. Alayna (customer service): When you call us, the support member who answers works out of the same office as the whole team. Modestos (customer service): The same company. An actual person. Bill (customer service): It could even be me. Stacy (customer service): We know your time is important. That’s why we’ll answer your call right away, or within moments. Lisa (customer service): Any time, 24-7. Have a question at 3 a.m. on New Year’s Day? We’re here. Daniel (operations): Things don’t often go wrong, but when they do, we’re here to fix it. Nicholas (operations): We’re highly trained and certified professionals. Our mantra is 100 percent uptime. Daniel: We’re constantly monitoring and preventing issues before they happen. Celal (CMO): has been delivering peace of mind since 1997. Tim (marketing): In Internet years, that’s, like, forever. Bulent (human resources): We were there for the boom, the bust, and everything in between. Jeremy (marketing): How’d we do it? One word: reputation. Alayna: Our customers love us, and they’ll shout it from the rooftops. Stephen: We pride ourselves on being able to establish Lisa: And create real, long-term relationships with our clients. Kaan: If this is your first website, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. Stacy: Moving an existing service? We’re here for that, too. Chia (marketing): Big or small, with you have access to a one-stop shop for all your email and hosting needs. Turker: As you grow, we will support you through it. Tim: Everything you need. One bill. One company. Celal: Our product is hosting and email. But our business is your peace of mind. Ricky (software development): Hundreds of thousands of customers can’t be wrong. But if you’re still not sure, we offer a risk-free money-back guarantee. Michael: We will prove to you that is a different kind of hosting service. Jeremy: Fast support, real people, reliable services. That’s peace of mind. Melissa: Want to find out more? Read our blog. Check our wiki. Give us a call. Drop us an email. Join us on live chat, or even join one of our online communities. Narrator: Better yet, sign up today.


  • Shane Goodman

    1:25 "one bill, one company"? Not actually true. They send me three bills: one for shared hosting, one for Virtual Private Server, and one for Windows SharePoint Services. I've asked them to consolidate the bills, but they won't.

  • Umar Mughal

    Sorry to say but its not fact … in last 4 weeks my websites are almost down and email not working .. open many tickets still issue is not solved .. just silly replies upgrade RAM … why??

  • chetan singh

    Horrible Support, they will charge you like anything in name of the so called "Professional Support" which take around a week time to resolve an issue and that too not properly.

    All they are good in is just sending email replies, and asking for money for "Professional Services"

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