My New 2018 Mac Mini Server | Getting Started With A MacOS Server
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My New 2018 Mac Mini Server | Getting Started With A MacOS Server

what’s going on friends it’s Jonathan
I’ve been using a Mac Mini server now for a few months being that this is my
first real server I’ve been really impressed by its performance I figure
it’s about time for me to tell you about what I have going on i’ma break this
down with what I use to set up my Mac Mini server the benefits of having one
and how I maintenance it to make sure everything is polished and stays fully
functional speaking of maintenance I just want to give a quick shout out to
this video sponsored CleanMyMac X clean my Mac is an all-in-one application that
can free up space and improve the speed of your Mac just by a simple click of a
button it clears out massive amounts of junk files protects your computer from
Mac specific threats and optimizes your Mac for day one like performance it’s so
good that Apple themselves back this software and note arises it which means
it’s legit if you want to find out more about clean my Mac and how it can help
you with your Mac Mini server stay tuned first off just a quick disclaimer I
understand that there’s many ways to build a Mac Mini server and there are
some out there that are way more extensive and functional vs. what I have
going on here however I’m open to any advice that you guys want to give me on
things that I should change or add to my setup to really improve it make it a
little bit more capable and more functional just leave it down below in
the comments section I’m looking forward to what you guys have to say so to get
started you need a Mac Mini of course that’s like the heart of the setup but
you don’t have to go with the latest and greatest you can get like a 2012 2013
model you can get them used off eBay for really cheap and if you don’t trust a
bay amazon has quite a few good prices I’ll link a few down in the description
you also need an Ethernet cable router a modem and internet connection and some
software to set up your server on your Mac Mini setting up the hardware is as
simple as connecting your Mac Mini to your router using an Ethernet cable once
it’s connected make sure that your primary source to the Internet is
through your Ethernet port and not through Wi-Fi you can verify this in
your network settings now that that’s done you’re gonna want to pick the
software that you’re gonna use to set up your Mac Mini server in my case I went
with the Mac OS server software which can be downloaded in the Mac App Store
for like $19.99 setting up the Mac OS server app was extremely simple it’s
basically just following some on-screen prompts and then going into your
settings and enabling a few that’s it the most important thing is to
make sure that Mac Mini doesn’t go to sleep
power down or go to the lock screen after it’s been sitting for a while also
make sure you enable the setting for your Mac menu to turn on and login
automatically if the power were to go out that’s pretty much it in terms of
the setup it’s really simple now of course this isn’t it’s a tutorial or a
walkthrough so I skipped quite a bit but there are plenty of great videos on
YouTube that walk you through the entire process I’ll link a couple down in the
description but it is really easy there are a ton of useful applications for a
Mac Mini server I’m not even scratching this surface out
what it’s fully capable of so I dropped a link down in the description that will
take you to a website giving you many many more use cases and applications
that you can download to use with your Mac Mini server for me first and
foremost I’m using it to run my air message server that way I can get my
messages on any device that I want to receive them all let me quickly clarify
that by any device I mean any device that is capable of having air message
installed on it I’m also using it for file storage and as a NAS I have my
let’s see two big great hooked up to my Mac Mini I allow network access to my
external drives within the system preferences and using transit five I
turn my Mac Mini into not only a local network storage solution but also remote
what’s nice about the two big raid is that if I were to use my Mac Mini
locally the two big raid has fast inconsistent speeds for video editing
even h.264 4k and Final Cut Pro 10 more so if I’m running low on space upgrading
is as easy as opening up the front base and replacing them with lesea approved
enterprise-class drives I did a video demonstrating the let’s see two big raid
and the list see two big dock I’ll link it in a card at the top when it comes to
mobile access I’m using EFI Explorer this gives me the ability to transfer
files to and from my iPhone and iPad remotely in the future I plan on adding
an e GPU with a Radeon seven to my Mac Mini and use it as like a render that
way I can push my video project from my macbook pro or my imac pro to my Mac
Mini and render it out depending on if it has a lot of effects if it’s a simple
render then yeah I’ll just push it to my Mac Mini this will free up the machine
that I’m current on so I can start another edit servicing
and maintenance in my Mac Mini server has been a breeze so far one of the most
important things to me is keeping it clear of clutter and making sure that
there’s no junk files that are being stored on my server to do that I’m
turning to this video sponsor which is CleanMyMac CleanMyMac is an excellent
way to ensure my Mac Mini server is running at peak performance it’s an
all-in-one package to delete junk files find hidden apps and folders neutralizes
key logging malware and manages hung apps and apps that consume a large
amount of CPU resources and it ensures all of my software is up to date with
the latest versions and since I can access my Mac Mini server locally plus
remotely and share the screen I can run all of these scans routinely CleanMyMac
puts an icon in the top menu bar that displays the status of my machine
including them reused storage CPU temps and network performance so if you want
to experience the full capabilities of this software check down below in the
description for a link to a free trial since my server is always connected to
the Internet that means it’s always exposed to
potential malware threats so another form of maintenance for me is to ensure
that I have the latest and greatest malware protection and firewall
capabilities for that I’m using BitDefender total security 2019 it
performs system scans automatically removes any possible threats by deletion
or by quarantine and it limits access to certain files and folders this is
extremely important considering I have multiple people accessing my server all
of the time I can also schedule time machine backups and protect those
backups from possible corruption or malware in my opinion this is the most
important part of this video because you’re not just protecting your server
you’re protecting your household you don’t want any creepos getting access to
your cameras in your home your tablet’s your laptop’s your computers your phones
all that stuff stay protected I can save you some money I can give you 90 days
free of the latest version of total security all you gotta do is click the
link in the description sign up get that free 90 day trial and experience it
yourself if you want to know my favorite features of total security click the
card at the top of this video other than software maintenance I also make sure I
log into my Mac Mini once a week to ensure everything is up and running as
it should be and clear any notifications I also turn it off for a couple hours
when I’m home no one is using the server to perform a
quick physical cleaning like dust removal and also for the system to rest
I do this about once every month or so soon your friends that’s why Mac Mini
server I absolutely love it I definitely want some more functionality and
capabilities out of it so I plan on doing some follow-up content as I add on
to the server if you’re interested in that type of content make sure to
subscribe if you enjoyed this video consider giving it a thumbs up you have
any advice for me you leave it down below in the comment section and I will
talk to you thuggin Mac Mini love and server plug-in individuals in the next
video so let’s go ahead and answer a few questions that you guys asked me in the
last video Roczen asked can you talk about your tattoos also what brand of
hat is that it’s dope thank you it’s actually a fox hat I love Fox
clothing I don’t wear their shirts but I love their shorts and I absolutely love
love love their hats in terms of my tattoos I have several but the one that
you guys probably see the most is my sleeve here and this is actually the
story of Little Red Riding Hood people are wolves in sheep clothing so you got
to be careful who you trust otherwise you’ll get bit xxxx Nike six to nine X X
what’s the best budget equipment for starting up a YouTube channel this is a
very interesting question and depending who you ask you’re probably gonna get a
different answer for me your phone you want the cheapest way to start a YouTube
channel use your phone and instead of
researching budget equipment spend that time researching tutorials on coloring
on framing on lighting and use what you have save your money and then buy gear
that’s going to last you versus buying cheap gear that’s gonna be temporary
maybe I’ll do a video on this next question is from quick mind what about
something to grip the camera from below maybe a pistol grip or a mini tripod
something light uh-huh I got you guys this is an i footage Cobra 2 monopod and
it’s got a little secret the bottom can pop off and then the top can also


  • Jonathan Casey

    Make sure to watch until the end to see if I answered your question from the last video!

    Ask me anything to be featured in the next video =)

  • xxnike629xx

    An important thing is to get gigabit speeds and using CAT6 ethernet cables for everything.

    If you can, defintely upgrade the RAM modules to the maximum it supports.

    If you get an older Mac Mini, then also upgrade to SSD.

    Something I dislike with the way Apple does computers is how a lot/all components are soldered.

    I also agree that BitDefender is the best.

    7:35 Wow. I didn't expect my question to be answered. Thank you. ?

  • KEV

    I want to ask why the MacOS Server app has such a bad rating? Is there anything better than it or it is the best and most suitable server app that can be used with MacOS?

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