hey guys welcome back to the channel
today’s video I’m going to show you how I made a completely free WordPress
website and I just got it up on the line yet
online yesterday so stick around I’ll show this thing to you in just a
moment all righty welcome back to the channel
guys my name is Kevin laner I’m a freedom motivator and what we do here at
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marketing videos and value videos and anything to do with making money videos
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let’s go ahead and get in on this and like I said I just got my website up
online last night and it’s pretty much completely free about a hub of 98% free
in terms of financial terms anyway but yeah I’ll go ahead and get right in on
this and let’s take a look at here so the only thing really I had to pay for
was about three months ago I don’t know if any of you guys that saw my video I
made right here it’s it’s the get great web hosting for a one-time payment for
life and no recurring payments in other words it’s one and done pay one-time and
that’s it for the rest of your life well for the price of $37 three months ago I
got hosting with lifetime dot hosting is the name of a site and I got I got I get
to host four domains for external domains unlimited subdomains and
unlimited bandwidth and three gigabytes of hosting space for $37 for the rest of
my life and I think that’s pretty good deal anyways if you want to go and see
this video right here get great web hosting for a one-time payment for life
with no no more payments I did that about three
months ago when I bought this hosting service take the take a look at this
video here to explain a little bit more about it so also it’s really great I
don’t have any problems with it and have never had any problems with it it’s just
been great hosting all righty so just finally got my WordPress website built
I’ve been working on it for about the last two and a half three months since I
got this hosting and little by little you know building it a little bit here a
little bit there and finally got it up online and run a pair of the other night
so alright so anyways so I paid thirty seven dollars for the for the hosting
right one time and then I paid what nine dollars I went to and and
spent nine dollars on on a domain name okay so figure about thirty-seven well
about forty seven dollars it costed me to do this and that was way back three
months ago I paid that so here we are today I’m just finally getting this
website up anyways the name of the name of my website is of course freedom
motivator dot-com freedom motivator calm and this is it right here and it’s going
to be it’s going to back this sort of my my hub from my business everything
everything will go around this Instagram my Twitter and this YouTube channel and what’s the other Facebook Facebook page
all right it’s yeah they’ll they’ll revolve around this will be the hub when
you’re starting your business out it’s a good thing to have a website so that
everything else can connect to it and it helps with search engine optimization it
helps drive more traffic to yourself to your business so I’ve been it’s taking
me a long time because I wanted to get it just the way I wanted it and I’ve
been working on it almost three months now so well I got it up online but
anyways it’s got this is this is a static front page right here it’s got
down here it’s got probably powered by WordPress C and it’s privacy policy is
there too alright so anyways this is just a little welcome to the site I said
welcome to the site please excuse the mess while we construct the site it
should be done soon thanks for your patience and well it’s almost pretty
much done up and probably about the last week I’ve been tweaking it and getting
it set the way I wanted it and so on and so forth in anyways but I’ve got an
about me page here tells a little bit about my picture of myself there a few
years ago that’s not up to date obviously but also on here I’m offering
a free download of my new e-book I wrote a new ebook – it’s called passive income
strategies I got a link for it right here or there’s a link right that what
you saw down here – but it’s a new book that I wrote it’s an e-book and all the
strategies that I wrote in this book I’m doing those same things now except for
one it talks about membership sites and I don’t I don’t fall with membership
sites but everything else that it talks about in that book up is what I’m doing
now in building my successful business in affiliate marketing online alright so
you can if you come here you can get a free copy of it but you got a hurry
because I’m thinking about putting it on putting it up for sale here pretty soon
and so you can come and get get it while it’s available
it’s a free download just come and come to this page here fill out the form
check the GPD GDP our agreement box here click the download and it’ll bring the
link right up on the page for you to download the book alright I’ll just show
you that right now so let’s just say if somebody named Tom comes types it in and
they put their email address in I’ll just put that one in and then check the
box here for to agree for the consent to store the data and then click download
and it goes ahead and sends it and then you see it comes right up with this page
this little message right here it says thank you for downloading your copy
passive income strategies and excuse me just a moment my throat’s getting a
little brighter and then it’s got the download your copy right here and if you
click on that that takes you over where you can get you can read it then
download it so on and so forth right there you can download it offers I’ve
got it stored on Google Drive okay so take advantage of that come and come get
your copy of the passive income strategies free book while it’s still
free as a bonus for first-time visitors to my website and and now there’s enough
knowledge in there to jumpstart you and get you in doing the necessary steps to
start a successful business on your own okay alright and then I’ve got blog here
too and I did post one blog I wrote one blog
blog article so far questions and answers about what is or what’s
affiliate marketing and you can also get my ebook right here – here’s my social
social buttons for a Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube and you can email me
from directly from here – and I’ve also got on here
you want to contact me through the website you can do so right here as well
on this page right here and then it’s the same thing you got to check the gdpr
green box there so that gdpr is for european folks the the law believe it is
not only just there but even here in the United States for European folks when
they come to the United States website and they put in their email address name
and email address that you have to have that on there or you can get in some bad
legal troubles okay so that’s therefore that’s a legal purpose as to why that’s
there okay and so you can contact me they’re my resources page here I’ve got
my Facebook page feed live feed right here on the on the website you can read
some of my articles and posts that I have on my Facebook page live a life of
freedom motivational page motivation and success quotes and entrepreneurship on
Facebook you can like the page and also you can access you can get to my page
right here at the bottom or just find us on Facebook too all right
and there’s links down here which are the same at the top menu up there and
I’ve also got my my Instagram feed here this is live this will this is all the
same with the Facebook and Instagram those are automatically updated feeds
that’s why it’s called the feed because it’s a live feed of these accounts and
you can see it you can load more of my Instagram posts this is actually what my
Instagram page looks like except for the orange background here
and you can click on any of the posts and just though it takes you over and
opens right up on Instagram and you can see a larger shot on it there already so
that and then of course my videos which you guys have probably seen a lot of
these right off of YouTube I’ve got them on here too you can
actually watch them from right here off the website you don’t have to go back to
YouTube to do it you’re gonna watch them from right here
and so I’ve got a few of my pretty good popular videos on here too
well anyways guys that that pretty much is about it I’ve showed you about
everything about this like I said it’s took them taken me about about three
months almost to get this thing built like this and get it up on the site and
get it working properly and optimized and the search engine optimized and all
so on and so forth and in fact Google sent me a thing here an email the other
day saying that already even than just two nights or two days that this thing’s
been online that that it’s already starting to get hits Google sent me an
email I think I still have it but Google sent me an email yesterday saying that
my website was already had had a couple of hits to it so it’s starting to show
up and at least the Google search engine anyway I’m not sure about the yah-hoo or
the Bing search engine yet excuse me a second but anyways yeah
that’s pretty much what I want to show you guys today if you like this video
and reach down there at the bottom and click that thumbs up button for me if
you would it’ll help my channel and check out my other links down there
below the video you can see my number one recommended business passive income
business down there and I’ll have I’ll have a link down there to where you can
just click the link underneath the video here to it down on description or you
can download my my new ebook passive income strategies all right so that’s
what I want to show you guys I’ll catch you here again here in about two days on
the next video okay alright thanks for coming guys you guys have a great day
bye now

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