Multilingual WordPress Website: Easy TO DO With the Polylang Plugin
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Multilingual WordPress Website: Easy TO DO With the Polylang Plugin


  • Henri M

    Fantastique. Merci pour la demo.
    Fantastish. Vielen Dank fuer die Demonstration.
    Fantastic. Thanks for the Demo.
    Gracias para la demonstration.

  • Robert Peter

    Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about what I mentioned in this video.

  • eCompreneur zee

    Hey ThemeIsle, I need help. I installed and activated polylang but later
    decided to deactivate and delete this plugin and as a result my site
    can't be accessed because if I am not wrong I have changed the URL
    preference in polylang but unfortunately I couldnt get it back no matter
    how I try to change the URL. Do you have any idea? The correct URL
    should be and not

  • jane whitchurch

    Thanks for the video but it was a bit fast for me as a newbie. I have been struggling with Polylang for days now. How do I translate an existing page? Also, my Home page has disappeared. What have I done and how can I get it back? Thanks

  • sabin97

    wait….so you need to add a language switcher for each individual post?! 😐
    then what's the use of having a language switcher for the website?
    i just started out using polylang but it's been quite disappointing…i used to have a different plugin that worked better, but i forgot to the name.
    you did a similar setup to polylang, but you didnt need to add the switch to every post. and for even post you had tabs for each language, which is more natural than having to create drafts of each translation….

  • علم الطيور

    when I try to add new language it does not appear on the list as if I did nothing> what is the problem here, please?

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