Mr Phillip Hall, computing teacher in action
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Mr Phillip Hall, computing teacher in action

Philip: Right so we’re starting a really
new exciting topic, which we’re going to be looking at HTML. Now don’t worry if you
don’t know what that means right now, for this lesson we’ll explore that together.
So I’m going to get you to start off by doing a mind map for me just about what things
you think should be included on a website. We’ll start to look at what are the key
components that need to be on a website. Let’s feedback for this as a class – What sort of
things can we find on a website? Student 1: Different types of text Philip: Different types of text, very good
(pause) yes. Student 2: Audio clips Philip: So we can have audio clips as well,
so not just video we can have audio as well, excellent! (Screen Fades) Philip: What other multimedia, so we’ve
had images and advertisements, what other types of multimedia could be used on a website? (Screen Fades) Philip: How did you find that? Student 3: I found it, I was just really researching
and then it come up. And then I tried to do a bit more than I thought I could. Philip: Excellent, I can see you’re extending
yourself, that’s exactly what I want to see, great stuff.

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