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Moz Updates Domain Authority Score Model | Digital Marketing News Today

Are you looking for ways to compare your
sites online Authority and presence to your competitors
well in today’s video I have a really cool update coming to you from Moz and
what they’re doing to help out SEO experts so stay tuned we’re gonna cover
that in this video all right welcome back and thank you for
joining me my name is Jordan Steen also known as Cereal Entrepreneur and at this
channel we talk all about starting a marketing agency building personal
brands starting in on my business and if you’re interested in any of those topics
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week here at my channel now if you guys aren’t familiar you need to get familiar
with it is one of the best websites for content marketing SEO and I
just highly recommend reading through their blog at any given time if you’re
ever looking for information about SEO they probably have something but they’re
making an update to their domain Authority tool it’s actually domain
Authority 2.0 and they’re going to make it really more easy and more effective
for marketers who are looking to compare their website to their competitors
website and who would actually rank higher in search engine results oh and
speaking of getting results make sure to stay tuned to the end of this video
because we’re gonna give you some tools and some actual information you’re gonna
want to know about to help your agency site or any site really start ranking in
search engine results now domain Authority has become the standard in the
industry for measuring where your domain lies relative to its actual ranking
where the authority of that domain lies relative to the ranking so again this
allows you to look at a competitor and see where they’re ranked versus where
your website ranks and make a decision on what keywords you might need to start
targeting or get rid of so that way you can start to take on more traffic and
really steal traffic from that competitor oh and really quickly if
you’ve already had the opportunity to dive into domain Authority 2.0 and
you’ve already seen some of the updates happening let me know in the comments
below if you have or have not I would like to know and maybe potentially talk
to you if you’ve been using it yourself so domain Authority essentially ranges
from 0 to 100 or really 1 to 100 and the closer you get to 100 the better your
domain Authority and this update Moz is actually made updates to their spam
score and link quality in their algorithm so that way they have better
data to more accurately judge the value of a site to its audiences now Moz is
actually also said that you should expect some domain Authority fluctuation
after they make this update just because it’s going in across the entire board
everything that they’re doing is going to be completely affected so if you see
your score go up or down a lot and you’re using Moz and it’s something that
you kind of get about don’t worry it’s probably just
because of the update that they made and everybody else is probably seeing the
same type of adjustment as well so today was a quick update but that is it for
today look into the DEA 2.0 and make sure that you understand how it relates
to creating content how it relates to your website and what you need to do to
make the changes to make your domain authority go up and up and up oh and
since you stayed till the end check out this video in the top right hand corner
on how to improve your website ranking but I’m gonna get out of here if you
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so that when you get updated with all of our future content but until next time
Cereal Entrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work where
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  • Mario hernandez

    Hey Jordan! Can I use this for SMMA? Is this something I can use on a proposal any audit? Thank you so much!

  • Jakob Bourne

    A reliable way to market almost anything > influencer marketing < when you are able to find the right influencers for your market, the returns can be very rewarding. (just make sure you use auditing tools such as influencer auditor to avoid fake influencer)

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