Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda | How to go Gorilla Trekking in 2020 (Bwindi Forest)
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Mountain Gorilla Trekking Uganda | How to go Gorilla Trekking in 2020 (Bwindi Forest)

you hi guys and welcome back to the channel
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today’s video is a highly requested one well I’m going to dive into my gorilla
tracking experience in Uganda I’ll guys deep into the details on how I went
gorilla trekking what the experience entails and how you can do it too I
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videos alright let’s get into I’m actually very excited to answer this
question because gorilla trekking was probably the most exhilarating thing I
have ever done in my life and probably ever will do to give some context to
this question I went gorilla trekking back in 2016 in gwendy forest in Uganda
at the time I had only just started traveling and I didn’t know that people
actually went gorilla trekking until one of my professors who also runs a safari
company offered the opportunity for a few students to go on a research project
in Uganda to study the eco tourism industry of gorilla trekking so right
after exams finished 4th year I went with my professor and several other
students to Uganda we traveled around most of the country for around three
weeks and then a pivotal part of the experience was of course the actual
gorilla track you meet up with several trackers and porters at the edge of
windy forests we want to start early morning because the trackers know where
the gorillas were yesterday but then they have to actually find them today so
you could be trekking straight through the jungle there was no path for two
hours or for ten hours we were pretty lucky because we found the gorillas
within just a few hours once and if you find a gorilla family
you all have to crouch down sit down be very very quiet and the rules are that
you don’t touch or approach or I mean anything really towards them but if they
come to you or they climb on you you just let it happen they’re very gentle
they’re beautiful if you ever saw the documentary gorillas in the mist then
you have a definite idea of what it is like to be around these gorillas it’s a
life changing you’re allowed to stay around the family for a maximum of one
hour and then everyone believes it was when we were going to leave that one of
the gorillas came back down the mountain and ended up sitting back to back with
me which is the other a moment of my life that I will never ever ever forget
once the hour is up you trek back through the forest and that is your
gorilla experience if you were going to go gorilla trekking you would need to
get your flight either to Uganda or to lawanda and then you would be
transported to one of the four it’s where the gorillas are living once you
get there you’d meet up with your porters with your guides you do the
tracks you’d have one hour with the gorillas and then you would track back
out spending one hour with these gorillas in the wild it’s a very
exclusive experience that only a handful of people worldwide will ever have the
opportunity to have the fact that it is so exclusive and relatively expensive to
match actually makes it such a better experience because it’s not a mass tour
group and everyone going in and visiting a zoo you’re in the wild trekking with
local Porter’s to find a family of gorillas it’s going to cost you several
hundred dollars just to get the permit to even go into the forest so yes it is
quite expensive but not kidding worth every penny and I would do it again in a
heartbeat now at the time when I went there were only about 800 mountain
gorillas left in the world and I’m very happy to say that they were now over a
thousand and the population is steadily increasing so the gorillas have gone
from being critically endangered to just endangered but it’s definitely a step
forward if you’re interested in going gorilla trekking for yourself there are
all companies that do it so you can do a quick Google search but I would
recommend you look up my professor his name’s Ryan and he runs the company
socially responsible safaris and they do safaris all different locations in
Africa and they will be going through illa tracking in August 2020 if you love
to learn like I do you’re going to love this trip with him because well he’s a
professor that’s kind of its job and he’s very good at it
so I’ll link his information below and you can get in touch if you would like
to still get shivers every time I go back and I watch that footage of sitting
back to back with the gorilla I hope you enjoyed this video and that if you have
any interest whatsoever in going to illa trekking that you check some of the
links below or do your own Google search and make it happen it will be a
life-changing experience and evil absolutely not regret it thanks so much
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