Mother is criticized for breastfeeding her baby in public | What Would You Do?
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Mother is criticized for breastfeeding her baby in public | What Would You Do?

Hi, can I get you anything else??? No, I’m good. She’s just finishing up. No problem. Take your time. Excuse me? Do you really think it’s appropriate to breastfeed your baby here in public? For breastfeeding moms hoping to feed on the go, the law is on their side. In all 50 states, it’s now legal for women to breastfeed in public But plenty of people still don’t approve Just last month two mothers breastfeeding at a Minnesota pool were asked to cover up by another mother and when they didn’t, a pool employee Call the police. Apparently there’s a mother breastfeeding in the shallow end and not being very discreet about it No mother has to feel the way that I was made to feel Humiliated and shamed for doing something so natural the situation ignited a social media firestorm and nurse in. Dozens of moms gathering at the pool to feed their little ones to prove a point the city has since apologized to the two moms But back in that diner, how will customers react when they hear this? Do you need to do it in front of all of us here? It’s making me uncomfortable. Yes, she’s hungry and I’m not finished with my lunch. What would you do? Well, maybe you can find a more private place to have lunch We’re rolling at the Colonial Diner. A server will be right there. Miss Is it possible would you mind, um, not doing that at the table? Exposing yourself? I’m just feeding my baby. I know but you’re doing it in public and it’s upsetting my lunch because I have to look at you Would you mind doing it in the bathroom it’s all I’m asking. That catches the attention of this couple at the next table. It’s a good thing you have three other chairs. Turn around! Then, well, you don’t have to look at it! Would you want to eat your lunch in the bathroom that’s not fair to the baby to eat in a stinky bathroom And now she turns the tables on our outraged diner Okay, if you do that you couldn’t feed your own child while you were out, how would that make you feel That’s natural the way she’s feeding the baby I bring out , bring in the manager and have her say I think you should ask her to leave Can you just ask her to leave? She’s bothering everyone? All right, I’m out of here then I’m out of here I’m out of here I’m done. Enjoy this. I will! And I’ll enjoy every second of that baby. Ah Beautiful, okay lets go in. Hi guys, how are you? Well you’re getting fired up Children and I know that would bother me if someone told me how to feed my own children. It’s tough enough for a mom to go out by herself at the newborn and then to have to deal with that We’re rolling again and babies hungry You’re exposing yourself, and it’s just a little uncomfortable. I’m trying to eat my meal Maybe you can ask the waitress – Why don’t you move instead of making such a big deal out of it. And once again a simple suggestion to, switch your seat! Why did you change your seat and you’ll have your back to her and you won’t be looking at her! that’s a solution. But I- I uh It’s stop bothering me it’s not bothering me. How could it not bother you Because it just doesn’t. She’s exposing herself! It doesn’t bother me I’m not getting into it with you lady. Why don’t you leave her alone? You’re upsetting her baby now I want to go wash my hands I’m gonna go wash my hands I this is a bit too much When our angry customer steps away she has some advice for our mom Just try to be calm because you are impacting your child I used to do that so I know, if you just had a cover she wouldn’t even know what you were doing. There you go- Just try to be calm because it will influence, the little one. Thank you. no you’re welcome You spoke up why? Because it’s it’s a very natural thing I mean, I don’t think it’s fair for her to be have been treated that way I also breastfed my child when I was younger. I think the times were much more open-minded We wondered what will happen if we switch our critical customer from a woman to a man Do you think is appropriate for you to be breastfeeding a kid in a diner? This table is watching as Alfredo Continues okay, you really shouldn’t do that when people are eating and this woman quickly reaches her breaking point She’s not bothering anybody. Just let her be you. Y-You don’t bother me I’m sure there are other people no everyone is minding their own business, but I like to mind my own business I just can’t take this. Yeah, babies hungry It’s perfectly sanitary Well, there are some people who argue that this shouldn’t be done in public, what do you say to them I think that all they’re doing is sexualizing something that’s perfectly natural babies have to eat, mothers should be able to feed their babies when they’re hungry and When Alfredo starts complaining again, it’s hard for you to eat while I breastfeed? Why don’t you sit in a different chair? This man has our moms back. Doesn’t it bother. Doesn’t bother me, I have a son too, doesn’t bother him. Don’t find it a little disturbing. What I find offensive Is you’re trying to make a lady feel bad? Well, you know what? I’m out. Because I’m disgusted And the bully is gone! Shh shh. (Behind camera) Haha, that’s cute. All right break it, hi guys, how are you Why did you speak up because it wasn’t something’s not right you got to speak up But the most explosive reaction of the day comes when we put Michelle back into the scene This group just came in for a quick lunch. I I said isn’t it a little cold in here to be doing that? Oh well I’m okay. So Situations like this are hard, you know to do in front of strangers. They are clearly in disbelief. Like I’m eating now You’re doing that so If you just go into the bathroom for a few minutes I- Don’t feed your baby in the bathroom. You’re fine. (Mother) Thank you I think it’s kind of gross. It’s natural! that baby’s eating, that baby’s drinking! It’s just getting nutriment! No! And now this man: What’s the matter here? She’s just exposing herself and we’re all trying to eat right there’s nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with it Go face the other way if you don’t like it go into another section. See you later But I I was sitting here before she walked well that’s nice why are you defending her? Why are you defending her? ‘Cause she’s not doing anything wrong. ((Gasp of intense sarcasm)) She’s feeding her baby! Shocking! I know. I wish it had just been a youtube comment, delete! ((Subtle laughter)) Turn off I’m gonna have to leave this is ridiculous (( The diner cheers in amazing surprise )) Here let’s do this, lets do this. How about I sit here, and we’ll have a nice conversation then you don’t even need to see her! Can I make you as uncomfortable as you’re making her right now, let’s do that she’s doing it in front of me I’m trying to eat! I’m trying to eat my wife did it for my three kids my mom did it for me? And what is the big deal? Why does she have to do it in public? Because it’s like you eating?! What the hell is the difference? What, the hell is the difference? Are you kidding me?! No we’re not kidding! It’s What would you do? (( Sigh of relief )) Hahaha, good job! Sit down please, you were amazing! I’m not gonna lie to you. I did not expect that What were you trying to I was trying to distract her so she can do what she has to do And that’s all that it came down to you should certainly should not be telling people what not to do. That’s for sure You were so passionate. She’s doing nothing wrong. She’s doing what his best and the best interest of the child, which should always be the case


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