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Moodle Mobile App

Hey guys, in this video I’m going to tell
you about the Moodle Mobile app, which is free and available for use with NC State’s
installation of Moodle. The mobile app can provide quick access to
Moodle content while you’re on the go. The Moodle Mobile app is mainly intended for
students, since it allows you to access the activities and resources within a course,
but it can’t be used for creating courses or modifying course content, so instructors
will still need to use a full web browser when setting up courses in Moodle. First, let’s take a look at how to get the
mobile app and how to set it up. To be sure you’re downloading the correct
app, go to this URL first: There you’ll find the links to the official
‘Moodle Mobile’ app for your iOS or Android device. Click the link for your platform, and then
download and install Moodle Mobile from the app store just like you would with any other
app. When you first open the app, it will ask you
to enter the URL of your Moodle server, such as one of those listed in the description
below. NC State uses several Moodle servers, so you
need to make sure you’re connecting to the correct one. I’m going to connect to the projects server,
because I have a sample course there, but if you’re connecting to actual NC State
courses, you’ll use the address for the courses server instead. Be aware that the courses server address includes
the academic year as part of the URL. The first time you connect, you’ll see a
message telling you to “log in to the site in a browser window”, and when you click
“OK,” your device will switch over to a Web browser and try to connect to the Moodle
URL that you provided. The app has to do this the first time you
use it, in order to authenticate properly. Enter your username and password like you
normally would. Once you’re authenticated, you’ll see
a message asking if you want to open the site with the Moodle Mobile app. Click Open and you’ll be taken back to the
app. You should now see your Moodle courses listed
there, and you can simply tap on a course’s name to access it. The next time you use the app, you won’t
have to authenticate through the Web browser again; the app will just connect directly
to Moodle. Now that I’ve connected the app to the Moodle
server, I can quickly check in on my classes. Say I wanted to check my grades. I just tap the name of the course, then tap
the menu icon in the upper right, then tap Grades. It’s that quick and easy. To get back to the course, or the list of
courses, just tap Back in the upper left. I can also access any of the resources in
the course, such as documents or web pages, and I can participate in activities, such
as forums, or assignments, or quizzes. Here’s how it looks in the app. I tap the name of the class, and the app displays
all of the available topic blocks in the Moodle course. I tap a topic to see the contents of that
topic. If I wanted to post in this discussion forum,
I just tap it, then tap the add topic button, and here’s where I can type my forum message
and post it to Moodle. I’ll just back out to the course again using
Back in the upper left. If there are documents I need to download,
I just tap the document link, and then the Open button. From there I can save the file to Google Drive
or Dropbox, or whatever services I have configured on the phone. So as you can see, the Moodle Mobile app provides
quick access to Moodle courses. However, there are some important things I
want to caution you about when using the app. First: the mobile app can’t do everything. The mobile app allows you to access most Moodle
content, but there is some content in Moodle that can’t be viewed with the app. If you try to access something that can’t
be displayed in the mobile app, you’ll see a message telling you to use a Web browser
instead. The second thing I want to caution you about
is that the courses server address changes each year. NC State updates Moodle every year, and as
a result, the URL of the current academic server changes every year; this happens between
the Spring and Summer semesters. So, if you have the server address saved in
the mobile app for the Spring semester, you’ll have to change that setting if you want to
access courses in the following Summer. The correct URL can be found in the description
below. If you’d like more information about the
Moodle Mobile app in general, you can find the official documentation at If you’re an instructor with questions about
the mobile app, or if you’d like to know more about designing your course to be more
usable for students with mobile devices, contact DELTA’s LearnTech help desk.

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