Monteagudo Seed System

Hi, my name is Matías Monteagudo. I am the son of Óscar, a psychologist and, specially, an inventor. Invention has been my father’s passion for his entire life. He never had much resources, though. But that didn’t stop him from piling up his creations in the workshop. You know, some of those are like my siblings. And now we are giving this one for early adoption. We all need AgroTech to secure his food
in a world dying of hunger. Think about those delicious veggies you enjoyed in your last meal. Many come in small packages. But sowing tiny seeds is no easy task. It requires heavy machinery that often costs tens of thousands of dollars. So my father met with the local farmers to try to build them the right tool. One that was accurate while low-maintenance, compact but also modular, inexpensive… And even fun-to-use. After years of R&D, he patented the Monteagudo Seed System. Prototypes worked as expected and there were offers on the table, still, something didn’t feel quite right yet. This project was born to democratize agriculture and that could’t be fully attained with IP rights getting in the way, therefore, it was clear the patent had to go. So after a brief discussion, my father agreed to turn his property into the public domain. “How we do it?” – he asked. “Four regional crowdfunding campaigns” – I answered. One for Africa, Asia, Oceania, and the Americas, each of them with the same goal. If reached in all four, not only will the IP rights be renounced, but also 3D-printable files will be accesible on Thanks for being part of
the Green Revolution and making my old man’s dream come true.

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