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Testing one two Check one two testing one Two three four five. Check one two Three four five. on the Field. All of the here students are filing in for Monday Night Lights one of the first experience That we have here for the new students at West Virginia University. A lot of families Are having on the field behind me and so mch to look forward to Later on thisevg hear from our favorite mountaineers University President we’ll be stopping by Gordon gave our new pro host Maryann Reid As well as Tim Eades The Mountain where ourmen Brown d I took our coach this year. Littlewn of course this Is his house. We got a lot of activities going on on th fear beach Out in full force. There’s also some huge letters spelling out. Let’s go Where all of the Albie students could go and get their photos take t entire class of 2023. The students will be signing And will be a special new tradition that we’re sta at Westa. But Hey we have a new tradition right here which is the party race On th e got to poor individuals here who have sacrificed Themselves for the cause this year. I’m taking Morgan from American West Virginia. All right. And you know it’s not from Phoenix Arizona All right. So here we . Out To meet the mountain here at the 50 and all the way back. The wiing to get a great prize You guys ready. Ready set go Oh it’s a close race Let’s head for these two guys they’re gonna Coming back saying we got to get it To finish finish by the day. Gets the win. Congratulations What success here? Just hard work – and determination Anybody want to give a shout ouust myself on My hard work to get here. We heard that this man i a state chO the track. of a disadvantage We’ll look we’re going to have plenty going on the rest of the evening. We got some trivia to see how much These new freshmen know about West Viia University going to a campus Map. I’m sure they all know where their classes are but we’ll tehem coming up and Now t back up into the press box. April Thanks everybody for All right. So with Anytime you do something for the first time there are a couple of little glitches here and there so bear with Us as we work through a few of the technicalities of putting on a big production like This. Multiple cameras multiple locations so there May be a few little bumps along the way but we promise we’re gonna make things as smooth as possible Of like that party race. They had a couple of challenges along the way but but in the End it ended up all right. And speaking of a few bumps along the way but everything ends up being OK. I have Cody Ferris the dean of students here at West Virginia University with me I think for every student there is that feeling that when You’re a first time student they don’t know where to go what to do what’s Going to happen and you in your office that student life is really here to make everyone Feel right at home. You’re absolutely right. We’ve got a great team of people we Know that students are learning. We’ve got resident assistants that are on Floor with our students living in residence halls to answer questions. We’ve got commuter assistance For our commuter students but any office on campus alltate and student student To do is go and ask the question. We’re here because we were all new whether We were students here or whether we were new employees we know what it’s like to be new In addition to the students who are down on the field here in the stadium Watching this live stream we have a lot of parents grandparents the extended mountaineer Family as well as upperclassmen who might be tuning in tonight. What advice do you Have for them as they’re either coming onto campus as a new student Or returning student or they have a student here on campus that they’re supporting Well let’s say to keep loving your student keep supporting them and And pay attention to the mountain your parents club use That we send out to them regularly the of electronic news because we share great information That you can share with your students but keep loving your students because together We’re going to help them be successful and graduate from WVU. And it’s really events like Monday night light and the other events that are part of welcome week that really help students Feel like they’re part of this new mountain community right. Absolutely so part of welcome Quite frankly is to help students engage with campus quickly meet iends Quickly develop some of those lifelong friendships and learn the campus Learn the services that we’ve got to offer but really we want to make sure each Student finds their place their niche at WVU so they can be successful. And in order To learn more about all the ways that they might be able to fit in in a variety Of ways. Visit the student website. It’s student life at WVU dot Corey thanks so much for taking the time to spend with us. I know it’s a very very busy week As we get ready for the first day of classes on Wednesday. Absolutely thanks and I’m excited Students are here and I’m happy to welcome them and as as many of us are. All right Thanks so much. Jeff back to you. Well April down here on One of the new things that we’re doing this year in addition to this life program is These enormous letters let’s call the Flying W V All of these ents have a chance to get this photo taken here on the field. It’s one of the distributions at we’re starting here at Monday Night Lights and as you can see it’s catching on. The Line is for me. Come on down hre. We’re taking professional photos of anybody Who wato be with us? Let’s go? Message and keep an eye out for this All throughout the schooar. throughout our Campus a chance for you to take a oto with some of the most iconic places At West Virginia University. And while you’re down you’re on the field head to the Ed zone. Go to one of the nnels and your name on the clasOf twenty twenty three flag here at West Viia University’s April back up to One of the first Cried Everything was different I was really uncomfortable leaving home. I felt like a Little fish in a big pond. I was definitely Really nervous coming up. You had a bunch of butterflies. Kind of a daunting At first went into my first class was like This is not what I Do. I got lost in the whole sites that are here. I was terrified For my life and I was just like I’m gonna be late for my first class It was a classroom that looked just like a classroom. I had in high school Filled with kids that looked just as nervous as Me. Al the nerves just melted away as soon as I walked in and sat down It was really warm out. Everybody was kind of out here throwing football passing Frisbee And you know all these people had their dogs out here and I thought you know this is so Cool I want to be involved in something like this. I hope post the Greek Games which is pretty much like a big social event For all the Greeks to come out and agree. And that moment I realized like hey you I am at home. I am not here. And so when I came here I walked into this room filled with people that were there exactly Likeme that really just felt like I finally found my place and I finally found my people and I walked in their first meeting I realized Wow This is a whole room of people who are also working for their own business the ways they can Improve the school for other students. And I was just really inspiring for me and I’d Never miss another FDA meeting for the rest of my college career. So I work in the Department of engagement leadership and we’re pretty much like the hub For all that you know the ortions on campus. I think that should be a first That goes from engaging in leadership but you also have to take the initiative Don’t just focus on GPA focus on how you can help your community focus on How you can help others around you? Just as simple as saying hi and Being nice to someone can really make or break you and ultimately that’s That’s what you really come here for is to build those new experiences. Don’t be afraid To meeting. Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone via email because odds are like People are looking for more people to get involved. But it doesn’t have to be So intimidating if you just you know take it one step at a time. I joined as many Clubs as possible even if I didn’t like it. I was just like No let me see what these people About let me see what this comes about. Definitely. My advice is to go Orientation trip. You will meet. You will meet amazing people who Definitely be with you throughout college. One thing that helped me and A lot people don’t use enough is the rec center. There is a lot That comes from exercising. So I started taking Body Pump classes Zumba classes and that helped me get over that hump you up all night is one Of my favorites going up all night and spending the night in a safe way With your friends at the mountain we’re eating free food which is huge. Knowing people in the class will check up and make you make you make sure you do your homework Will save your life. First I’m here to meet new people and everybody just Want to help you grow. I want to see you know Be the best not new you to be Those students have a Lot of great advice for their fellow students here at WVU. I’m joined By another great student here at the University Kate dies With me. She is the president of the student government association here at WVU Thanks for being with us. And I’m curious what is SGA a lot of people might have heard of the student government association but They don’t really know what it does. So tell us a little bit about SGA. OK. Doing A student government. We are an advocacy group For student issues. We act as the student voice with Direct contact UW administration. We play on campus wide events And we write legislation on student issues in hopes that the university Listen to us. So I have to ask what made you want To be a part of SGA and in particular to run as president Well I saw when I got on campus sites SGA it’s the heart of ent life. And I really wanted to be involved with It. Also I wanted to use my time my four years here to Make an impact on this campus and I started As a freshman. So I worked my way up and I realized that I’m going to my senior Year and it was a great opportunity to get back to the university. So Whether it’s the student government association or whether it’s another Student organization on campus. What advice do you give to someone who says You know I want to get involved. I want to learn more about how I can make a fference out. There are so many opportunities to get involved on campus. All You have to do is look online ask your fellow students. We have almost 500 clubs to get involved with. And I know that you’ll be sharing a Lot of information online on social media about elections and All of the things that SGA is going to be working on through the semester. Kate thanks so much for being with us And don’t forget check out student life at WVU dot edu for a lot Of information not just about SGA but all the other Opportunities available here the campus. Jeff Boyd we talked about it before here is That let’s go. Class of 2023 twenty three flags you can sel the students Here signing their names if anybody down here and sign your me yet Be sure to come on down and add your name to the legacy of the class of Twenty twenty three. Well I’m joined now a trivia segment Tay their new school see how well they know that maybe you’re getting ready Yeah ready as best as I can be. All righ That’s acan ask So first question we’ll give you three possible choices. What is The original name of West Virginia University. Is A Woodburn college be the agricultural College of West Virginia or C.. Its been West Virginia University. MARK See that is incorrect. B is correct is the Agricultural College of West Virginia. So if Taylor gets one more right she wins today’s prize. We’re going to move on over here Come on with me Taylor Marra going to try to get ourselves a bit of a better Folks get out of the way here. All right. So a couple more questions. Number two before The Mountaineers what was our mascot. Was it a snakes B miners or C mountaineers Taylor Mountaineers Always or something else. You got to beat. It was Not be a ok. There You go. All that was left was a let’s do one more see If we ca to get to these questions right to. Number three The first graduate of West Virginia University was at a Jerry West B Don Knotts or C Marmaduke Dent Mara B Not B Taylor. Hey Not a way. What we’ve learned is that we Have to get more of these trivia questions to our freshmen So they know more about their university. But the correct answer the first graduate for WVU Marmaduke dance we’re going to give both of you a nice prize to go With today. Thanks a lot for playing. All right now we’ll go back up to April All right Jeff thanks so much man Marmaduke. I love that name if nothing else. Just a reminder this is our first Preshow livestream event for Monday night lights were on YouTube and Facebook Our Monday night light event here at Mile and push car stadium starts at 8:00 But we wanted to give a lot of people who maybe don’t get a chance to be here at the stadium An inside look at the event and also provide a little extra information By the way if you’re posting on social media tonight be sure to use the hashtag WVU twenty three because of course we’re talking about the class of 2023. And if you’re wondering who tis handsome man in uniform Beside me is it is W.P. Chad Oster the chief of police of The university police department here at WVU. Thanks so much for being with me. Thank you for having me I appreciate it. Thank you. This has been a really busy Few days for you guys. You managed to get everyone moved into campus So that’s a feat. But now it’s really trying to get everyone Comfortable with campus right making them feel like tey’re at home whether You’re a new student or a returning student and your officers Your department really plays a big role in that. Yeah. Yes it does I’ve been here frs now. So when you See the mountaineer on the patch you know we’re here for the students. That’s our big thing So we play a huge ro and then move in and everything they Did. So what are some of the resources that are available I tink you know a lot of times we think about we see the officers walking On campus. You see them in the cruisers maybe on their bikes or with the canine units But you PD really officer offers a great Number of resources including a lot of training opportunities. Oh yeah. We have Everything you can think of from like say protect classes For everyone we have safety classes for everyone. If you go to our Web site police WD you’ve got you or our new Web site where we brought in safety Altogether it’s safety dog WVU taught to you. You can find all the Information you need about anything police or safety wise Acouple of examples we know there are a lot of concerns a lot o questions These days about safety o campus as it relates to active shooter situations Your department conducts regular training sessions for that you have a lot of Information. There is also a lot of infoion about things like stranger Danger how to use the live safe app and how to sign up for that let’s say about You and that is something I really want to push I encourage every student to go to our Web site go to the safety Web site you go the play story and go Tunes download loop safe. It goes directly into our comm Center and that’s how you can contact us just with your phone. It can b a little intimidating Especially if you’re a young person to see someone in uniform I have to think though that your advice is if one Of or students or a faculty member a staff member or a visitor to campus Sees one of your officers around on campus that that you don’t want To walk the other direction you’d really prefer that they walk right up Shake their hand And start a conversaWe definitely would. And actually we do a t of that too So don’t be afraid when you see us coming up it doesn’t mean you did anything wrong. A lot of times We just stop by and want to have a conversation like say when you see the mountain you’re on the patch you’re Part of the family and don’t be afraid to talk to us. All right. Well Chief Chester Thank you so much and don’t forget those two Web sites police dot WVU dot Each of you a great source for information. And then we’ve pulled all That safety information from all kinds of areas of the University You might be interested in into one place and that one place is safety WVU that E.T.. Jeff back down to you on the field Thanks April so much going on. We came from one end zone All the way to the other behind us where now we’ve got a couple of games new freshmen get to know one another and get to know their new univerAs we solve the triviahey need to do it just a little bit better Got peace walls all over the place yo got the ultimate fr team over Well but you know these are all the newest members of the mountaineer community And in four years they’re going to be graduating walking across That stage and getting their degree. But back in May we talked to some Of the most recent graduates of West Virginia University and as them what Advice would you give to this year’s freshman class On campus You’re gonna have your homework Pretty hard and then you can do whatever you want. If you don’t study and then do what you want. Incoming freshmen definitely need to learn time management from the Beginning path and college is a whole different level. So Make sure that you organize your time with results and make them time to do fun things Whether it’s a hobby or thing going? Hanging out with friends? Make sure you’re Doing something you know balance it’s all about balance and time management. I’d say to the freshmen incoming I don’t want anybody Or anything hold you back. You know Put your head in the right direction keep going. Go for your goals no matter what Just try your hardest and no matter what. Just stay positive Because positivity goes a long way. Study hard And take advantage of all the resources you have here and you can definitely Do what you want to do with a degree here and with an Education here. You don’t take a day off this week you’re gonna blink and You’re gonna be graduating early. It’s crazy how fast time flies here. Have fun Enjoy your time here but also know you’re here for what you want. Know how to get it And try your best. In the process you’re gonna fall. You’re gonna fail some time But you’re gonna succeed eventually. Just keep trying and do your best. Every day. Here we go. Just look at Your You know who else is geat at giving advice. Resident Assistant At West Virginia University and I just happen to have one of the best On our campus tree Knotts is with me. A resident assistant here at WVU. So when I first came to WVU I had a really good R.A. my freshman year. Her name was Sandy Luther And she kind of what inspired me to be the R.A. that I am today. Where Are you in R.A. and what exactly do you do in that job So I’m currently at Seneca Hall. I work with all Our students that are living in our residence halls and kind of work to mentor Them and try to figure out where they need to go and what resources They need and to connect them to those resources. I have to imagine That you have a lot of questions from students especially those first time students as they’re in The residence halls. What’s your best advice for new students. My best Advice is to connect with anyone that you can on campus whether it be your R.A. your Professors your teachers or just other students and other uperclassmen on campus Just ty to make as many connections as you can. The four year seems like a long Time but it goes by really fast and if there are questions that Tori although I cannot Imagine that there is a question she doesn’t know the answer to. If you have questions that You can’t find an answer to right away. Be sure to check out housing w Dot to you. It has a lot of information but Tori what is your Biggest piece of advice fr those people who’ve made it kind of been there done that And can serve as a mentor for those younger students coming to campus just To be yourself and get out there get involved on campus or so many different Things and let this. These four years or more Than four years really make a difference in your life. Tori thank much. Je back to you April we’ve tested these students smart Now it’s time old fashioned game of tug of war. We’ve got two Teams joining us right now. We’re starting at the 40 yard line. What ae these Teams needs to carry the other one five yards in order to win today’s Prize which will be extra food for tomorrow’s food Fest with food festival fest coming up tomorrow night on campusYou guys ready. All right. Run to Three go It’s close Can we get to five yards. Keep going Putting up a fight And we’re almost there. The team to my We gotr here. What’s your . – name. Steven Steve away from South Jersey South Jersey Winning the game today against the other team. Congra everybody. Get extra food tomorrow night at Food Fest. Sounood. ds great. Very bet. All right. Hey listen. West Virginia University We have all sorts of valu And faculty to your first WVU is not To check out this video. The values of West Virginia University Those values really are at the core of what makes a mountaineer And no one knows that better than our vice president for diversity Equity and inclusion here at West Virginia University. Misha poor Misha Thanks for being with us. What is the division Of diversity equity and inclusion. It covers alot of Territory. It does. You know first thank you for having us. We’re excited One thing is very amazing about the BBC is we have 30000 Students without but we are one WVU. And that means you bring all of Yourself no matter your race your religion your sexual orientation Whatever it might be. You’re here. And diversity is fluid for everyone So whatever that means to you. We try to make sure you find your home here. Diversity Equity and office Really handles a wide variety of issues everhing from Helping people feel like they’re included that they’re part of a diverse community Here at the university but you also tackle some tough issues like Title 9 investigation sexual assault education as well As investigations. Talk a little bit about all of those things That your officers is busy every day handling. Yes. So we basically Have a whole suite of investigators. And one of the things we take very seriously Recognize that there’s sometimes we have to investigate matters and so we want people to Very comfortable coming to us. But those opportunities to talk with us And allow us to really give them resources you know we deal with people Denitely sometimes have anxiety. We’ll make sure that we look into Carruth We have a great university a service for students. If you’raling with Something like that we deal with that as well. We have a D.A. ucompliant and Often. So if you feel like you need some resources for that we make sure that’s available To you. So all we needeople who is to reach out wh something gets uncomfortable Regards of people doing you know you feel like you might be exposed to some inappropriate Behavior. You have to step up and make sure that we’re able to know what’s going on And education’s a really big part of that making people aware that You want t find some resources and learn a little bit more about we Affectionately call them DCI on W’s campus. Be sure to visit diversity WVU dot each of you tell me a little bit about some of the things That you have coming up I know you’re going to be visible on campus. We are going to have a Pop up shop. So you’re going to see me on want students To come up to me. You’ll see me say hey Vice t how are you doing. I wa to know So we want to talk about some of your issues. Yong to have a new launch Of our Web site. You’re going to be able to give me some things you want me to tlk about and I’m going to Respond back to you. We want you to really feel like this office works for you We’re here for you. You’re here for us and we’re going tothis collectively together All right we’ll meet you. I see more and more students collecting on the field right on Flying WB behind us. Don’t forget that’s diversity dot WVU Dot EU. If you want more information. But right now it looks like We have a lot of stude together down there. Jeff let’s check back in th you. Thank you. April it’s another chance for these freshman to prove How much they know about West Virginiarsity with another trivia segment W Broad who is totally lacking confidence right now going Against so hand and his older brother is a WVU graduate.So we think hopefully he’ll be able to get a couple of these right. So question number one gentleman What does PR T stand for and Your options are a private rail train B personal rapid transit or C Public rapid train and Brad goes out first b Personal rapid transit look at that you got it right. Brought of little faith. It’s a Number two. Let’s see if so hard to get back into this if you get it right Brad. You win this Number two. Who has the most points In WVU men’s basketball history. Is it a Day Sean Butler being Hot Rod Hundley Or Jerry West. Sorry I’m going Deal with b b Hod Hundley is not right And you may just hav decent Butler Not Rhodes I’m going to go Jerry West my hair I don’t know Jerry West is not your first response to just about any question About basketball yes Jerry West has the most points in team History and those other two are the only other players who have scored more than two Thousand points in their career so this one is for the win In which year did our logo the Flying W V Make its debut. Was it a 1860 Seven. Was it B nineteen eighty Or C 1912 sorry t B b b nineteen eighty is correct The same year that this stadium made its debut the same year that former View football coach Don Nielsen took ovee program and implemented The now and you get thory Brad od game down here on the field we’ll set it back up tpress box April Jam thank you very much I can tell the Students are having a ton of fun down there on the field there are beach Those big letters they’re posing with all the games and really Just the opportunity to meet and mingle with one another but we Are getting closer and cto the start of our official Monday night lights event Right around 8:00 so I need to ask our students here at Myelin pushcart stadium to start thinking about moving toward their Seats up into the bleacher sections. Be sure to look for sections 120 For one twenty five one twenty six and one twenty Seven. We have a lot of volunteers there you’re gonna be seeing these big Gold arrows tat will help direct you to your seats but start thinking About moving off the field toward the stands and into those sections 14 125 126 and One twenty seven doesn’t mean you c’t still have a lot of fun but we Have a lot more to come and by te way don’t forget if you are posting on social Media tonight be sure to use that hashtag WVU Twenty three because we are talking about the class of twenty twenty Three this evening. This is our first live preshow stream More on YouTube and Facebook and our Monday Night Lights event will also be streamed starting at about 8:00. I’ll have The opportunity to hand the mike over to my colleague Bill Nevin who always Does a fantastic job on the public address system here at Mile and push Car stadium so we’re really looking forward to that. Right now though I mean isn’t Back down to Jeff on the field. Yeah well we’re scrambling Down here to you wh downtown campus looks like here at West Viversity We’ve got two students here. We’re going to take a look at this map and tell us where a specific Building is we’ll see how well they know our campus. Just a couple of days Here fr them. First of all tell me your name riley Colin Riley All right Riley and 0 0 Riley 0. OK. Are either of you simmers They both used to be swimmers. OK. So the question is At e more Hall you can find an indoor Swimming pool point to e more Hall on that map. No but close. You can Keep trying. Somebody’s going to get it right. That’s not it. That’s true it is on that road are getting close. That’s Woodburn. All right. There you go. All right Riley wins and we almost Got hit by a beach ball. There we go. You’re going to get a prize today Congratulations Riley. No in the campus just a little bit better. But hey they’ve just been here for a couple of days now. They’re all going to learn it before All is said and done. For now though we want everybod heading off into Seats get ready for the main event and we’ll set it To April in the press box All right. Thanks so much. And I’m with Kyle Sams the mountaineer maniacs President and a lot of people have probably seen the mountaineer maniacs I’m sure they’ve heard the mountain maniacs if they’ve been to a football or basketball Game. But tell me a little bit about who the maniacs are what the group Is all about. S we are the official student section of WVU athletics And we’re actually the largest organization on campus. So we have about 4000 members and we actually just sold out of our ultimate Membership. But our basic membership is still alive. But we do A lot more than athletics we’re involved in community service and we try to support All of our athletic teams. A lot of people probably see them in that section Of mountain air field right behind us. They’re right there in the center on the upper level Visiting team side. What made you want to be involved and become A maniac. So I grew up a huge West Virginia fan venture Mountaineers since I was born. So to get involved I Not your maniacs that opportunity. And I’ve been on the executive board For five years now. And to be able to take over as executive Director has been a great opportunity. What are some of the things that you have in store for this Coming season. So on Thursday actually we have our biggest event of the year IT’S CALLED MANIAC madness. We’re giving away our t shirts will have free pizza And it will actually be here at the football stadium. And Coach Brown Has been awesome and he’s going to have a practice. So you guys can come and watch a practice It’s gonna be a lot of fun and maniacs if people want to get sme more information If they’re wondering hey can I be a maniac. Where can they learn more So you can check out our website maniacs thought that if you thought you and Our social media is very active. So Twitter active if you maniacs Instagram had to be You maniacs. You can always send us the DRM Or just tweet at us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. All right. Kyle Sams the president o the mountaineer maniacs be a maniac Be a mountaineer maniac r Awesome. JEFF Back to you. So these are the cheerleaders for the football team for All of our sports here on campus to get the microphone working once ag Alex Colbert joining us along wiome of his teammates. You guys are gonna be getting everybody hyped for the Season. How much are you looking forward to kick off GM you coming here on the thirty first You know we’ve been doing a lot of prep over the past week or so far pre-season training We’re really excited. I’ve been around for classes with the Summer Love and checkiOut of the practice facility out back. They’ve got some really good new recruits. I mean they’ve Restored some faith especially after the recruits coming out this past you guys give us a taste of et what we can expect from the cheerleaders in the 20 1Season I Love seeing our cheerleaders in action pumping up the crowd. Our students Are beginning to make their way into the stands? So our Monday night Lights event is going to start in just a few minutes. It’s been great To be part of this first preshow live stream event. I told you there’d be a few bumps along the way. We started off with a few of those But guess what it smoothed right out. We had some great information some wonderful Guests. Our students were fantastic. And as I said Jeff really Did have the primo spot down there on the field in the middle of it all. And he did A great job. Jeff thanks so much on behalf of our entire team here at University Relations in West Virginia University. Thanks so much for joining us. Be sure to stay with us Because our livestream continues with our Monday night lights event here At mile and push car stadium. I’m going to turn it over to Bill Nevin In the broadcast booth in a moment but first a quick reminder To our students. Be sure to look for those sections 124 125 126 and 127. We have lots of volunteers Helping you find the right spot. Just look for those big gold arrows if you’re here inside The stadium for all of you who might be watching our livestream at home Or on your mobile devices and around. I just want to once again thank you For joining us. Know that the students are having a great Kickoff week as part of welcome week. And if you’d like to learn more about some of the things That are happening here on the campus as we get ready for that first day of classes On Wednesday. Be sure to visit. Welcome Week WVU Dot. You have a great evening and It’s time for Monday Night Lights. In just a few moments Good evening class of 2 enty three from all of us at West Virginia University. We welcome you to Midland pushcart stadium Home to Monday Night Lights. Tonight you’ll learn what it means To be a mountaineer. So let’s gt started. Let’s start our evening. We’re going to hear from the man who can be Spotted around campus sporting his famous bow ties Please help me welcome the man whoarlier year was named the nation’s Best college president. Our selfie loving Student centric energetic and fun loving president E.. Gordon Liddy thank you thank you thank you So I love you guys. What a great class? Best Class in the history of the University Say that again. Okay great. So while We’re trying to accomplish tonight is to make certThe university from the perspective o the fact tHave fun we love to have joy and we want to make certain that Each ad every one of you experience this mountaineer moment So I want to welcome every one of you. I want you to know That over the next year we’re going And you’re going to make us great. So I have a great Meeting. Thank you for being here. Thank you Dr. D and we love that Bow tie you have on tonight. This summer West Virginia University was proud to introduce a new proposed Maryann Reid at WVU. Our proposed Is responsible for all things academics from Profsor To advising and everything in between. Let’s Meet pro Bost Reid And now please welcome your pro boast Maryann Reid Are excited. absolutelyOK so I want to welcome you to West Virginia leaders. And to clarify What a protest does is I over see All the academic programAt my office Sees some of that behavior issue issues Related tocademic profile for Performance. So I’m kind of Like the principal of Westbridge Virginia University You don’t want to end up in the principal’s Office but I’m not worried about you Because you are the most Gifted academic politically gifted Class we’ve had at West Virginia University So you are a superstar. However You need to stay on the straight and narrow. So I’m here to give you some tips. OK. First of all We ask you work hard and plPlay smart means first year you are startiA marathon. OK. It’s not a sprSo pace yourseDon’t Lose it. Oh the first mile. All right All right. Take care of yourself. Eat well sleep . And manage your timur energy. Look out for yourself and Each other WVU is a very Caring place. We cheer Each other when we’re doing well. We support e Other when we’re down. We wear honor and a symbol Of our community. Brian I kow that you represent The entire university when you’re on Campus when you’re at a football game or When you’re just around town? You need to be response For maining our you to be open to experience nt And opportunity as well as Differing points of view. We are an inclusive community. We We we af Differing points of view different first Perspective Pople come here from all over d mind your heart. You will learn as much from the People around you as the Books you read and the classes you attend And finally enjoy Yourselves in smart. So of course you’re To come to football games Righ gais the large City in West Virginia It’s crazy right. 70 plus nd screaming fans. The marching band the crowd The play you’re going to love it. OK OK. so we have a wo beautiful nature Here. We have a rail trail. Take Advantage of offer Class at 20 To 1 8th grade. Be the best Tat you can make This is your chance to Make a mark on West Virginia in the world Good luck hard work hard Ask for help if you need it. Enjoy the journey and never d up in the principal’s Office Thank yu Boast read. Wild Wt Virginia University you’ll hear the phrase mountainrs go first And over the last few years our students faculty and staff Have broken barriers and pushed ou university to new heigIt’s up to you. The Class of 2023 To keep that progress going. Here’s what it really means Go first One of our universities most cherished traditions Is oud mascot the r since 1934 WVU had 66 Mountaineers to help us celebrate our most memorable moments Threw them out near. We are reminded of the strength courage Perseverance and friendliness of the people of West Virginia. Tonight we welcome the 66 mountaineer mascot Timmy needs to share a few of our favorite tradition W three. Welcome home Looking back at my freshman year two years Go one of my very favorite events The entire year was Monday night lights And the reason for that is because This is the beginning again. This is your new start This is your new home. You look to your left or to your right. Right. This Family. These are th that ySpending these next four years with making Some greatest memories of youtire life Some of those memories Will be made right here on mountain airfield In Malibu GA stadium. So I’m assuming That a good bit of you have probably been to mount your games Before but I’m also gonna assume that A lot of you probably haven. So I won’t help You out. I’m here thelp. We’re going to a coue of chNew stuff. So who’s ready. All right I’ll take it easy on you first. So this was pretty simple When I say let’s go What do you guys say pros Are you ready to go to this three times? Let’s go? Let’s go Let’s go. Awesome All righ days The ways this work is that That siy let’s go This side will say we’re willing to pretend we’re in this line right here down the Middle is the field you guys are let’s go You guys are mountaineers we did that Are you ready on my command There we go. Give yourself a hand All p notch. So many ou have been to a WVU football game before ise your bit of you. All right. SO YOU GUYS WANT TO HELP ME OUT ON THIS ONE. SO THIS IS OUR FIRST DOWN HERE My man up in the press box. Bill Nevin on his commEvery time the Mountaineers get a first down we d The way it starts. His hands up in the air Oh Get that going And when Bill announces first down W did we go w b you Clap in whichever way we’re doing so we’ll say we’re going this way First down Thing we do right. Now leave it till we master it. Are you ready? So we’re gonna we’re gonna get it going in the bill’s gonna Give his cue and then we go down Clap first do ready.ere we go. First down West Virginia Pretty good Pretty good. So we do it one more time I read. Here we go. First down West Virginia Awesome All right guys. Appreciate your listening To me. You guys have the best year Best next four years of your ife. This is going to be Awesome. We’re so have you guys here at Westrgini Mountaineers Thank you Tmmy You’ll see him and many of our home athletic events this fall from football All to soccer. And speaking of soccer did you know That the Morgantown is home to one of the most successful women soccer Programs in the country. Our Women’s soccer program is led by coach Nikki Izzo Brown the only women’s scoach in program history In twenty three seasons. Her team has won 300 40 matches and has mait to the NCAA tournament An astounding 19 straight years. PLEASE GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO A s here in footballe tonight. I’m footba So I’m home. You can come out t. Glass and come watch the home opener To kick off this to 19 season With women’s soccer. Seven o’clock But with that being said Congratulations. Life’s about making Great choicein each and every one of you Made a great choice to come to WVU I’ve had the pleasure for twenty Four years to deal With you freshman so I got one word of advice Make good decisions do your homework First call your parents Make new friends come to a soccer Game. In all honesty I’ve very fortunate I’ve made great relational relationships All my success is based upon Great mountaineer spirit. And Yo guys mak happen. Don’t take This lightly. The class of 2 2 3 OK so there’s football Then there’s coach Neil. Everybody No less. I’m Izzo Brown Neil Brown is football And he’s coming next. I thought I’d throw that out there So you thought I was cool because I’m Izzo Brown Like Rizzo and I got cool shoes In on Steam make good choices. These Are the best four years of your life? Athletics thing without you. Tme Especially women’s soccer. Let’s go Mounir Thank You coaches O’Brien. And now we are pleased to present to you one of West Virgi universities And the state’s most revered traditions the pride Of West Virginia the untaineer marching bTo perfs traditional football p And now from the college Creative arts on the campus of West Virginia University Unr the direction of Dr. Steven libel and assistt director Dr. McCurry. We are proud to present the awarWinning pride of West Virginia the mountain air marching Band The pride Under the field direction of Madison start from Morgantown Jessica Hammersley from Martinsburg Alissa bump us from Ripley and T Baltimore Maryland the featu to our leademily Cooper from Annapolis Maryland Jackie Ross Eric From Fayetteville Jillian swagger from Niles Ohio Emily Reinhart from Canton Ohio and Madison Nice from Amherst Ohio And now would you please stand for the singing of the r of West Virginia University and please remain standing For the playing of our national anthem. Tonight the album Will be conducted by Dr. Sullivan like a director of the pride Of Woodbridge Virginia The National anthem will be conducted tonight by Dr. Scott Tobias Direct bands at West Virginia University City. Now would You please join us as we honor America As e band concludes its Pregamow. We’d like to invite you to join us. Let’s go. Last Year when the band inverts the statd now Here is hail. West Virginia Virginia mountaineer marching Marching band students be sure to get To your sats at least 20 minutes before the kick off of each home game So you can cheeon th. It’s an experience you won’t Want to miss. Earlier this evening you had a chance tok on the Mountaineer Field Home to the WVU football program Madeline Busch pushcart stadium Has been the site of some of the greatest victories and upsets in college Football history. On Saturday. Tis stadium fills with 60 Thousand fans and becomes the largest city in West Virginia Together. The football team and all of its fans as one Family set te scene of one of co football’s greatest Venues. Let’s get a taste of what’s to this fall Please help me welcome the headall coach the West Virginia mountaineer Here’s Neil Brown Thank you. Excited to be here. freshmen here as well s Them a welcome. About One mobig hand for the pride of West Virginia Great job tonight. Welcome to Almost everybody. Appreciate you. I’m excited about Being here starting your Six Saturdays this fall turns in to the biggest city In the state West Virginia. And And we need toThis . – stadium into the best home eld college football. Our guys For the last 17 days and really going Back to January 6 when this staff started they’ve worked extremely They’re proud to represent you the state And this great sity. And Coege football to me is one of The best events taever happens On a college campus. And when you’re here in this stadium I’ big believer that stium takee personality Of the studsection and the students show up early They stand up there Lao They ay stadium and it slectorate n the and that’s What we need to ot o Madison But every game this fall. We need you And I promise play hard. We’ll plae game The right way. I look forward to gut on campus. I mean A lot of you on again. Let’s have fun. Wcome Let’s get started Thank u Coach Brown and welcome to the mountaineer Family. And now it’s time for another tradition The 2023 class photo at West Virginia University students. Please stay in your seat until The marching band is in position and forms the shape of the state of West Virginia. And now that the band is ready there are four Staircase access points to field level. take a sd find the section you are sitting in listen closely as to how you will Enter the field if you are sitting toward the front Sections one twenty four and one twenty five. You will Enter the field to your left at the arest staircase At this time that volunteer sho holding a large gold arrow An gesturin exit. If you’re sitting toward The back of sections 124 and 125 you will Enter the field to your far left via a field entrance between sections One twenty two and one twhree. At this time Th volunteer should be holding a larg gesturing To the exit. If you’r Sections 126 127 and 128 You will enter the field to yur right at the nearest staircase At this time that volunteer should be holding a large gold arrow And gesturing to the exit. And finally if you’re tti ions 126 and 120 7 you will enter the field to your far right entrance Between sections 128 and 129. And again at this time a volunteeould be holding a largrrow Gesturing to the exit. Please follow The directions of the volunteers. Once on the field please pay ion The marching band staff members who will direct you to the corrects Point to the interior of the state outline You will notice band mbers in the middle of this date outline hon tape please Do the caution taped iers until This is to help us fill the state ev for the best photo Possible. Thanyou All right students Practice your smile. Tag your social media post With at West Virginia you to share them with Us. Check out the big screen. It’s coming Together nicely. You’ll b able to download your class Photo at welcome week dot WVU dot Edu slash photos. That’s welcome we goWVU dot E.T. you slash photos Eastern panhandle Potomac islands you’re looking great Morgantown Of course You’re looking excellent Once again students You’ll be able to download your class photo at welcome week God WB You dot E.T. you slash photos That’s welcome week dot WB You dot E.T You’re looking to squeeze in a little more Hey you’re the one in the gold shirt move to theStep Are All right students y going to have to squeeze in good Bet we have a lot of students left to fit in the state Once again students please squeeze in As close as possible The entrance to of West Virginia Still has so room Check out the big screen. It’s coming Together really well we stil some students though to fito Squeeze in tight please. Once again students if we can ask you to squeeze in As much as possible OK we’re almost there But we still have some studen Especially in southern West Virginia. Also the Potomac Highlands area you could Squeeze in please Students In the middle part of the state near the Charleston area. Please Move north toward Morgantown a little to More room in the southern part of the state. Thank you Just a few more students to fit But we need to move closer please. All right if y’re in the Huntington area can you move Toward Carleston We sill have some students In Ohio. That’s not a good thing We need him to move into West Virginia near the Huntington Area. Squeeze in please Eastern panhandle Martinsburg. We love the lights Almost there. Tose folks Who are in Ohio Have moved into West Virginia. Let’s give em a ha. Take a look at The big board. Wow. Looking great OK OK. W’re all on the field now. Everyone look up At the press D of the press box. Wait for Brian OK so I need everyone To ok up at Brian and give us your bt mountaineers Smile ON T count say let’s Mountaineers Ready. One two three That Was almost perfect. On the next count Wave to the camera ready. e two Three Beautiful All ght we’re going to do one more. I want to hear That. Let’s go Mountaineers cheer really loud OK. Ready. One two three Right Now don’t move yet. Please turn our right. And face the screen as we fin with the most revered Tradition of all swaying with our fellow mountaineers as we Sing country roads Students please wait in your place while I’m out Here marching band exits the stadium That concludes the of program For Monday Night Lights. It’s now time to pick up your official Class T-shirt at our pright ouThe stadium. Thanks to our sponsoand Cocaola you can grab a slice of pizza and a beverage you head back home. You will om Tunnel on your right and head to the upper silver parking Lot where you’ll find the party. Keep an eye out for our lunteer If you arrived on A bus you can retu campus After ing up ur pizza. Those who walk to the stadium Will be able to walk back with the assistance of officers from our Univerty police department. Please be careful as you Exit the stadium Remember you will head to your academic session in the morning And we’ll see you tomorrow t at fast. Let’s go Mountaineers


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