Mom’s Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party | Michelle from Millennial Moms
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Mom’s Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party | Michelle from Millennial Moms

– Hi everyone, I am Michelle
from Millennial Moms, and I am here today to help you figure out how to plan a stress free holiday party! (guitar strumming) (lips smacking) It is holiday season everybody, and I know it can be such a
stressful time of the year. But have no fear, today
I’m here to help you guys figure out how to have a
stress free holiday party. If you haven’t subscribed
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like these kind of videos. Okay so I have a list of things that I wanted to share with you guys today and the first thing that
I think is so crucial before planning a party
is to organize the party. Sit down, write everything out. Write out the guest list, write out what you’re going to be serving, the date, the time, get it all organized. My second piece of advice
for you is to simplify. Simplifying things is sometimes
hard because we can get carried away because
we wanna impress people or we wanna have a lot of fun,
we wanna make it a big deal. The thing that’s great about simplicity is not only is it stress
free but it’s also classy. So when you’re setting the table, or when you’re thinking of decor, make sure to bring in simple elements. I personally love the simple style. I think it is a lot cleaner looking, and it’s just a lot easier to decorate. To set up the decorations, and take down the decorations,
it’s just a lot easier. The third thing that I
wanted to share with you guys is to delegate. I know sometimes that can be hard because sometimes we like to
take a lot on ourselves, but definitely don’t hesitate
to delegate to friends. If they’re asking and saying, “Please let me know how I can
help, can I bring something?” Don’t say no, give ’em a call,
pick up the phone, and say, “Hey, can you bring an hors d’oeuvre, “or can you bring a drink, “or can you bring a side dish?” That way you take a
load off your shoulders and then your friend can contribute, you’re not doing as much,
you’re not as stressed, and then a lot more can get done. The fourth thing that I
have for you guys is to plan ahead and do anything
that you can ahead of time, if that makes sense. So if you’re going to
be having a dinner party or something on a Friday, don’t spend Friday morning
setting everything up. You can stay up late the night before and clean the bathrooms,
you can sweep, you can mop. Do the things that you
can do ahead of time, whether that’s food or cleaning, so you don’t have to
worry about it the day of. Okay, the fifth piece of
advice that I have for you is to add joyful sounds and joyful smells. To me the smell of things,
the sound of things, can either make or break me. So if something smells
really good, really calming, then I’m gonna be more
relaxed, I’m gonna be happier. Same with sounds, if I’m
listening to craziness, might be kinda crazy. If you add happy, joyful,
Christmas music, holiday music, if you’re lighting yummy
candles that are festive, it just helps you kind of
relax a little bit more. Comment down below and let me know what your favorite Christmas
songs and holiday sounds are. I’m just curious, it’d be fun to find out. And last but not least,
relax and have fun. Dinner parties and holiday parties, they are meant to be enjoyed. If you’re stressed you’re
not gonna have that. So always have in your mind that you will enjoy it to it’s fullest, and if you do these
things I promise you’ll be a lot more stress free and you’ll be able to take that time during
your holiday party to enjoy time with your
family, with your friends, coworkers, whoever you’re
throwing the party for. I promise you, it will help a lot. Thank you so much for watching today, please don’t forget to
subscribe down below, and comment down below and let me know how you like to handle your
holiday party situation so you’re not overly stressed. Don’t forget to check out
Jordan’s video from yesterday that will be linked
right there for you guys, and then get excited for
Alison’s video tomorrow, and my videos are every Thursday, where I tackle advice, and mommy tips and hacks and all of that. Thank you millennials so much for watching and we will see you guys next week. Bye.

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