Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom | WWYD
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Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom | WWYD

What do you do if you saw this you’re looking for your driver Those apps are always wrong man posing as a driver come with me sweetie. Would you let her go with him? I need to know that you’re driving right now. What would you do ripped from the headlines Friday on ABC? Hi, could you point me to the ladies room? Yeah sure. It’s just right over there. Thanks so much Sorry, I just overheard are you looking for the women’s bathroom? Yes, I found it Thanks Um, no, I I know you might feel like you’re a woman but you’re obviously a man you can’t go in there It’s happening across the country Lawmakers deciding whether transgender Americans should be allowed to use the restrooms designated for the gender they identify with if the Justice is choosing not to take up a challenge to a pennsylvania school districts policy on transgender students and if it’s discrimination when they’re forced to do otherwise Today in this restaurant this mother has her mind clearly made up. I had a young lady here It’s not right for you to be in there while she is men should use the men’s bathroom if you witness someone Demanding that a trans woman used the men’s bathroom, but I am a woman But you could think what you want, but we all know you’re a man What would you do? Joining us on the set. Today is jazz Jennings In 2007 jazz at the age of six Sat down for a groundbreaking interview with her own barbara walters on 20/20. Tell me about this picture Why is dr. Cal crying because she wants to wear the dress cool. It’s a little girl you Since then jazz has worked to accelerate acceptance for the transgender community Even starring in her own show on TLC I am jazz where she brings her personal issues into the national spotlight I wasn’t allowed to use the girls bathroom at my elementary school Had to use the nurses rush you’re my nemesis cussing kids were vomiting everything We’re at the Randolph diner in Randolph New Jersey where Nadia our transgender actress has a very simple question. Sorry Ladies the ladies room. The ladies room is just right over there. Okay Thank you so much, but our mom at a nearby table Wait, I’m sorry you asked for the women’s bathroom sees this as a problem. Yeah, ya know Is that a joke or something? Excuse me? Well, you think you’re a woman right? You’re really a man You should be using a men’s bathroom. This is crazy. My stomach is like I’m not so, you know, I’m just getting started This group is tuned in. I mean if you guys want to go in first no That’s not the point know anybody who would be comfortable with that. Does that seem realistic – Yes men should go in the men’s bathroom. I mean He defends Nadia, I’m sorry, what did you say? While his friend makes her way out of the booth she’s going with her Wow She walks with her all the way to the ladies room, thank you and when she returns, excuse me, why did you do that? I Don’t feel comfortable her using the women’s back right? I’m a citizen I Think that’s interesting because most people use Christianity Against it against and she’s saying no Christian Christianity says you have to love everyone what she’s transgender That’s fine. They have to go to the bathroom too. So it’s just a matter of safety. It’s just not right I disagree It’s just a bathroom. Well, what message is this to my daughter? everybody pees I Knew I liked the green haired girl, and that’s really it With that there you go. We decide to introduce ourselves. Hi guys. How are you? It’s what would you do you got involved tell us why cuz we just roll it was Discriminatory and I felt like it was Jes even regardless of that. It was hurting someone’s feelings You were very kind and gentle you didn’t condemn her because everyone Even as long as they can be Everyone needs to be accepted in some way. What makes you this way Well, I mean, I’m a Christian So I just try to love people as much as I can, you know jazz Jennings I do well guess what she’s here So as you may know I’m transgender myself so seeing you stick up for this woman over here was just Incredible to me and what you said specifically that you just need to love everyone and that’s what that religion is all about I really really appreciated that and I appreciate all of you so nice meeting well As our mom continues to voice her opinion You’re a man. You should be using the men’s room not the ladies room and more customers share their own feelings This man supports Nadia, but he’s got a different idea of what might be best. It’s really better to have maybe And kind of death with what person goes in and shuts a door and uses it And this woman, I don’t think it’s safe and I don’t think it’s right throws her hands up in disagreement Now this man seems to notice what’s going on it’s obvious You’re not a woman and I wouldn’t want my daughter in the bathroom with you I’m sorry as our daughter asks her mom to use that bathroom Just a minute just a minute we wonder what he’s thinking Let’s see if she needs to go. I’m sorry. I’m not gonna send her in there if there’s a chance you’re going in there Okay, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom first and then I’ll leave as soon as Nadia leaves He opens up thank Obama. What’s that? Thank Obama Thank Obama. He’s a little made that possible. Well, what do you mean? He’s the one who said that you have to have it Allow to use this room. Otherwise you wouldn’t have It so they could use it if they can do that yeah Do you agree with that? I don’t you know I have time to find out more We’re delving into a real serious issue. You know, that’s very controversial III don’t think it’s correct. I Think Obama was it would have created that problem. You mentioned that I think if You’re a woman. You’re a woman you should use restroom, but you were gonna confront no, no no trains every right to do what she wants but I mean the law I think allows them to use the Women’s restroom right makes me feel uncomfortable You know, especially since I have granddaughters and I really wouldn’t want them going into a restroom Or body parts, Thurmond We’re back at it with jazz Jennings whose activism in the trans community started when she was very young so remember this Your interview with Barbara Are you a boy or girl I am definitely a girl Our hidden cameras are still rolling at the diner where we’ve been capturing Reaction. She’s very On both sides. Do you agree with that? I don’t of the transgender bathroom debate you’re taking this group of people and saying you’re not allowed to do something that Other people are allowed to do just because they identify a different way Now jazz is about to join our actresses in the scene getting miked up right now about to go into the scene myself She’s playing Nadia’s friend. I mean, you’re obviously a man Why would you be going to the women’s bathroom? Our mom’s question quickly captures these woman’s attention chassé She’s a woman. She’s not a man. She’s a woman Yeah, I just need to use the bathroom if you want to go in first and go ahead of me. That’s fine Like I don’t even know if I want my daughter in there. She doesn’t agree with Diana’s approach But she does seem to agree with her views I I’m just not comfortable with I’m not comfortable with him This is good, but as our mom continues her campaign, you keep calling him a shoe Well, that’s IP address herself look at him She gets more and more steadfast in her approach she is a woman I’m gonna take my daughter the ladies room when our mom and daughter leave Nadia thanks them for their support. Hey, thank you guys so much. I mean, I know you don’t have to agree. I really appreciate and Just as we’re about to tell them our little secret Oh, yeah, we better come out well I was gonna say I am jazz. Yes She’s really help me for my transition Beautiful well, we’ve been busted it’s what would you do and this is jazz Jennings Tell us why you spoke up I can tell you I’m a minority So I know how it is to Chatham and we’re not coming I’m the only African American a black woman in a restaurant and they looking at me like almost from up in here Still something you know so you can relate Shouldn’t make a difference. I don’t think you should make a difference I really don’t you know, cuz I’m a Christian and I know what I believe But I would never hurt anybody’s feelings because I thought that was very rude The world is changing and I think we have to accept it Thank you so much as we rolled one last time jazz is back behind the scenes I’m sorry, I overheard you asking for the women’s bathroom. Yeah, I found that things and this group is settling in for lunch I mean shouldn’t you be in the men’s bathroom? Not the women’s bathroom? No, I’m a woman that makes no sense why you would go to a woman’s bathroom. It’s disgusting At first he seems to take issue with her tactic, what do you mean because she’s My daughter here son take her to the bathroom real quick only and they can be seen about it. Why? I think what he’s doing isn’t right. How is anything wrong? Why don’t you go to the women’s bathroom because I don’t Now he attacks the accuracy of her allegations All right He is not Why are you young people defending all of this? Do you agree with him? I don’t know It’s not affecting me. Well, you’re not a woman. I am and I might darling he’s I know I am you’re just assuming why You don’t know what time to say. Hello We want to see what you guys would do you jumped in right away, yes. Yes. I did why because I Just wasn’t right. There’s a woman named jazz Jennings who their own TV show she’s our expert today. She was really impressed Would you say hello? nice to meet you all I see you just see you guys stick up for this woman over here was so incredible to me and really just Restored my faith in humanity because not everyone had the same reaction as you guys Thank you for accepting and appreciating people for who they are for Nadia and jazz Situations like our scene are their everyday reality It’s hard being trans in this world not everyone agrees with it But I feel like it makes us stronger and allows us to be more confident in ourselves I didn’t even know what trench and there was until I was 14 and I saw Jazz’s video. It was like yeah. Yeah. Yeah You were it was like you were really young and I saw it and that’s how I learned What being trans was and then I slowly like I am a woman, you know, and it was people like jazz who really helped me realize like this is who I So you got to work with your here? Hi guys John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?


  • Loner face

    Transwoman s a delusion. I disagree the trans have rights to enter c r of a real woman. She claim to be Christian but she support homosexuality. Jesus is not a gay man. Obviously gays should repent their sin if they want to enter in heaven. The wife of Obama is not a real woman. Alex jones expose it

  • Abdul Wafi

    Their body size ,OMG .Even a elephant Can fly ??.Damn big.Even me as a man will running like cheetah.Jesus please forgive us.Love them. Whatever and How you thinking is doesnt matter.As long these people bring peace to us.Thats enough

  • Z¡a Qu33n

    No they should NOT be able to use the bathroom they "CHOOSE"… I don't want to use the restroom with men… Sorry but just because u say ur a woman doesn't make u a woman… I would be scared and disgusted to use the restroom with men…

  • sonthang ngaihte yoman!

    I personally don't dont disaproved this ….becos Wen God made human ..he made woman , man .bt not transgender or lesbian or gay …they are just didn't agree with God creation … Laws were made by human bt …God laws are way more than power than human ..this is just ..stupid …if a person is a christian than you must have heard about gay , lesbian, transgender..etc..its just pathetic ! I don't aproved this ever and forever….human a becoming more and more stupid .that they dont even knw their gender anymore.. so sad ..and lastly ..guy Jesus is coming and that this short of thing is a sin is a part of a devil plan to turn people away frm god ….

  • thekububeach

    So only white old people who have the problem? And did they really think transgender people could be dangerous in bathroom? Jesus


    Omg iv had this issue before why should that mom discriminate when we have rights and were not hurting anyone but I do understand the moms concern

  • Herman L

    Step 1. Go to YT Search

    Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art

    Step 3. Enjoy!

    Mom tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom | WWYD

    parents smudge, others crack, a few shatter childhoods completely into jagged little pieces, beyond repair. “My library is an archive of longings. “Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected. “I like flaws. I think they make things interesting. “Happiness consists in getting enough sleep. Just that, nothing more. “A word after a word after a word is power. “There are so many ways to be brave in this world. Sometimes bravery involves laying

  • Almas

    Im a Muslim and transgender people shouldn't be treated as second-class citizens. God makes people a certain way, we aren't here to judge. We're here for love and peace.

  • Asian Dod

    Still he is still a guy, biologically. So… No female wants a guy in their bathroom. Nothing is wrong about the mum but she did it rudely in a public place.

  • Mike Trevors

    I don't give a damn if you identify as an attack helicopter, do whatever makes you happy, but don't tell me I need to treat you based on what you identify as!

    What's next? Adult murderers claiming they identify as 16 in order to get a lighter sentence?
    Middle aged people identifying as pensioners to get a discount?

    I identify as the president of the United States, get me air force one!

  • 「 s ᴇ ʀ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ ɪ ᴘ ɪ ᴛ ʏ 」

    Jazz Jennings realises she was a trans from 6 wow! That’s young. Well, she was always a girl. So she already realised from birth.

  • Voo Doo1

    COMPLETE BULLSHIT…if you were born with a penis, you are and always will be a male. If you were born with a vagina, you are and always will be female. Your brain is fucked up to think otherwise. GET SOME PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP.

  • mackenzie ailes

    to that man that didn't think it was right saying he didn't what his children in there with a person that has male parts

    it's no like they're going to fricking see them

  • K-pop Trash

    If somebody transforms into a woman, there really should be no problem going into a woman toilets. It’s exactly the same if you transform into a man. That’s exactly who you are now and you’re exactly going into a woman bathroom or a man bathroom because that’s now who you are, that is your gender. It’s really not wrong.

  • chels x

    the man at 7.18 I agree with. sorry but everyone can have their own opinion on this. and I do believe its not right for a man to use a womans toilets that still have man sexual organs. its digusting, and isn't a nice thing to send into womans toilets where small girl children will use. no matter what the excuse to try make. its just not right. ill stick by that.

  • Radiah Burrell

    I'm sorry but…I have nothing against transgender.. sexuality color whatever…I dont care….I think I would be a little concerned about clearly I can see she was born male..but then again theres stalls in women's bathroom so kids not seeing anything ..and my young child certainly not going to the bathroom by themselves..for fear of anything can what ever…that being said.. I cant stand that Jazz character..not of because what she is..i find her annoying entitled and always shoving her beliefs in everybody's face…I think most people dont accept you cause your annoying..not because your transgender…I just find it a tad annoying that the LGBT always shoving their beliefs and rights in everybody's face..its not that new or shocking anymore..seems like majority of people are finding new sexes and ways to Express themselves..I just feel there are more important things than your sexuality to shove down people's face..who cares your gay bi whatever..good for bout we talk about women's right..racial equality..hungry and abused children..homelessness

  • Kaitlynn •

    Even if you don’t agree with transgender people using the bathroom of their choice- would you want Nadia to go into the men’s restroom? Or even Jazz? The chances of her getting harassed in the men’s restroom are way higher than someone getting harassed by a trans person in the women’s restroom.

  • Fq Fq

    Question for females: How would you feel if a group of men walked into the ladies restroom? I'm sure that would be very uncomfortable.

  • Destiel Trash

    Jazz is beautiful and also I can’t even tell the actress is trans? Like I would have thought she was a girl lmao she’s pretty

  • Dragon1717

    If you're a biological man, you use the men's bathroom. If you're a biological woman, you use the women's restroom. Pretty simple really.

  • Catrin Nowaczek

    My best friend is intersex and is allowed to use the women's rest room. She isn't hurting anyone and either are they. We've been in the same situation in the school changing rooms

  • Johnny Fizz

    This isn't too hard to believe. We will as a world get over this eventually. I mean think about it, 50-60 years ago Black people weren't allowed to use the same water fountains or restrooms male or females so. It's just gonna take time people.

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