ModulesGarden Domains Reseller For WHMCS 1.5.0

Would you like to establish new ways of distributing
your domains through WHMCS and HostBill without additional effort? How about gaining a new
source of income through improving and automating the entire process of domains reselling? With our module called Domains
Reseller For WHMCS you will have an unique opportunity to achieve that. But that is only
the beginning. Just look how little it takes to set your first reseller who will increase
your profits through using the API of our module! Our product allows you to generate modules
for your resellers automatically. In this way, all you need to do is download such a module and send it to your resellers. Once they upload it to a server, they will
be able to activate it in their own WHMCS just as any other domain registrar! Isn’t
that amazing? The last step would be to set it as an automatic
registrar and voila. It’s ready to go and your reseller can start reselling the domains
through their own WHMCS! Every domain registered in their WHMCS will
be actually handled by your system using our amazing API, so as you can see, there is nothing
more that you will have to handle by yourself beyond counting earned money. Alongside other functionalities, we have implemented
convenient management of your resellers. Here you can assign promo codes, manage keys for
single or multiple users and restrict IP addresses from which your resellers will be able to
connect with their accounts.This way you can prevent any unwanted connections and maintain
control over your resellers. And what if one of your resellers will accidentally
run out of their credits? Will their clients be unable to register new domains making you
loose the potential income? Not necessarily. You can allow the clients of your resellers
to place orders or even register new domains even if they have no credits left! You can also set things like refund policy
or email notifications. For instance, you will be able to decide whether to refund credits
and create refund invoice upon an unsuccessful domain registration. What is more, our module allows you to generate
API knowledgebase that you can send to your resellers, as well as view the logs that will
help you control every transaction. Domains Reseller For WHMCS will bring you
new possibilities and a new source of income, so do not hesitate any longer and order it

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