ModulesGarden Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 2.0.0
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ModulesGarden Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 2.0.0

Hello! In this short video we would like to present you our amazing product called Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS. This module allows you to manage your TLDs
the easiest and the fastest way possible. It will also let your clients search and order
all the domains they want with just a single move. Let me show you how easy it is to make it
your own control center from which you will manage all domains without wasting your time. The first function is adding search engine
anywhere you want on your site. All you have to do is select this checkbox in settings
tab, go to Integration, choose one from four modules and add the integration code.
You can also check how these engines work. To increase efficiency even further, we have
created predefined TLD Sets. Our module adds them automatically. Just choose
the zone, country and the specific TLD or add them all with only two clicks. We have created domain categories to make
their management even easier. The way TLDs are grouped will let you modify them faster.
What is more, you can create your own categories manually. They will be shown in the client
area, so not only will you be able to modify them faster, but you will also help your clients
find exactly what they need. Usually, modifying domains settings took a
lot of time, especially with a lot of TLDs available. No longer is that a problem. Now,
you can just click a Bulk Actions For Domains and modify all the TLDs you want at once.
You can set the price, change it by percentage or fixed amount, change their category and
do much more in just a few seconds. Once all is set and done, you can check all
the enabled domains in TLDs Configuration. From here you can select those that
you want to modify or delete. Furthermore, our module improves the functionality and the look of the domain orders page in the WHMCS client area. Now, it allows faster and more efficient domain selling. Your clients can select TLDs they
are interested in and check all of them at once. Then they will be able to order all
available domains the same way as any other product. Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS will bring your offered services to the next level. Interesting? Just try it out!

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