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MineCraft Server – WorldEdit

Hey guys what’s up? I know it’s been
forever since I made a video on micro tech tutorials, but you know what I’m
back and let’s get started with some MineCraft videos straight away. So my
MineCraft videos have gotten a lot of views which is awesome and someone
wanted to know how you protect things and it’s pretty simple you just have to use
WorldGuard. but in order to use WorldGuard, you need
WorldEdit because that they go hand in hand because WorldGuard, WorldEdit go
figure. They are similar plugins so World Guard is used to protect things. So you
can limit it to certain people so only certain people can build in an area, only
people can enter an area. So you can make it so they can’t even walk in an area.
There are certain person or a certain group of people so you can restrict it
so only VIPs can build in a certain area, or only VIPs can enter a certain area,
but that’s for a different video. This video is gonna be about world edit which
lets you build super fast in Minecraft. and it just comes in handy a lot. and you
can also use it to move stuff. so I already have opened the world edit download so I’m
just gonna download the “jar only” version. So I’m gonna go ahead and hit “save” then
I’m gonna go ahead and hit “show in folder” I’m gonna copy this, and then I’m going
to paste it in my plugins folder. So here’s my server itself and I want to go
ahead and say, let’s give it a gigabyte of RAM today and.. here we go and now I
just want to open up MineCraft so let me do that… Alright
sorry it was on my other display but it should be easier for my tutorials now that I have two displays. So I’m going to go ahead and type in localhost or you
can type whatever your IP is in but I’m just running this server locally and
there we go it says blah blah blah I have joined alright so here we go so now
I just want to reload the server so type “/rl” and it says it reloaded now
what commands do people get and how do you sort of permissions well you can go
through and individually give people certain commands which can take a long
time or you can just do worldedit dot and then a
like it says right there “worldedit.*” and it gives them all the WorldEdit Permissions. Let’s say you want to give all your VIP members of your server VIP.
You can go ahead and do that. Alright so now that we’re here, let’s say we want to
change the link – hold on let me change my game mode by doing “/creative” all right so
let’s say it lets me clear my inventory first. All right so let’s say I want to
go ahead and make a flat surface so what I want to do is get my wand out and what
the one lets you do is let you change things so let’s say I left click this
corner I’m gonna fly up and I’m gonna click on that corner and then I can set
it to something so slash slash set 0 and it just deleted that part so you can go
around just deleting things this way so if I set this to zero it deletes it or I
can do set and then something like what and it changed it to wood and you can
use IDs that way so if you have a long thing and let’s just say you have
something like I don’t know let’s get a couple blocks let’s say you have
something like a block right there and you want it to extend all the way over
here but you want to make it easy to do so you can just take your wand left
click right click and I can set to gold so that’s nice it’s pretty easy to do so
what if you want to select an entire direction of the map and that’s pretty
easy to do so let’s say I want every single black
brick from here to there to be one thing now
I want to recommend doing this but you could use a “//expand” and you
can either do vert, vert which is vertical so you can or you can do it
horizontally but I’m gonna do vert and then it’s selected all the box and I’m
gonna do “//set 0” and then you can tell now if I look up there are
no blocks where any anywhere in my path so that’s just a few basic commands um
you can do other things like let’s say I want to copy and paste this so I want to
go ahead and copy it right-click so let’s say I have it and I’m gonna stand
in the middle because you want to relatively close so I’m gonna do / –
copy and if I go right here and do slash slash paste it pastes it and you have to
be in the middle and it will do it based on your location so you want to make
sure you stand in the middle of where you are and at the right level so if
you’re copying something down here you want to stand in the middle down here so
what copies everything above you so it’s pretty easy to move stuff that way so if
I wanted to undo that I could do slash slash cut and it would go ahead and cut
those blocks / paste and to undo something you just do slash slash undo
so those are some simple commands you can do it’s pretty easy there’s a lot of
other things you can do you could like I said those are just a couple things you
can do you can replace blocks with this plug-in you can move things up and down
and stuff like that but that’s pretty much the basics but just a few other
commands real quick I’m gonna go over so let’s say you have something like water
and you want to join it oh no how am I gonna get out we’re out of all this
water / eyestrain but I’m gonna have to give it a radius I’m just gonna say 20
and it drains all the blocks within that and I’m just going to undo this slash so
I’m gonna do “//undo” and it brings back water and it’s really easy
to do and that’s pretty much it you can also do snow you can do thaw
there’s other things you can do and it’s just really cool there’s a whole list of
commands I will have a reference sheet and everything you need to know for more
additional commands but those are just some basic commands of how to download
an install and go ahead and copy and paste and then drain stuff and then
selecting things and just the basics of it I could go on for about a half hour
minimum but I’m going to spare you guys some time let you guys play around with
it and it’s really easy really once you get started it’s just a matter of
getting started using it and it’s one of the plugins you have to have and most
servers will actually have so go ahead check it out if you found this video
helpful make sure to like this video and if you haven’t already make sure to
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