Minecraft C418-Alpha (The Minecraft Story)
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Minecraft C418-Alpha (The Minecraft Story)

Story by JCB Spawning for the first time ever learning the basics of the game Some friends join you shortly after Make crafting table and you begin to try to survive the first night Make Small House planning all the things you want to do when morning comes The morning comes and you get to explore Find the Focus Find Cave search for ore until the next day. Found Diamond Find Focus By Map home is now a large house Explore House Enderman Ender pearl Get Ready For Goto The Nether For Blaze rod Find The Blaze Get the blaze rod Kill Wither Beacon Find The end portal Use Ender Eye Explore Stronghold Goto The End gotten enough eyes to finish the portal The End appears you see the Dragon and you fight The fight’s over The Portal appears Nightfall Walking around the village alone ready to go in between the other two on the T your friends all offline Ready for the next adventure


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