Mimms Honda Day – Nurburgring Edition 2019
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Mimms Honda Day – Nurburgring Edition 2019

– [Interviewer] 33. – Sure. – [Interviewer] Take five, ready? – Okay. – [Interviewer] Okay, out of each one, ST5s or Integra? – Integra. – [Interviewer] EF or EG? – EG, I’ve had both. – [Interviewer] NSX or R34 GT-R? – NSX or what? – [Interviewer] And a R34 GT-R? – (exhales) Both. – [Interviewer] Ahh, yes! (birds chirping) (radio static stammering) (percussion beating) (radio static stammering) (hip-hop music) ♪ Mimms ♪ (hip-hop music) ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ (hip-hop music) (radio static stammering) (distorted techno music) (hip-hop music) (distorted techno music) ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ (motor roaring) (distorted techno music) – Already forget. (distorted techno music) So I’m Dav. I’m the organizer of Mimms Honda Day. So Mimms started in South
Mimms service station in just the north of the M25, in London. That was in 2009. It was just a carpark meet, you know, people gathering, having some foods, socializing, so, that’s
where it started in 2009. Obviously forward 10 years, we’re now here at the Nurburgring as a full on car show. So between that we’ve had
various locations in the UK. The main one was at Rockingham speedway, which is now closed down so we’re gonna be having
a new one for next year. Then we had, we usually have
three additions per year. So we had one at Sandsport
for all the drag racers, then we had one at
Rockingham for all the people who wanted to go on track. And then we usually had one sort of towards the end of the year which was a big indoor event. So before it was even a show it was always three editions outside of Mimms service station. So I tried to keep that going as the shows and keep the name as well, so, you know it was, the event was called
South Mimms Honda Meet. And everyone used to just call it Mimms. Which is why, where we
got the name for it. So I made a logo, you know,
started up here as a show. The reason why it started as a show was in the South Mimms service station we literally took over all the car parks. So the main car park, the
lorry car park, the coach area. It got so big that we
couldn’t continue it there. So, management, you know they were very, they wanted us to continue
but it just wasn’t, you know, it just didn’t fit, so we
had to turn it into a show. That happened in 2014. Had, like I said, we had
various locations there. But then we kind of ended up at Rockingham which was very, very good
location as it was central, kind of central in the UK. You had the track day, you had show and shine,
you had everything there. So that’s where the main one was. And yeah, now we’re here at Nurburgring. I’ve started doing two, last two years I’ve done them in Belgium, but obviously Nurburgring is, you can’t get, really get
a better venue than this. So I think from now on we’re gonna be continuing
here at Nurburgring and we hope people here support and attend so we can grow the Honda
scene all together. Nurburgring, you know, it’s
a such a special place. Every single Petrol Head in the world would know about Nurburgring. So it’s a great location, you know, the facilities
are second to none. You know, you have the indoor area, you have the main ring to go on, you have the GP track you can go on, as a public track day at the moment. In the future we’re gonna try and, have this and the GP track. Or just the GP track, so you have the track time as well. Obviously we need people to
support and continue supporting so we can grow it to that part there. (hip-hop music) ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ (distorted techno music) (applause) – So I work with a lot of event series, all types of cars, many Honda specific events, and I pride myself on finding and working and developing relationships with other like-minded people. Mimms is an event thrown by a person who isn’t just trying to make money, it’s not just about business, it’s about community and culture. Dav cares about fostering an environment where people can come and be together and that means a lot to me. So I come all the way
from the States to be here because I believe in the concept and the premise behind Mimms. And then also, to simply be able to have
the honor and pleasure of being with enthusiasts from,
literally, across the globe. So, Mimms is a great meet that I have the lucky
coincidence, you could say, of believing in on a profound level and I ended up developing
a friendship with Dav which wouldn’t happen if
he was not a good person, to put it simply. So, you have cars that I love, a community and culture that I love, and a person whose event premise is something that is
aligned with the way I think and so it’s really just the
perfect set of circumstances. If you go to a P car club meeting, they’re passionate, right? If you go to any type of DTM meeting, they’re passionate. Any other type of Japanese import culture, they’re passionate. It isn’t different in that sense. Everyone loves cars, but everyone ends up finding
this one manufacturer or this one style that
somehow resonates with them, something about it makes
them attracted to it. For me, import culture
in Southern California was essentially second nature by the time I became a youngster. And the Honda community, for reasons that are maybe not be, you know, tangible, right? The styling of Hondas, the ’90s, quintessential
’90s Japanese cars, anything from an FD RX7 to an NA1 NSX stood out to me. And the Honda community
ended up just being one that I embraced. And almost 20 years later, you know, I couldn’t see myself
being so deeply intertwined in any other culture, but really in the end
we’re all car people, man. Like music, I have maybe, you know,
five or 10 favorite songs and on one day it would be one song, and if you asked me, maybe due to mood, due to something else going on in life, it might be another. And I feel like that’s kind of how it is with some of the Hondas that I love. On one week, if you ask me, it’ll be one and on another
week it’ll be another. So I guess if you take
something like the EG, right? That was my first car, so I love that car for those types of reasons,
sentimental reasons, but I fell in love with it as
a kid because of the shape, something about the
’92 to ’95 Civic bubble as they like to call it. It wasn’t soft or feminine, per se, but it was this tiny econo-box that had a plethora of Japanese support and you’re able to create
just fantastic builds. And on another day, if you ask me, it’s gonna be the NA1 NSX. This, you know, Senna. You know, part of the build and the design, space age aluminum frame. Perfectly balanced. It out-performed super cars
quadruple its, you know, price. And so for that reason, it would be that car. And I could give you
about three other ones that depending on when you ask me, so, I’m sorry the answer is not
gonna be an easy one for me. I think it is an incredible venue and move on Mimms’ part. You know, Mimms is from the UK. And you know, Dav keeps his
eye on the global, you know, especially European scene. So then there’s a Belgium event, then now he’s moved over here to, I mean this is probably the
greatest track on Planet Earth. No one really debates that this is the pinnacle and to have, first of all, I wasn’t
aware of how beautiful the grounds were. I mean I knew that it’s a track, and a big one at that, in a town. But to know how elaborate the
buildings are and the grounds and how many different
settings they have here. So for a Honda community to have an event at the
world’s most famous track, I think it’s massive, you know? And the potential is amazing and I think that it is a
fantastic move on Dav’s part and the community is showing that they appreciate it as well. ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪ ♪ She got to keep coming ♪


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