Milk Choco | Playing in US Server
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Milk Choco | Playing in US Server

Welcome back to Cho Cho Channel. Okay today Cho Cho playing Milk Choco (Milk
Choco Online.) Okay Cho Cho playing 02.00 am in my nation
and using US server on Milk Choco. For now,Cho Cho playing milk choco Battle
Royale in US server or United State on Milk Choco. Okay let’s see can i win or not? Oh man,you can see i choose different area
with my friend (my partner on Milk Choco Battle Royale Duo on Milk Choco in US server.) Okay i hope i can win when i’m playing solo
now with my friends too of course. Wow that was enemy in front of me, and i will
hit. Okay okay,i think he didnt have any weapons
on Milk Choco,because its a new when he arrive on Milk Choco Battle Royale and now i’m playing
Milk Choco Battle Royale duo on Milk Choco Online. Okay, you can see when i’m playing in US server
maybe i got some lag because my connection in US server dont have good connection in
US server, because now i’m playing on Indonesian. Okay okay,i hope i can win because my friend
and me just far away. We have choose another area on Milk Choco. Wow you can see he is using cat hero on Milk
Choco and he run like a cheetah. Okay okay i was kill one and there was enemy
again. I will hide first because in front of me have
so many enemy. Look look, he was died or not? Oh he die. Okay he using Ghost hero on Milk Choco and
wow. He so far from Choco. Oh no no no, there was 2 enemy on Milk Choco. Okay okay okay, i will come to that enemy. He didnt know me? WoW. Its amazed me because he didnt know me. I can kill, yeah i’m successful. I can kill as easier as i can do. Okay, wow i think i’m near with my friend. I’m save and my friend save too. Okay we are now together and of course it
more easier for us to win on Milk Choco. Oh no no no, in front of us have 2 enemy. Oh there is 3 enemy. Okay i think in front of me have 2 team on
Milk Choco. Okay i will kill one of them. Okay i will kill invisible character and he
is gone. Wow there have a last enemy in front of me. You can see and i hope i can win. Okay i think he will died, because now 2 vs
1 on Milk Choco. Yeah i’m successful now. Okay i will pump some corpse in here on milk
choco. Okay okay, can i win or not? Because the totally players is only 9. So the team maybe 4 or 5 team on Milk Choco. Wow there was 2 enemy in front of me and… Oh man,i think i can kill that enemy but he
choose to died first. Okay, i think its okay for me. Okay now let’s come back again to Milk Choco
Online. Okay for now its only 6 players and i think
the totally team is only 3 team on Milk Choco. Wow,now the players is only 4 players on Milk
Choco. The totally team is 2 and 1 team vs 1 team. Can i win or not? Okay lets see until the end. Wow i see that enemy. I will tell to my friend first and why my
friend change the character hero on Milk Choco? Hmmm… okay okay, lets see. Oh man there is have 2 enemy or 1 team. Okay okay i get nervous and no no no. Oh man its my fault i think i need change
my hero to become iron hero. But i think its okay, i’m enjoy playing milk
choco battle royale.


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