Microsoft Hosted Network virtual adapter not found
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Microsoft Hosted Network virtual adapter not found

hello guys this video is specially for those
people who have tried all the possible solutions to create a Hotspot and failed….
and they see a message in their command prompt window that Hosted Network is not supported and there is good news for them because i have found a solution. open your cmd prompt with administrative priviliges , if you are having windows 10 then you can press windows + X and then pressing A key. in the cmd window type netsh wlan show scroll up and you can see it says Hosted Network
Supported :No . close this window open device manager again you can press windows + x and
then open device manager. Go to network adapters and you should be able
to see wifi adapter , for my laptop it is realtek it will be different for different
laptops so you select your wifi adapter from here right click on it , click on update driver
software .Now go to Browse my computer for driver Software, do not click on Search automatically
for updated driver software.. click on browse my computer now next go to “let me pick from
a list of device drivers on my computer. now there is a list ,select the very top driver..the
very top one then click next this driver is installed .refresh a few times now again check
the status ….open your cmd prompt window x and A now again type the command
netsh wlan show drivers .As you can see hosted network supported is shown “yes”… .so that’s
it now you can create you hostednetwork.. now type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow
ssid=your hostednetwork name and you have to choose a password key ..this is the
is created there is one more thing that you have to keep in mind your wifi
should be enabled then next start netsh wlan start hostednetwork and your hostednetwork
is started and one thing again you have to do your network and sharing center and go to “change adapter settings” then next go to your lan …ethernet go to properties
then sharing and this must be ticked if it is not ticked your mobile may connect to the
hotspot but it won’t open any website so what you have to do is you have to come to sharing
tab and click on it and then select the hotspot or select the network with which you want
to share you this icbit is the name that i have given but actual name is local
area connection 14 select it then ok then it should be alright so for all those guys
who were troubled with hostednetwork supported: no problem i believe i have settled and
you may also see that microsoft hostednetwork virtual adapter was not found but now that
will be available because that was also not seen in my laptop but after doing this thing
it magically appeared open device manager network adapter view, show hidden devices, and
you can see microsoft virtual adapter earlier it was not even visible in hidden devices
but now it is…enjoy enjoy!

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