Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Yuwa
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Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: Yuwa

(calm instrumental music) When girls don’t know their worth it’s a very dangerous place. Jharkhand is a dangerous
place to be a girl. (somber instrumental music) But when girls know their
worth, they are limitless. We’re constantly trying
to help these girls to find their worth and
value in their voice. Right from the beginning, when a girl comes into the program, girls are coming together
through football in communities. We’ve built these great
spaces where it’s cool to be an ambitious girl. (somber instrumental music) Now we’ve got an opportunity to really build something great, which is going to help
a generation of girls, not just discover their self-worth, but to really become leaders
in their own communities, to be national and
international voices for change. (instrumental music) So Microsoft Edge is helping
us to build a new website and this is something that I’ve been wanting to do for many years. When we work with organizations, it’s really about bringing all
of these great minds together to help an organization accomplish what they’ve set out to accomplish. If we could help him connect
with the world around him, then we’d give him a
chance to be successful in the way that he needs to be. We start off by giving
our new mission statement, which is, when girls know their
worth, they are limitless. The challenges that
girls in Jharkhand face, followed by how the girls in
YUWA are changing their lives, it’s easier to navigate and it invites you to become part of the girls’ story. Success for us really is, we step back, and then we see them
grow in their efforts. We get to share that story with
the world in the right way. I feel like that’s powerful. (audience applause) (upbeat instrumental music)


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