Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: SEQUENCE Collection
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Microsoft Edge Web Showcase: SEQUENCE Collection

[MUSIC] I grew up in El Salvador
during the Civil War. And my family experienced
violence firsthand. I worked in fashion, and I always knew that I was gonna
go back and make a difference. I started my business in 2011. And I really wanted to disrupt
the cycle of violence. I employ young men who were
at risk of joining gangs in El Salvador. For us, it was really important
to be able to bring the consumer into our world, and be able to
give them the experience, and really the feeling and
mission behind what we do. At the point of retail,
the story and all the work, the mission and
everything was getting lost. Having the web experience
was really important because it could really
connect to the story. [MUSIC] Microsoft Edge team came with
all these different ideas of how to address the challenges that
I was having with my current website.>>We really wanted
to land the story of the craftsman at Sequence
through the website. And that’s why we’ve invested in creating these different
types of media. Because there’s a story
behind each person in the studio who’s building it.>>With this new site, one of
the biggest goals is to be able to reach more customers in
order to create more jobs, you’ll be able to truly engage
in the design process, creating the products with us. And customizing your own
unique bracelets or tote bags.>>With 3D and
the augmented reality, my hope is that it can help
capture some of the emotion that I feel when I
look at this bracelet.>>And you’ll be able to see
the bracelet on your wrist and try it on. So having a website will really
help our customers connect to the purpose behind our products. They’ll be able to feel
part of this experience and part of the journey
to create change. [MUSIC]


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