Michael Madan Kamaraju | MMK | E 02 | Abhiram Pilla |Telugu Web Series – Wirally || Tamada Media
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Michael Madan Kamaraju | MMK | E 02 | Abhiram Pilla |Telugu Web Series – Wirally || Tamada Media

My name is not Daya(kindness) and do not have it either. Please say as fast as you can Who is the thief among you three? How dare you! You not only robbed my home but also managed the police. What’s there to steal in your home other than old items which would break on touching them. Hello!! I think you have mistaken us for somebody else. We are here to see the flat. Blind fellow! Who told you that the flat is vacant? I don’t know any old man. Get lost. Why are we wasting time talking to her?Hey move. What? Why did you slap a future collector? He looks like a vegetable vendor. Would he be a collector? Sir! She is degrading me. **telugu dialogue**. Dear, you may face many problems when you try to achieve your goals. This must uplift you not degrade. You would give tough competition to Trivikram(Famous telugu director)if you were in the film industry. Even I thought the same. But what can I do ? They made me a puppet by getting me married. Uncle, that is not the topic. How can you rent my flat to them? You promised to leave along with your friends. And now you are not paying the rent on time. That is the reason I gave it to them for rent. There is a vacant bedroom. Let them stay there. They shall adjust. Is that the reason you ask me to share the flat with some unknown persons? No girl you took it wrong. These people are really good. I am giving you that assurance. Even though I am not going to agree. It is the future collector who has to agree. Not you. You shall stay in this flat only if he agrees.a Let it go uncle. Where can she go?? See Smitha. In spite of what you said he is still your well wisher. You are great Kamaraju. Sir, call me Kaju. Yeah… Kaju. Okay. Do it as you wish. I want to kill these people. I should make them vacate in any case. Sir……Why do you still call me sir?? Call me uncle. Uncle what about the rent? Pay me 15,000 rupees leaving Smitha’s share. Uncle, they earn money. But, I spent all the money with me for collector course. I don’t even have money to buy books. Collector don’t cry. I am making the rent to 10,000 rupees. Are you happy now? Thank you uncle. Thank you so much. It is okay. Prepare well. Wow. Flat seems to be really good. Wall posters… Furniture… The girl maintained the house well. What are these??? Flat is really good.Yeah.**telugu song** Good flat!!!!!!!! Rent is 10,000 rupees and maintenance costs 2,000 rupees. Is that okay?? Is that okay? Yeah okay. She maintained the flat well. Where is the kitchen? Come let’s see.Oh is it that way? Think this girl like toys. Hello. What are you doing? I am planning a murder. Is it a hen or goat? 4 stupids including my owner. Why are you so angry? My owner asked me to share the house with 3 boys as I am not paying the rent on time. With boys? How can he do that?You could have asked him. I asked him but he asked to get lost. Them? No me. What will you do now? Better leave the house. Why should I leave? This is my flat. Should I leave if some other? Will you stay with them? I will show what smitha is ? I will make them leave the flat. Smitha, be careful. They are bachelors. You cut the call. I will make them vacate the flat. Take care. Is this my house?? What? Dude what’s happening here? Families celebrate by boiling milk and bachelors by drinking beer.Chears buddy. It is not cheers not chears. Whatever buddy, enjoy. What kind of human being is he? **song** Hey, the girl has come. Who is it? Girl want to have some beer? **phone rings** You people changed the flat into fish market in one day. What? Shit!! Hello Hyderabad. You are listening to……. Would he be a collector? Even uncle doesn’t have sense. Come Sunny(actress). I have the one you needed. Where are you going Sunny? Come to me. I want to prepare buttermilk. Can I borrow some curd? Do you still have hangover? That is not curd. Hey, is it me or you who has drunk? It is hard, means it is curd. Those are spoiled milk. They seem to be like that. Taste if you want. Spoiled milk?? I should never consume alcohol even if it comes for free. Where did I put my spectacles? Man, wake up. Man, why do you disturb me early in the morning. Hello. Excuse me. Man, please give me some butter milk.I am suffering from headache. Take it. Is anything left? Waste fellows. I am really feeling hungry. What is in the fridge? Apple. Hey, that is my apple. Is this your refrigerator? Does people like you also have refrigerators? Yeah, we used to have. Recently we sold it in OLX. I should sell you people in OLX. Do you want to eat? Have it. Leave. What happened to her? Thank you man. I am feeling good now. Man, why did she start scolding so early? You already know her. Let’s go. I will come. You leave. Do you want to have? No. It is precious apple man. Where did it fell? Yeah got it. Man, bathroom is mine. I will show you who I am. Idiot. Man, Upma(dish) fell down. There is no enough salt in upma. Are cashews enough? What okay? They are on the floor. Let me find them and eat. Do you want some more? do you have them? I shall bring them. Yeah, go and get them. I couldn’t find any cashews. Ha, I got one. Kaju!! Did you bring them? Yes, I brought them. Man, I like her. Man, she is beautiful. We can comment on her any number of times. Man, I want to share my feelings with her. For more hilarious episodes, subscribe wirally and please do not forget to like, comment and share. Bye.


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