Michael Hawthorne: Introduction to Computing. ICPSR Summer Program

…the Introduction to Computing lectures. The purpose of the course is to provide a general overview of the three main statistical packages that we use during the Summer Program: SPSS, SAS, Stata. The course provides an introduction to each of the packages; provides experience and knowledge about the basic operations of each of the packages. Reading files, writing files, doing recodes, basic procedures, and so on. Also prepares you for beginning to learn more advanced commands that you will learn during the workshops you’d be taking at ICPSR. Additionally, the course offers the opportunity to compare the packages. Particularly for those individuals who are not experienced with statistical computing, or who have used one package exclusively over time, and would like the opportunity to shop around and look at other packages. Lastly, the course is intended to provide an opportunity
to learn about the creation of datasets. We spend time looking at examples, from the simplest dataset creation through more advanced, more complicated situations that involve data entry issues, coding issues, and a variety of other things.

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