Michael Che Wants to Plan Something Dirty for Colin Jost’s Bachelor Party
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Michael Che Wants to Plan Something Dirty for Colin Jost’s Bachelor Party

-I know “Saturday Night Live”
is happening this Saturday. You’re probably going,
“Why are we doing this show? We got work to do.”
Thank you for being here. -This gets us
out of doing the work. -Oh, good. Oh, yeah. You got Woody Harrelson
and Billie Eilish. That’s a great show. -They always travel together.
-They really do. That’s big news.
I mean, the season premiere. I remember I was always kind of
excited and nervous about, like, what’s gonna happen? What new things we got
cooked up and all that stuff. -Yeah, that’s always
the scariest thing. Woody has already there
like a few seasons ago. He was so fun. So, he has a
comedy background and all that. -Yeah, you know, you always
kind of forget that, that he has a comedy —
-Like, “Cheers.” -Yeah, exactly.
He played Woody on “Cheers.” Yeah, he’s amazing.
Another big news that we — [ Laughter ] -I just wanted to plug “Cheers.” [ Laughter ] -“Cheers” is available on DVD and wherever downloads
are streamed. But, also, I want to say another
big news is this summer, Colin, you got engaged
to Scarlett Johansson, buddy. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah.
-That’s a big deal. -It’s very exciting.
I’m almost like an adult. It’s great. That close. -I mean, that must have been,
yeah, a big step. Were you nervous? Did you cry? [ Laughter ] -No. I was nervous, of course,
yeah, but, no, I didn’t cry. Do people typically cry? -No, people don’t cry,
but it’s an emotional thing. -Oh, sure.
-I feel like guys always hype it up in their head like,
“I’m gonna have to do it in this big, romantic way
and this big thing.” And it’s all these steps,
and you gotta pull it off. -Yeah, but I’m, like, half German and
half Irish Catholic, so I’m able to repress
pretty well. [ Laughter ] -And, also,
people don’t typically cry, but they also don’t typically
marry an Avenger. [ Laughter ] -She’s a little more dramatic.
-Yeah. Che, did you get a wedding gift? -I didn’t give you a gift yet,
but I just can’t wait to get to that wedding and hear those
sweet, sweet beautiful words — “Does anybody object?” -That’s your cue? -That’s my time. -That’s your cue.
Like, “Unh! Gimme the mic!” -I’m gonna come in
dressed like “8 Mile.” It’ll be awesome. -Coming in hot like Eminem. Are you planning
a bachelor party? -Um, not yet. At some point.
At some point. I’m hoping Michael’s
gonna take the reins, you know, kind of figure it out. -Yeah, I got to do it, man,
because if you do it, it’s going to be boring. [ Laughter ] -You think it would be boring?
-Oh, it’ll be so boring. It’ll be definitely
in the daytime, and… Scarlett will
certainly be there. [ Laughter ] -What would you plan?
What type of thing would you do? -I don’t know. Something dirty. -Have you ever planned
a bachelor party before? -I have for my brother. I planned a bachelor party
for him. But for Che,
for his birthday one time, I wanted to do —
My brother told me, actually. There was this bar in Jersey
that was like Hooters but it was butt-themed, which is so much worst
than Hooters. And it was called Bottoms Up.
-Oh, my gosh. -And you’re gonna not
believe this, but it closed. [ Laughter ] -Why was it called Bottoms —
How was it not called Butters? [ Laughter ] -It’s…right there. -Bottoms Up was the name
of the bar? -It was called Bottoms Up. -Tooters!
-Tooters would… [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Like a little wind coming out.
You know what I mean? -Tooters. -I know Bottoms Up.
That place is a hole. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God. Oh, God! -Oh, my — I can’t believe
you made that crack. [ Laughter ] -We went there together.
Remember? You had to enter
through the back. -Oh, yeah! Exactly. And they had drawers
full of fudge. [ Laughter ] -Drawers full of fudge? -I was gonna say
it was right around the corner from where I was born. [ Laughter ] ♪♪ -Wow. Wow! Wow! -Oh, my gosh. [ Laughter ] Well, we love you guys.


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