Michael Che and Colin Jost Reveal the Absurd Gifts They Give Each Other
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Michael Che and Colin Jost Reveal the Absurd Gifts They Give Each Other

-We wanted to play a game, so we could get to know you guys
a little bit more if we don’t know you guys. This is a game called
“Most Likely To,” okay? -All right.
-So check this out. This is all you need
is this thing. -Okay.
-There you go. Now here you go.
I will name some things, and you will point at who
is most likely to…blank, okay? -Okay.
-Here we go. First one — who is more likely
to Google their name? [ Laughter ] Really?
-Oh, I love to Google my name. -Really?
-I mean, it sends me — It sends me into,
like, a fit of rage. [ Laughter ]
-I know the eyes. -I like it.
It’s just like social — Like, I love Twitter
just because it feels like — Twitter’s like if everybody
you hated had your phone number. [ Laughter, cheers, applause ] -It is awf–
It really is awful. -It’s infuriating.
I love it. -It’s infuriating.
-It’s so much fun. -Oh, I would never do that.
-I love it, man. Try it. -Who is — Who is more likely
to lose their phone? -Probably you.
-Maybe me. -Yeah.
-You, sometimes. No? -Uh…yeah.
Maybe. -You lose your phone?
-I lost — We went to get iPhones together.
It was really cute. Yeah, yeah.
[ Audience “Awws” ] -You guys are the best. -Yeah,
we do everything together. -You should
make a movie about that. -That’d be really interesting. -And they finally kissed. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God. -Hey.
-Hell no. -No, no, no.
-Like “Pretty woman”! -Oh, I’m not waiting for Jost. [ Laughter ] -Like “Pretty Woman.” -We went to buy iPhones
together, and on the way, I left my current iPhone
in the cab. -Getting your new phone.
-On the way to get it. And then I borrowed Michael’s
to use the Find My iPhone and got the cab to come back. And then,
I went back to get my phone and left Michael’s phone
in the cab. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
That’s awful. -So I’m doing pretty good. -Who is more likely
to do their own laundry? -I always do my own laundry.
-Yeah. -But you don’t just
do your own laundry. You do your laundry
every two days. -I wash my sheets
every two days. -Which is insane.
[ Scattered cheers ] -You don’t know my life.
No, I — No, I do — I just, I’m like — I don’t know
if I’m a germophobe, but, like,
I’m just afraid of me. [ Laughter ] I got my washing machine for the first time in my life
in my apartment, so it’s just exciting
to be able to wash stuff. [ Laughter ] -You got to use it, right?
-Yeah. -It’s a big deal.
It’s fun. You put the quarters in,
you go for it. It’s exciting.
-Yeah. You’re not an every-two-day guy? -In college, I think
I went a year without — -Oh, my God.
-Washing my sheets. -No. -Because I didn’t know.
I was in college, I was like, “Yeah, sheets are on,
and they’re set.” [ Laughter ] -He told me
he doesn’t wash his pants. -Well, not all the —
You know — Pants you can go
a long time, I think. -Can you? -That’s why
you smell like bus seat. [ Laughter ] -Bus seat?
Bus seat. -Bus seats. [ Laughter ] -I never heard that one before. “You smell like bus seat.”
Oh, man. Who is more likely
to get you a birthday gift? -Oh, well, we’re —
-We give each other gifts. -Yeah, we give each other
birthday gifts. [ Audience “Awws” ]
-You — -♪ Pretty woman ♪ [ Laughter ] -Minor —
You got me — You’ve gotten me
some interesting gifts. -You got me a weird —
a couple weird gifts, too. -What does he — -Well, this birthday,
Michael got me a clown. [ Laughter ] -He was having
a very intimate birthday dinner. -Yes.
-And I sent a party clown. [ Laughter ] To do balloon animals
and face painting. -Yes.
-Did you know what was going on? -I had no idea. I was at a restaurant and a
woman approached me and said, “Would you like me to make you
a balloon animal?” And I just thought it was sort
of part of the restaurant. [ Laughter ] -The restaurant
had a party clown? -I was like,
“Yeah, sure, that’s fine.” And then, she was like,
“And would your friends like some balloon animals,
as well?” And I was like,
“Sure, yeah, that’s good.” And she was like,
“And what about face paint?” And I was like,
“Well, yeah, maybe.” [ Laughter ] -What?
[ Both laugh ] -And then, next thing,
my girlfriend was like, “Oh, that’s what Che sent.” Realizing that
that’s what he had set up. ‘Cause she thought
it was gonna be a stripper. [ Laughter ] -In fairness to me,
I just got money. [ Laughter ] So…
-No, I like that. Hey, he could’ve sent him
a washing machine. -Yeah. -Could’ve sent him
a washing machine. Yeah, exactly.
Come on. -He sent me —
He got me a cash register. -I listened.
I listened to you, and he said
that he’s always really loved old-timey cash registers. -I said I liked a old-timey
cash register at the bar. And he sends me a 150-pound
cast-iron cash register. [ Laughter ] So for Christmas,
I sent you a Hawkeye costume. -He got me a very full,
realistic Hawkeye costume from “The Avengers,” that had, like, actual things
he would launch from the hands. Like, it would’ve
basically looked — until I saw the hands,
it just looked like a full leather bodysuit. [ Laughter ] -Because your girlfriend
is Black Widow. [ Laughter ] -Wait. Do you think that
they’re a couple in the movie? -I haven’t seen the movie. [ Laughter ] -You have to watch
“The Avengers.” -They always say,
right after “Pretty Woman,” you got to check out
“The Avengers.” -You got to check out
“The Avengers.” You guys
have the best chemistry, and I can’t wait to see
what you do at the Emmys, and we’ll be rooting
for you here, man. -I’m having fun.
[ Cheers and applause ] -We love you, man.
-Thank you, Jimmy. -Michael Che, Colin Jost.
[ Cheers and applause ] They are hosting the Emmys, live, Monday,
September 17th, on NBC, and it’s gonna be awesome.


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