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(INTERVIEWER READING) MALE STUDENT: Necessary! STUDENT NIKKI: With engineering, I feel like
I’m accomplishing something. I feel like I’m learning.
I feel like I am
going somewhere. FEMALE STUDENT: With engineering,
it’s like independence. The freedom to think
out of the box. STUDENT RYAN: You design different things
that are used
in everyday life. It all has to come down
to engineering
at one point or another. DEAN DOLLAR: What distinguishes ourselves
from many,
many other institutions is these very close ties
between the faculty
and the students. FEMALE STUDENT: Miami professors just don’t
look at you as a student. MALE STUDENT: You actually
get to build a connection and a bond
with your professors. STUDENT NIKKI: It’s just been really nice
to know that professors
really care. PROFESSOR SETLOCK: I see all of my students
as natural creators. STUDENT NIKKI: Miami has really helped me
to become more confident
in myself. FEMALE STUDENT: So now I’m thinking
I can actually lead,
and not just follow. STUDENT: I also just started
my own organization, which is NSBE,
National Society
of Black Engineers. There wasn’t really
an organization where someone
like me could come and say, I know these people
and I feel like they are
family to me. So when we created NSBE,
we think that’s
what we’ve done. DEAN DOLLAR: At the very beginning,
they’re being told
to work in teams because that’s reality beyond college. STUDENT RYAN: At the Lockheed Martin
Leadership Institute it felt like you had arrived
where you wanted to be. STUDENT: Since being in the leadership
institute, I think I’ve grown
more than I could imagine. It’s really helping you
grow and become
the person you want to be. DEAN DOLLAR: This involvement is part of
what we call
experiential learning. DR. JAMIESON: The person who does, learns.
You will learn way more
if you build something. PROFESSOR SETLOCK: I kind of reached a point
where I wanted to
make a change and I did it through
something called
Project High Flight. They’re learning to get
in touch with their own
inner creators, but they’re doing it
in the context of
exploring outer space. STUDENT NIKKI: I don’t even think of it
as much as research. It’s more just kind of
a very natural way to learn. It doesn’t really seem
real that we’re launching
something actually to space. It’s just a very, like,
excited feeling, Everybody was full
Engineers explore. We search.
We have adventures. We do the most amazing
things in the world. PROFESSOR SETLOCK:
This ability to see
all the possibilities helps you form visions
of a better future. FEMALE STUDENT: I don’t just have to follow
this route of school, job,
work, marriage, life. As an engineer,
I have the ability
to do anything.

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