Miami Dolphins break ground on new training facility
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Miami Dolphins break ground on new training facility

I’m just trying to say nobody ever
won a Super Bowl training in Davey.>>[LAUGH]
>>Facts, someone has won a Super Bowl
training in Miami Gardens. Fact, you wanna win a Super Bowl? You train in Miami Gardens. [MUSIC]>>After 25 years of
training in Broward Country, the Dolphins will be consolidating their
stronghold here in Miami-Dade County. It’s a very wise move. This state of the art complex will be
a boom to Miami-Dade in terms of job creation. Both during the construction phase and for decades into the future as it helps us
attract new sporting events to our county.>>Last year I sponsored a resolution to
amend the county’s existing stadium deal. With the Dolphins to provide
the team an additional subsidy to build their new training facility. [MUSIC] 25 years ago,
they gonna move the headquarters to Davey, as if we couldn’t do it all right here. I’m glad they got some sense and
brought it right back.>>This facility marks a new
era of Dolphins football, and I think today marks that in a big way. To start off with we knew, being at Nova,
we looked at it now for a few years and I’ve kind of said to Steve when the
players walk across the hallway to take a shower, this isn’t our version of
best in class facility right now. [MUSIC]>>I promise you that this is not
only a naming rights initiative for Baptist Health, this is a clinical
enterprise initiative where we’re gonna provide state of the art world class care,
orthopedic cares, on this ground for everybody to have access to. [MUSIC]

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