Metin2CMS – First Steps
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Metin2CMS – First Steps

First of all, we will download the archive containing Metin2CMS. Now we will create a new directory on the site where we will add the archive. I called the directory “metin2”. Now we upload the previously downloaded archive. Extract the contents of the archive and delete the archive. Now we will set up the site. We also need to configure the email server. Now, a short presentation of the facilities available. Change the theme. We currently have only two themes. Language management. Right now we have 6 languages. Easy to install. Posts are on the first page. Also on the first page can be edited or deleted. Download links are added from the administration panel. Different features that can be turned on or off. Vote4Coins system, easy to manage. Donation system. Payment by paypal automatic. Other payments are validated by an administrator. View game logs. Simple and efficient.


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