• addicted2rpg

    I love this video. After something like Sandy Hook, to think that we could identify a mentally ill individual and take preventative action, or even medicative action prior to an episode is huge.

  • zathath

    Sadly, all the serotonin stuff is bullshit. It is pseudo-scientific, and a fraud. The only thing that happens is the libido rise from the crotch, up to the brain, along the spine. A medical doctor cannot say this, because he is such a bullshit full of shit, he is only saying shit, and nothing else, but shit, asshole.

    When someone is crazy, we say they are nuts. Nuts stand for testicles, so if you are intelligent like me, you will understand. If you refuse to obey, you deserve to be shot.

  • Xenosophia

    Somehow it is always crappy thinkers like this guy that end up working for governments. Does that surprise me? Nope. Does it scare me? Oh yes.

  • ricardo P

    I sure hope you are joking. What kind of an argument is that? In fact, what was "pseudo-scientific" about this speech? What claim was not qualified? …"libido rise"?…. Is that some of your "Neo-Freudian" philosophy? Sounds like you are the pre-scientific/pseudo-scientific one around here.

  • Nishant Setia

    I can see lot of justifications for hatredness and retribution here, I am just curious what will happen when people know, that every experience of their existence originates from physicality, and this is the paradox, we think, that more we understand our human brain, more we will discover that our all hatredness and retributive tendencies are the result of brain, not something called as "free will", & we act equally immorally when we condemn people whose brains are already in an unbalanced mode.

  • musicismagic

    Those who think this is nonsense-
    1.What have you done to be of help in this research?
    2.Watch Feynman's excoriation of social science (on you tube) "till in the future the techniques improve"
    3.Look at the TED on the "Human Connectome Project".
    Not sure why I even respond to those who ignorantly denigrate the SLOW movement forward-but I suppose it is wired in me.

  • A.J. Mahari

    They are dehumanizing people with this junk science of "Mental Disorder" as "Brain Disorder" – There is way more they don't know than they know. Not everything comes down to brain wiring. Trying to medicalize psychological/emotional defies logic in that it fails to consider mind vs brain and the human spirit.

  • musicismagic

    I suggest if you are interested -looking at papers on the dysregulation of the default network in major depression.It perhaps explains a subset of patients with MD using causal modeling (Frith).It is a partial understanding,but as in physics, all models are partial understandings (see move from Newtonian to Quantum physics)Time will tell but research in regulation/dysregulation of the default network seems to hold some promise and makes use of the better technology now available.

  • A.J. Mahari

    Yes, of course, but isn't that what is known about physical brain disease or disorders? Thinking that just blindly applies to the human mind, psyche, soul and spirit in the brokenness of psychological woundedness not only does not make sense it is junk science. No one can prove it, really, not for sure.

  • A.J. Mahari

    I am not a scientist or a psychiatrist, not that either has any actual real proof for their opinions either – not the for sure really "known" kind of evidence. My evidence, is my life. My evidence is my own recovery from Borderline Personality. It was not anything structurally wrong in my brain. It was all that I didn't learn and the lack of bonding and nurture in childhood. I had excellent therapy and recovered in 1995. I never took psychiatric meds so what I know, I know first hand.

  • A.J. Mahari

    Interesting point. And I think they are shocked when we don't want to just believe them because they are supposed to be "important" and we are supposed to follow them. They cannot prove their claims in an honest and open way. They push psychiatric meds on people that they don't even know why might work if they work and most often they really hurt people and have killed people and that includes children whom they have not tested these meds on but prescribe to them anyway. Their "power" is abused.

  • A.J. Mahari

    They say this and yet just exactly how are they proposing to do this? You can't know that someone has the potential (in most cases to be violent) if they haven't acted out violently or spoken of it in the past. Wish this were true but I don't see evidence of this. Besides we have basic human rights when it comes to the mental health system (such as it is) that preclude just grabbing people off the street without good reason. Often that good reason can only be known in hindsight.

  • sigontw

    Honey, as a behavioral/social scientist, I think Feynman really got it wrong and his argument/observation departed from what we have been doing. (I can't really find that video here, but only found one very short clip in which he claimed social science is a pseudoscience.) The very first thing that came into my mind when watching his clip was: please be humble if you don't really know what you are talking about.

  • Ian Dizon

    Using your logic, it would also be safe to say that a diagnosis of, let's say cancer, isn't equivalent to having cancer, or a diagnosis of cardiomyopathy isn't equivalent of having heart disease. What makes the diagnoses of mental/brain disorders any different from diagnoses of any other disorder from any other organ in the body?

  • Dennis Rodriguez

    Mr. Len Bennati, is kind of impossible to agree on something that sounds ridiculous.. there is NO way the brain is the hardware of the soul.. the soul is not even a physical organ!

  • A.J. Mahari

    I am not into pseudo-science. I'm still waiting for biopsychiatry to prove it's supposed – NOT! scientific opinion making them and Big Pharma money while harming millions of people and not caring. This "mental illness is a brain disorder" is just total crap – there, my response reflect the same absence of scientific proof that theirs does.

  • Siana Gearz

    All behavioural aspects, all observable effects of mental disorders are in the structural wiring – connections of neurons introduced by learning. Brain retains plasticity, the connections can be re-wired by learning again.

    Whether chemical imbalance has triggered wrong wiring to develop in the first place (it is probably often, but not always, a contributor), and to what extent creating another chemical imbalance by meds can help fix it (it might), is a very involved subject.

  • Siana Gearz

    Sandy Hook is irrelevant, the guy already had a diagnosis; the tragedy is that he hasn't received sufficient help, and was apparently in such a distress as to decide to harm people. This is a common yet completely separate issue from the topic of this video, which is early diagnosis.

    If early diagnosis is developed, you wouldn't grab people off the streets, you would offer people diagnosis and offer preventive help, like is done with many diseases now, improving general health of society.

  • Siana Gearz

    How – in standard ways. The brain will be studied, conclusions will be made and methods be developed. What might emerge, is impossible to say right now, but to give you an idea, it could be some kind of abstract-looking visual test with objects, colours, faces, and decisions that person would need to take, reaction measurements, eeg, neuroimaging.

    Considering lack of symptoms, the treatment could probably be a harmless cognitive exercise.

    Predicting future is unthankful though.

  • Christine Glenn

    This approach has and will lead to little. One of the assumptions is the idea that mental disorders are related to the brain alone. The brain is connected to the functioning of the entire body and can be influenced by problems originating in other areas. Another assumption is that the disorders are well defined entities. They are not. E.g., schizophrenia has various causes and needs different treatments. See William Walsh, PhD (2012) for some relevant research and treatment directions.

  • Sam Schrevel

    Almost everything is pseudoscience. The figures of his "mortality rates" are presented as hard evidence while no definition or context is provided. The jump from somatic diseases to mental illness is logically unsound. And a correlation between mental illness and suicide does not imply a causal relation, there could be other explanations for both events. Finally, neuropsychiatry is still theory and hypothetical rather than scientifically established.

  • ricardo P

    I disagree in saying that it is pseudoscience: it is a budding science, needing much refinement/progress, sure, but these new branches of psychology, medicine, and neuroscience are built upon peer-reviewed, published research that is guided with core scientific methods. The mortality rates are given under the context of the advances in biomedical research between the 25-30yrs from the two points in time they were measured. A proportion of 6,000 less deaths from some some diseases is given. He..

  • ricardo P

    makes the transition from somatic diseases to mental illness because he is convinced that the mind is a function of a brain. So, the biomedical research is relevant to this area too. Suicide, he notes, is not a disease in itself, but he thinks the right way to look at the issue is as a troubled brain, as killing oneself is bound to be a decision stemming from problems such as severe depression or other emotional/perceptual abnormalities. He doesn't actually say that mental illness causes suicide

  • ricardo P

    … but he uses the lighter term "contributes" or that there is a "contribution" from such things. It certainly isn't the the suicide that causes the mental disorders, heh ;-D and, from one technical perspective, mental illness and suicide are dependent events–this does not mean that one directly causes the other, but in this case rather that the occurrence of a mental disorder affects the probability of suicide. Therefore, his use of the term "contribution" is quite qualified 😉

  • ricardo P

    One of his core themes is given in 2:34-2:36–early detection and early intervention [of brain/mind disorders and their contribution to suicide]. Lastly, he qualifies his statements more during 8:34 when he says we are barely making progress as a science in this, and at times 14:11-14:31 when makes clear that we have loads to learn. But, yes, it is scientific, not pseudoscientific 😉

  • ricardo P

    Haha, yeah, unfortunately there could be some issues with that ;D –Well, there needs to be some proper ethical guidelines to all this so that there isn't a violation of basic rights unless the situation truly is that desperate! ;D –But, if they figure out how to do brain-scan medical check-ups that reliably validly detect brain changes that lead to mental illness, then, that would be a great advancement if it can be done as simply as other medical check ups 🙂 But yes, no "Brave New World" 😀

  • Leon van Was

    These exactly are his complaints as well. And he presents evidence of current work aiming at a different psychiatry. Maybe you were watching another video?

  • myreddays

    Actually what he's saying makes more sense that all the biological crap that's out there. Psychosis occurs when the conscious mind is overwhelmed by unconscious forces. If one sees the libido as psychological energy, then one could say that it is capable of blowing one's head. Debunk people like Breggin of Whitaker for me, please.

  • Janet Williams

    This is the first good news I've heard about the possibility of early detection and early treatment of severe brain disorders in a long time. Thank you so much for posting! (And no, I do not want to fire you, Thomas Insel!)

  • valar

    I'll venture to say that most of the inane comments on this video are from people who have never been through the hell of mental illness. Leave your personal philosophy at home when discussing people's lives. The only question that matters is, "Does this work?"

  • Dimitris966

    The researcher forgot to mention that all these subtle brain 'abnormalities' are also observed in normal subjects that have never developed a mental disorder.

  • Richard

    Dr. Insel utterly ignores environmental factors related to mental disorders.  Stressful times in war that produce PTSD, anxiety from being rejected as gay, growing up poor, being laid off from work, having enormous student loan debt, having very little vacation time, getting divorced, etc. etc.  I think Dr. Insel—urging psychotropic intervention—is hoping to paste a big smiley face over a world that has good reason to feel depressed and anxious.

  • Greg Monks

    I suffered abominably from low serotonin levels for 40 years. My psychiatrist had to DIE before I received proper treatment- a cure, in fact. It was my GP who stepped in, right after my psychiatrist died, and fixed the problem.

  • Cher P

    What an informitive video. It would be great if more people would understand that mental ilness is not a joke and  supporting them is the first step in trying to help them get well. I hope to see more videos like this.

  • Johnny Ecoman

    this is bunk. I say no more. Mental distress is caused by haveing had a horrible life not brain problems. Hey ho. I expect loads of money will be spent and very little found out meanwhile the real causes of mental distress (violence, sexual assault, racism, poverty etc etco will, as usual, be ignored.

  • KongLuvs

    It might be even more appropriate to refer to mental disorders as physiological problems. The best medical research I've seen suggests fully that "disorders" like depression are due largely to lack of vigorous exercise and sunlight. It sounds simplistic, but be sure to read the research and/or just try it for yourself before you shit-can it. Other mental disorders have also showed positive results as well, but my comments are mostly referencing depression research because that is what I've read extensively about for years while researching it for family members.

    Rather or not the sunlight component is Vitamin D production, or not, remains to be determined (as far as I know) but Vitamin D3 supplementation may also wind-up being a worthwhile addition, especially for those living in areas where they don't have access to good sunlight year round. Most people are deficient in vitamin D anyway, so it couldn't hardly hurt.

    People are far too caught-up in believing the way they feel is because of terrible things which have happened in their lives, when in fact it is do largely to the health of their physical body. All primates require sunlight and regular physical activity. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from depression, look seriously at how much exercise and sunlight they get on a regular basis. As of yet, I have never met a person who said they suffered from depression who also claimed to get regular daily exercise and sunlight.

  • Pamela Hope Patterson-Dar

    Please do not post opinions about mental illness if you do not have a loved one that suffers from it or personally know someone that has a mental illness. This illness completely robs an individual of everything there is to live for. In particular I am referring to Schizophrenia. My mother suffered from severe Schizophrenia. I cannot begin to put into words what it is like to live it, breathe it and be surrounded by it 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year from my birth until her death. Such a heart breaking and painful rememberance of everything this illness encompasses.

  • Jilly Daines

    Can we drop the names Mental disorders and Behavioural Disorders. These names imply a diminished moral status of the ill individual. The name 'Brain Disorders' I feel will do much to remove stigma.

  • e' Stephan

    suicide is the result of ignorance in the medical profession by professing that a disorder needs to be cured.

  • Jeff Kelly

    Well let's start with the fact that Psychiatry starts and ends with circular reasoning, while science avoids these "tools" like the plague.

  • Michael Englo

    But if we have idealistic model of the brain of what we called "healthy brain", and let's say one day have the technology to early anticipate and modify the "unhealthy brain" by "reshaping" its structure to follow the desired model: isn't that mean we are forcing humankind to have just one idealistic brain and that would mean no more uniqueness or free will? When human behaviour would then be able to be modified like robots by tweaking their brain circuitry

  • Prometheus Complexus

    This is complete nonsense.
    I was accused of ADD, then ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar I, Bipolar II, NOS Borderline Traits, NOS Narcissistic Traits, Paranoid Personality Disorder, and finally PTSD.
    I was institutionalized for "thinking about suicide" when that was never the case, and the doctors and police lied all over my records.
    My earlier records are filled with hundreds of lies and made up stories, and I was told being oppressed and scapegoated was a GOOD thing so that people that were "better than me" (meaning intellectually inferior people that use fallacies because they don't know what they are because they're oblivious, narcissistic and ignorant) could exploit me for their self-serving reasons.
    Here is what I was told:
    1.) Foster children are already genetically inferior and mentally ill
    2.) Demanding fairness was irrational
    3.) Being against abuse was insane
    4.) Complaining about overdiagnosis was insane
    5.) Having humility meant low self esteem and having confidence meant narcissism
    And it just went on and on, as they threatened me. Dozens and dozens of people just beat me to a bloody pulp, segregated me, and taunted me telling me I was insane for not agreeing with them religiously or politically, especially when it came to their superiority complexes. I was then told they could put words in my mouth to punish me for questioning authority. At home, in the school system, and later in a desperate social service/psychiatric system that was suffering from cutbacks. Later my HMO and their associate company attacked me outright telling me I had no right to believe in human rights and that I was psychotic if I believed I was entitled to live an oppression-free, unlabeled, completely free life.
    I was told I had to believe I was inherently inferior, that evidence wasn't needed, and I need to shut my mouth so I could be exploited for insurance and grant fraud.
    I'm 33 and psychiatry raped my entire life from me, and there is no recovery from it and there never will be.
    All of the above is absolutely factual, and backed with people's testimonies, medical paperwork, etc… stating I was unstable for resisting abuse and applied force.
    Mental illness does not exist, all people who promote it are psychopathic narcissistic fascists whom believe dissenters are below then and inferior to them… because they, the fascists… use self-serving fallacies in ALL of their thought processes.

  • Johnny Ecoman

    I suspect the reason we are hearing this at the moment is because no new psychiatric drugs have been developed for several decades and drug companies need new products to maintain profits. After a while drugs go out of patent and anyone can make them. New drugs make new money so new ways of understanding mental distress are needed to justify the new drugs.

    The old way of understanding mental distress is being discredited more and more. In the UK clinical psychologists are pushing Formulation, a non medical alternative to diagnosis. Formulation means asking three simple questions:
    1 what is your problem?
    2 what do you think caused it?
    3 how can we help you?

    This is less stigmatising than diagnosis, often more effective and less likely to lead to drugs being prescribed for years and years.

    Big Pharma needs to find a justification for developing and marketing new drugs. Insel is trying to find the justification for this. There are plenty of people who criticise his science, here is one of them https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/07/depression-schizophrenia-dsm-nimh/

  • S. F.

    So many problems with this model. If all mental disorders are brain disorders then many brain disorders are just mental disorders or mindsets or mental states. The thing about mental states or mindsets (i.e. collections of cognitive patterns) is that they are not inherently static and neither is the underpinning physiology, that may change as they change.They may change under influence, circumstance, time and without medication. The only way the medical model makes sense is if mental states and mindsets are immutable and permanent. Most are not. For example , when you are looking at someone's brain immediately after being grief-stricken it looks like a traumatized brain or the brain of a person with severe depression. That doesn't mean it will stay that way or that they need to be pathologized. Resolution of grief happens at different rates for different people . What is normal, what is healthy? How arbitrary is that? One hundred and fifty years ago grief after the death of a spouse or family member was expected to continue for life, now if you're not over it in two weeks you're considered sick. Society cannot be the arbiter of what is good and healthy given how often social mores have been damaging and harmful to humanity. And simply looking at a person's brain at a specific point in time cannot be as definitive a thing as many would like to conveniently make it to be.


    I Think a Exaggrated Perspective is a false assumptiom, Reality is
    POLICE REGULARLY and BY ORDERS Shoot and Kill Mental Deranged People,

    This is going on NOW and it is NOT BEING ADDRESSED!

    THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT in USA is "If A SUSPECT Does NOT Comply after TWO VERBAL WARNINGS, Shoot To The HEAVY BODY TRUNK to Disable the person.


    Crazy People On The Streets are barely tolerated BUT if the ACT OUT & POLICE ARE CALLED; the CALLER is a PERPRETATOR of MURDER, like a Coward, FORCING THE POLICE TO KILL a HUMAN that they find OFFENSIVE!

    Now in AMERICA this is so COMMON nobody gives a damn. RIGHT! I am 76 Years old, I KNOW what I Speak, As a famous philosopher said, "HOW CAN YOU LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR when Your KILLING THEM?"

    I also attribute this Overwhealming Plauge of MASS MURDERING OF HOMELESS MENTAL PATIENTS to the JINGOISM MEDIA USES TO MAKE AMERICAN'S HATE Muslims and Mexicans who Come Here to Seek Work.




    So all these little talks are nothing but farting in the wind. There shall not now, nor shall there ever be and LACK OF TORTURE, MURDER, GENOCIDES against Mental Ill People, until the STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL SYSTEM is REINTRODUCED!

    I SPENT 22 YEARS (1968-1990) In and Out of OLD SCHOOL MENTAL HOSPITALS, they are Remarkably Better than SLEEPING ON A SIDEWALK, where some AMERICAN POLICEMAN will come a MURDER YOU for ILLEGAL SLEEPING!

  • Ncyim

    Abram Hoffer proved that Pyrrole Disorder is the cause of many mental disorders and cured by high dose minerals and B vitamins. William Walsh lectures for more info.

  • sinkiy

    Man himself has created mental disorder. We have created a society which is utterly disordered and that society produces people. We are all responsible for mental illness because we have all have created a society in disorder. We do not live in a healthy whole society. That is why I feel responsible for mental illness, because I am responsible for it. We have created specialists that work with individuals rather then the problem. I'm not concerned about fixing my depression, i'm concerned about fixing depression. Man kind can live healthily and wholly all he has to do is take responsibility for what he has created and not delegate it to "they". If everyone thought like I did then we would do something about it.

  • Anonymous User

    People are wrongfully diagnosed and then are forever trapped in a system of oppression, exploitation, segregation and slander. Cultural hegemony is the blame, and psychiatry attacks victims and labels innocent superior minds as disabled simply because those that are intellectually perfect reject all authority and push for immediate justice. Society is radically about control, laziness, corruption, narratives and oppression. Psychiatry labels all freethinkers as ill, and uses their brainsastge template of abnormal.

  • Cam 76

    Some mental illness will undoubtedly have an underlying neurological disorder or disease. That is why organic and biological testing is the future. The subjective diagnostic method of psychiatry is insufficient and often inaccurate. MRI, CT-PET scans, blood tests etc maybe required for clinical depression and others.

  • Bubbas Meisa

    If it is a "brain disorder" no one really has to care. Truth is, these conditions are a reflection of an unsupportive society and economy and If we realized that we would make a better world so NO one has to suffer to prop up the happiness of the rest. Simple no brainer so its no wonder why ameriKan psychiatry always gets this stuff wrong.

  • Fernando Maldonado

    Could gene therapy be helpful to reduce the impairment due grey matter loss and other malfunctioning parts of the brain?

  • Cheshire CAT Scan

    Advice to all professionals in the field watching this video…. If you want to discuss this topic don't do it here, you'll only find people with opinions trying to prove why their opinion is more accurate that someone else's opinion.

  • Dave Scruton

    I can tell you for sure, my issues are endocrine regulation issues. I woke up every day since about 15-39 with suicidal thoughts. I started thyroid medication, I haven't had them since except when I got stubborn and stopped for 2 years. A week back on and I wake up o.k. Bipolar 2, A.D.D. Aspergers. All issues I have lived with. Massive depression. Self hatred. All symptoms diminish significantly with thyroid meds, excercise and for me regulating my norepinephrine.

  • Neli V

    I believe psychiatrist needs physical proofs like brain scan etc. than relying on their assesment which could be subjective.

  • SomeOne

    There are so many ignorants commenting in favour of Psychiatry without the true knowledge of it. They probably have never seen a psychiatrist in their whole lives. I know the psychiatry because I have been labelled by it, and have been harmed by it. The truth is "there is no mental illness". Delusions, illusions are all part of one's mind they are not diseases. They are natural.

  • Ira Trofimova

    It's a pity that officials in charge of national psychiatry think like automechanics, attributing psychiatric disorders to "brain parts", or brain circuits. This is a mechanical regression of neuroscience back to phrenology (attributing psychological properties to bumps on the scalp), popular 100+ years ago. Dr. Insel puts down the idea of neurochemical imbalances – but his own profession, psychiatry, uses chemical, and not "circuits" means to treat psychiatric symptoms. Neurochemistry is still a young science, dealing with very complex fluid and diverse processes, so it is too early to put it down or downplay it. "Psychiatric" disorders is still a better concept than "brain disorders" as they result not only from disbalances within neurophysiological systems but also culture-sensitive. For example, impulsivity is more acceptable in USA and less in Japan, but OCD-like behavior it is vice versa.

  • Ed Mirza

    Y do they persist in calling these things diseases, when it’s so obvious they are going to be caused by miserable situations? Is it really surprising? What gets me is how these guys look so serious.

  • mel saint

    There are American actors who pretend that they're bipolar and the doctor, sponsored by big pharma, is very much willing to prescribe drugs

  • Laura Willingham

    Sorry, but this video had very little real value, very little information. It also completely disregarded the actual cause of numerous issues in the brain, that of the digestive system and the foods and drinks we consume, especially in the US. The gut/brain link must be priority. If you realize how crucial digestive health is to our entire body, you will realize that our digestive system isn't just our "second brain" as many say, it's actually our first brain. Mess up the gut, mess up the brain. You're correct in the fact that mental disorders start much earlier than the obvious symptoms. Indeed, the disorders start in the gut long before damage to the brain. Foods such as gluten are not only damaging to the gut, they also cross the blood brain barrier and cause numerous disorders in the brain including all the disorders you mentioned in this video. I beg you to update this information to better inform the public and to save lives.


    The grey matter loss is caused by medication, there is absolutely 0 proof that mental illnesses have a biological factor or that they exist. This video is misleading and ANY psychiatrist can tell you that there is no way to diagnose any mental illness with MRIs, ANY TEST. Labeling someone with a mental illness and telling them they have a chronic chemical imbalance (which is a lie, brains of people with mental illnesses are NORMAL brains) just 1. Makes this person buy medicines that numb them thinking that they need them, make them zombies, make them less intelligent 2. Stigmatizes this person and makes them define and limit themselves with their illness 3. Is a way to control people, and they are way less likely to try to fix their lives but be more like “I have a chronic mental illness that’s causing me all this and I can’t do anything about it” .
    Feelings of sadness and anxiety are NORMAL, one has to think what in my life is causing me this, what do I want to do about it, try to change it or numb myself? Mental medicines are our new lobotomies, electro shock therapy is currently being done, people are loosing their memory, loosing their intelligence. Attention deficit disorder is just something they invented for kids that don’t enjoy spending 8 hours a day studying things that don’t matter to them, for kids that don’t get the grades their parents expect or are more interested in other things out of the academic field. It’s MORALLY wrong to give kids amphetamines to improve their school performance.

  • No Name

    They can nullify brain cognition but can not cure some brain disorders yet possibly because neural disconnection is easy im just hypothesizing…its easy to screen shot a normal brain function and implicate the same tune to a person with brain disorder there have been research that seemed promising but the problems were always a constant tuning and brain deterioration would repeat after some time for instance in week I haven't heard anything since

  • Isobel Necessary

    Very interesting, but. How about changing the language? Having a mental health diagnosis profoundly effects relationships. Having a brain ‘disorder’ is not encouraging news. Schizophrenia is surely an outdated and inaccurate label to burden people with. They are scapegoated in the media, misunderstood (at best) and wasted. One person’s disorder is another personn’s spiritual crisis. I had it for years, I was told. Then, miraculously, it became bipolar, for years. Then I had both for years. The drug cocktails were disabling and every time I tried to come off them, I was ‘ill’again. Now I know how to go about it. So I am not impressed with your pictures of brains. To my mind, when allowed to use it, I would describe myself as a highly sensitive person who has experienced trauma. PTSD is a diagnosis I could accept. What does that look like in the brain?

  • Aeritecn

    Mental problems are not brain diseases. If it was it wouldn't be called "mental illness and people wouldn't be stigmatized.

  • Collis Jeanette

    'What drives the disability and high mortality? ' Are you joking? The driving force are the appalling toxic treatments!

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