Mendix Introduction Course   15 Add an entity to the Domain Model
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Mendix Introduction Course 15 Add an entity to the Domain Model

in the previous learning activities the required entities and their attributes have been determined in this learning activity you’ll create your first domain model and entities open your training management project in the browser click Edit in modeler on the overview page right-click the module my first module and select rename rename the module to training management expand the training management module by clicking on the plus sign open the domain model of the module training management by double clicking on it you will start the domain model by adding the course entity and its attributes to it select an entity in the tool bar and single click in the white space of the domain model double-click the entity to open its properties and rename it to course click new to add a new attribute to the entity enter the name title and select the type string add the following three attributes to the course entity description with type string duration width type integer and price width type decimal and the following entities to the domain model the entity location with the attributes name and address the entity trainer with full name and email address the entity trainee with attributes full name address and email address the entity scheduled course with the attributes start date and end date and the entity registration with the attributes number date and attended

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