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Memu – Telugu Web Series | Episode 3 | Wirally Originals || Tamada Media

(phone rings) Janu: Did you wake up? Yeah , getting up
Janu: I’m booking a ticket to vizag then Why so early? Janu: Sangeeth is in the next week right Still there are 8 days right? Janu: You have eight days, but I wont get my leave
approved, if I dont apply it earlier We, can look after it the before day Janu: That’s why I’m asking, By the way where’s pruthvi? He’s talking one phone.
Janu: I think there’s no bachelor party He said we are going in the evening right?
Janu: I’m scared looking at my projects deadlines Janu: I might not come today, I’ll see. What? He’ll feel bad if you won’t come He won’t feel bad, It’s better if she wont come Janu: I’ll try my level best..
Fine try to come What! It’s 2 lakhs for decors? Don’t you think it’s too
much? Because we told that we are from America,
he’s charging double rates Every guy , has to get surrended for a girl right? Huh, why did you say that now? Look, at him once, he is definetly talking to Anjali Let him, unlike you he is getting married These type of thing doesn’t suit for me dude, that’s
why I have so many girl friends Until someone records your dirty things on camera,
you wont stop them I’ll take my own precautions dude Hey, Manoj came to the airport to pick me up,
I don’t know that your uncle has come to the airport Hey Pruthvi..
Dude just 5 minutes Did he finish his call? It wont end so soon You go and get ready, we will go and have an omlette What brother, finished so soon? What? She is damn angry on me, that I’ve not come to vizag
yet What about visa stamping? Yeah, have to go now, that’s a big headache More difficult than maintaining the sea food business? Dude, that’s a big headache, you have to take a
challan one month before and have to book a slot This new Tej app, like our childhood lottery game,
that could be useful Huh! We, can use it for the next time Shopping then? Her cousin had selected a sherwani it seems,
have to go and collect that They are deciding even what you have to wear? Dude, Janu called me regarding the party in the evening I have a flight to board early in the morning Dude, what’s the link between a party and a flight? We’ll see..
Hey prasad, pack up your luggage then.. Excusme?
Please don’t forget omlette Bye manoj..Bye dear…Prasad bye..
Fine, text me as soon as you go home Yeah, I’ll do .. But drop this fellow carefully in the
airport tomorrow Congatulations okay? Go home safe all of you, bye Prasad! Get the car… who asked you to bring? Wow, What a view! Dude? Are you fine? Have some coconut water,
you wll be alright Take a hault if you find coconuts on our way (friends
murmering) Only coconuts? or anything else ? Where exactly are we? GOA Whyare we in Goa, all of a sudden?
What are you people talking? Yes, we are in Goa, for a bachelor party Manoj , do you even understand what you are
doing? Yes, we came to Goa right? Guys, It has been 2 days, that i’ve come to India I came here for my marriage, do you even know
how many people are waiting for me? Okay Dude, don’t worry you can go back Dude, It’s my marriage in ten days, and
my visa stamping is just a week away shall we got to bheemavaram? Dude seriously? Why did we even come here? Have you gone mad? Why are laughing when I am talking to you seriously? Guys , will you please stop it, I couldn’t find any Liquor
shops here Don’t you guys have brain? Should we come all way
to goa just for a bachelor party? Did you forget all our promises? Oh! as if you
are standing on yours? Exactly! We came here atleast make your promise, a true one By the way? Where is Janu? Does she know that we have come
to goa? Do you think she’ll let us to goa, if she knew? But, she’l come to know anyways It”s okay, how can a girl be in a bachelor
party anyways? phone? Fine, we will go back, dont worry Oh God, I dont even have the cable to charge my phone The world doesn’t end if you dont have a phone for one day Dont you undersatand that my family will get tensed?
Anjali would have called me a hundred times by now Here, take my phone Hello..? Anjali ? I’ve missed my flight in the
morning, Yeah I’ll come in the evening for sure Yeah, I’m with manoj itself Yeah, the battery is low on this phone I’ll call you later..
okay ? bye I need an iphone cable immediately Dude, hold on .. here comes a liquor shop Dude, what are you doing? breathing exercise ! By the way, this villa is beautiful, to whom does this
belong? Dude, it’s ours..
Fantastic! My flight is at 7:20 in the evening, and by 6:30
I have to check-in That means, we have 6 hours left with us If you people can get ready quicky, we can go to
a bar and have our drinks Dude, you are already drinking right? A real devotte,would pray at home and as well as in a temple
too Dude, stopt it..! your flight is in the evening right?
you are going! What are we going to do , if he leaves? We’ll have some omlette’s and sit here Good idea dude, it suits him better Listen, what i’m saying is.. Dude stop.. you
are boarding your evening flight okay? You have your drink I think ,there’s no bachelor party right? Obviously , he is leaving right? Dude, please don’t say like that, i feel guilt about it Dont you think,i feel like spending time with
you people? It has been 2 years, and you think I don’t feel
like spending 2 days with you guys? I think, you’ve forgotten that though i did not
come, my engagement was done by my parents! And how could you think that i will be coming for
a bachelor trip? Thank god, you din’t say that you don’t have time for your
weding Even, that might happen It would have happened , if my leave was
not granted Fine, you go and get ready we have to come to
drop you right? now go Guys, please have a happy face Why are you upset? What will we do if he leaves? We shall also go away in the
morning Fine, wait for 10 minutes we shall know Dude, you said something is going to happen in ten
minutes? You are unable to control your excitement right? Dude, are you going to kill him ?
what happened? you are the one who cancelled my ticket right? Dude c’mon pull me up.. just get lost Dude, give me a hand Huh! you said this is going to happen in ten minutes? Have you both gone mad? Why are doing all this?
ruining all my plans! What, are you going to go and do now, when
you have days left for you sangeeth and wedding? Don’t talk to me.. you’ll never understand my situation It’s waste of telling to people who never understand Why are you thinking that I’m unable to understand?
why are you unable to understand my point? Huh, what are you expecting from me now? Pruthvi, there are still ten days for your
wedding, why can’t you spend some time with us? Dude, give me your phone? Here, take this and book your morning flight.. bloody hell How many shots, you made me drink last night? What about that now? just tell me.. Everyone drank six shots each I’m going to kill you both if you won’t drink atleast 10
shots each tonight ( Friends Cheering ) Yeah , I have still the visa stamping work to do Sir, bill please I’ll be there for sangeeth two days in prior , don’t worry Did you charge for us or the entire people in Goa ?
Waiter : Even that madam’s bill is included sir Janu?


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