MemberPress Review – How To Create A WordPress Membership Website 2019
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MemberPress Review – How To Create A WordPress Membership Website 2019


  • WordPress For Non-Techies

    Here is the link to MemberPress, I will be creating a special bonus offer for it in the next few days, so the link will first take you to my website

  • Dog Pup

    Hello, this was one of the most indepth tutorials. I'm in the process of creating my own membership site and wanted to find out if this plugin will allow me to create something similar to where members can upload their own content: images and videos. Thanks

  • Shaun Townsend

    Hey Adam, I know this works well for businesses like an online magazine but how does this work for car sales membership sites?

  • Livingstone Karamage

    Thanks a lot. What if i need to deploy this into the cloud and doesn't need to install it on to different clients? I mean like where they just have to login and get whatever content they need. Does it make economic sence to buy the expensive plan?

  • Nicholas Stewart

    Adam, thanks as always. I've benefitted from many of your videos already. Previously, you've mentioned PaidMembershipPro. How does Memberpress and PMP compare? Thanks again!

  • Eric Abrom

    Is there a profile feature with this plugin, or do you have to use another plugin for that? If so what do you recommend?

  • Mark Conger

    At the 18 minute mark it is suggested to use an SMTP service for WordPress generated emails. This is definitely to be done, BUT some shared hosting providers are starting to disallow this, even on reseller hosting. So if your web hosting is a shared plan you'll want to check the web host's knowledge base or ask their support department if SMTP is permitted. They may refer to it as "external SMTP" or mention the common ones such as SendGrid or Mandrill.

    If your web host does not permit the use of an external SMTP on shared hosting it is likely they will allow it on a VPS plan. Also, a membership site uses more computing resources than non-membership ones so you'll probably want to upgrade anyway.

  • Ezz Tech

    to make user registration form with login, not wordpress standard login form, and make privileges to allow some users explore some pages and the other not, which plugin can do that?

  • Grant Tanner

    I'm late to the party, but another solid review. I have heard good things about MemberPress for a while. Out of curiosity, have you heard much about activemember 360 (built on top of active campaign)?

  • Cricket Mentoring- Online coaching, tips & advice

    Hi mate. Can you use this plugin to have a 'video vault' where you store videos of different categories? Thanks in advance

  • Sueli Vieira

    One problem with MemberPress is that they do not have an option to limit the number of signups per membership. This seem like a basic feature. Also, knowing that there are only "x" number of spots available (with countdown) would encourage people to sign up sooner.

  • Joyce Vaughn

    Does MemberPress create keys or have a way for customers to put in a invoice/receipt number to create their login? What I have is an interactive website that works with the purchase of my book. When you purchase the book (first website), the membership is free (different website)

  • Average Black Girl

    I want to create a membership where they are able to pick two categories vs one. Is that possible? I want jane to say she works in A field, does B thing and has C hours to work. If she does all that she is one level and gets certain views.

  • Brad Smith

    Hi WPCrafter and others , I would like to have a payed member page on my site as well as having the option of generating username and passwords to give a way as a reward for sponsorship on other sites like  is this posable on MemberPress

  • Digivib Online Ad Co

    Hi thanks for those great tutorials i have learn alot from you, i have a question how to make a membership with digital content restriction i mean i want to create 3 membership first 5 downloads with 20 mb download allowed, second 10 downloads 100 mb allowed and third 50 downloads with 200 mb allowed how i can do it in memberpress please please tell me or any other person knows this kindly help me thanks

  • Antonio R

    Hi mate, brilliant channel I have subscribed. I was wondering can you use this to make members for a loan company? And update customers repayments?

  • Marijana Milisavljević

    Hi! So happy to see that you are actually responding to comments. I have a question about video membership. I read that they have connection with Wistia. SO just wanted to ask what is your experience. How does the video membership in member press look like?
    Thank you for your answer

  • Payam Hosseini

    Hello Adam, i want to buy this plugin, but when i go to my dashboard in your website, there is no any option to make order, also i cannot use online chat with you, what's wrong to your website? please reply me asap. thank you

  • Angela Franklin

    Hello wonder if you would help me please, I have designed a WooCommerce site for a customer, & they would like customers to apply to use their shop, but the customer want to approve customers 1st before they can shop, can you advice what plugin I would need, hope you can help, much appreciated for your time. I watch lots of your video. Best Regards angela franklin

  • Faith Kinslow

    Very good review and instructions. Thanks. I am also considering Restrict Content Pro and LearnDash for an online course I am developing. Will you be doing any reviews about those two platforms?

  • robertas janusauskas

    Hello WordPress For Non-Techies, your videos are awesome! However I am having difficulty finding a good video on how to restrict content only. Allot of people have videos showing how to restrict a whole page, I would like to know how it is possible to restrict special content only such as peoples phone numbers or other contact details. For example I want to set up a trainer website like the best local chefs, fitness trainers, babysitters and so on. I would like to show their separate profiles but without their contact details unless they have paid for the membership like weekly, monthly or yearly rate. Do you know how to do that ?

  • Philip Roberts

    Hi Adam – Great Review

    After watching this excellent review and recommendation I purchased a copy of Memberpress. The application is very good but with limitations. If you are using this on a large system then you will likely have many administrators. Unfortunately you can only access the membership details, subscriptions, transactions and reports etc from the back end. I'm not keen on letting users even other administrators into the back end. I prefer to keep them away from the back end.

    Is there a way in Memberpress where the reports etc can be accessed from the front end so that users with the appropriate user level can view them. If Memberpress cannot do this do you know any WordPress Membership plugins that will allow it.


  • Shana T. Goncalves

    Great video – thanks! The only thing I find not easy about Payment is that it seems impossible to find out where to put this IPN… seems like PayPal got rid of it. :/

  • Mohamad Osama

    Man, those people have the worest CS EVER. I was shopping for a paid membership plugin, I sent 2 emails, clarifying some stuff, no one even BOTHERED get back to me.
    If this is their CS for prospected customers (which supposed to be the best). How it looks like for actual customers who really needs help.

  • Lew Dennen

    Really informative video…thanks for posting! I was wondering about the SMTP you mentioned mid-way thru…seems like an important issue…why do I need to know it and how can I 'fix' it? I'm a complete non-tech guy who's trying to learn this as I go…and I don't want to put all the work in, miss something obvious to everyone else, and then nothing works…but glad I found your video!

  • Brenda Wozencraft

    We currently have an LMS website and would like to convert to MemberPress. Do you know if my current paid memberships will transfer from an LMS?

  • Gilberto Carvalhais


    How I can customize the page my account (profile) with DIVI???
    I use the Divi LearnDash Kit (Divi+LearnDash) and for manage the access I use memberspress.
    I am now beginning to create the pages and configure the applications and the have a nice presentation for the user profile I don't like at all the memberpress presentation.
    Is there any way to get all this working in an integrated way?
    I'm a beginner 🙂

  • Bala Selvam

    Super helpful just started on my site a month ago and you really helped me out with this one video already. Here's the website tell me what you think:

    It's not ready yet but should be ready here in a few months

  • Wobbler We

    Are the pages customizable, as this is the problem I am having with memberships pro. The pages look so bland and unattractive.

  • James

    I absolutely love this video, excellent job!

    A few quick questions to you or to anyone else who may know.

    Is there a way to upload user profile pictures and control who can see them vs who cannot?

    Or have other users see controlled content of other users? similarly to how you can restrict your content on facebook depending on the user?


  • Mr Persevere

    the only downside is the price. we're have to pay more than enough for the website builder itself, so these additional expenses are just headache! 🙁

  • Jason Sylvester

    Adam, does Memberpress play nice with Elementor and Ocean WP? One other question… Memberpress or Woocommerce Memberships? Which one would you recommend? I need to be able to sell products online and would like to use Woocommerce.

  • Patrick Catthoor

    I'm not sure if this thread is still active, but if it is, I would like to see your input on ARMember, compared to the plugins you mentioned in this video. Or if someone found a review of ARMember, that would also be interesting.

  • Piano Lesson with Warren

    I love you tutorials bro, but this time you went through fast. I was really looking for an in-depth Memberpress tutorial, this was more of a quick overview. However, as always thanks for the videos, as a fellow YouTuber I totally understand.

  • Jose Andrade

    Looks like a good option but I have a few questions. Does it have the ability to allow users to share images, videos, comments, share on social. And do these functions if available have any kind of parental or security controls for folks under 18. And if you have a subscription for a club and want to give the online membership free with their club payment, is that possible?

  • Randal Klaver

    Hey I'm looking into setting up a members community page. Where members can create a profile and post to a bulletin board style page. With an ability for users to review and provide references for each other. Not sure this would be it but any videos on something such as that or ideas a program to use to make that?

  • Sharon L. Benedict

    Would this work for a small homeowner association (about 200 members) that doesn't want to utilize payment options currently? They want 3 levels of access for various pages/posts/documents/internal communications: visitors, general members, board of directors. They want to keep everything in one place. Currently, board members are using personal computer mail programs. And data, documents, communications get lost when the board members change every 2 years. And they want to communicate in one place where the data is stored.

  • Kurt Olson

    Good video. Thanks for making it. I'm going to buy it. First I have a "Newbie" question: Should I get my wp theme and create pages before activating MemerPress plugin OR should I first activate plugin, customize it and then build pages? Also do you recommend any page builder and wp theme this goes best with? Thanks!

  • Stats Detectives

    OK so does this replace LifterLMS? Or in addition to LiferLMS? My scenario is to sell software and membership (access to videos and webinars) – what is my best option?

  • Daniel Doherty

    Thanks Adam! Awesome as usual.
    So would this be the perfect storm in your opinion?
    I already have:
    WordPress website using Learndash with a bunch of content.
    Using Beaver Builder but formatting not great with the Boss Thene looking to change to Astra (which I have).
    Add ThriveCart (which I have)
    Already included is Beamer.
    Add MemberPress (need to buy)
    Integrate natively with ActiveCampaign (have) or Ontraport (have – is my main dB).

    Am I missing anything?

    Presently no courses but lots of bonus content on instructional WP videos for clients and other resources.

    Looking to open it up to the public.

    Have several free and paid courses planned.

    I think I know the answer: add Astra and replace theme. Add MemberPress and integrate as mentioned above.


  • Bill Krueger

    This looks great. The only downside is it's skewed towards paying memberships and right now I don't plan on charging. The site I'm building is for a nonpaying non-profit andI don't mind spending some money if it helps. Any thoughts?

  • Kim Projects

    Hi.Thanks for the video. can I see a website which is implemented already? I want to restrict a specific area and have a lightbox popup that shows the user the page on the background but cant download anything unless registered.

  • SpanishWithCarmen

    So great video. I just need to know if memberpress can redirect a logon based on refered. I am thinking about something like:

    1) I will send a custom email with a custom link to my wordpress site
    2) Student will open the mail and click on his custom link (it will be differten link each time):
    3) MemberPress login authenticate the user and if all is ok… redirect user to, not a home page, just the link.

    Right now I can do this with a plugin called Theme My Login + redirect="referer", but it's so limited…

    Thank you so much!

  • hbermudez03

    Hi Adam, one question, is there an option in memberpress to accept credit card as the only way of payment? thank you in advance.

  • Paleo Lounge

    Hi Adam, I wish to build an online course website, free to register. On that page customers may enroll in courses that will have a price tag on them. Do I need Member Press to do that or can I do it with Learn Dash itself? I am confused because in all tutorials it's all about Gold or Platinum Memberships. Yes, I wish to protect my content but I don't want to offer recurring subscriptions or monthly fees. I'd appreciate your honest response on that. Thanks, Sascha

  • James Brannan

    Hi Adam, Thanks for this! Can you recommend a profile plugin. I'm really looking for something which allows members to type and capture notes into the page…IDEALLY with more than just one page in the profile section so they can tab across. EG: Goals page where they track goals, and other specific note pages to keep notes as they go through my site. Thank you very much for any help!!

  • Carl Hammill

    I had wordpress site and honestly I spend more time updating the pluggins then I did growing business. Plus I never felt comfortable with self hosting as I am not IT expert. I switched to Shopify about 6 years ago and its been much better. I also tested Big Commerce (which is better if you have particular payment gateway you want to use). Wix in last 10 months added membership/subscription features but still working out bugs. What I have not tested yet is square space but its look expensive.

  • Brockdin Barr

    Hi Adam, Great work on this and your entire channel. This might be out of scope but I'd love to MemberPress integrated with AWS.

  • David Shaheen

    I've email MemberPress many times and hit them up on Twitter and they won't respond. I have these questions before I make the switch from Squarespace (using MoonClerk) for our patron offering to WP using Divi theme and MemberPress plugin:

    1.I'm basically trying to see if I can use MemberPress like my own custom Patreon system, to upload content and have it pushed to appropriate tiers automatically as I indicate on back end.

    2. Also, I need to know if they will allow me to create a super simple signup form for live events that requires minimal info, since speed is crucial at live events for people at a merch table. See our current signup form here: (no billing address needed, technically only email and CC are needed).

  • David Shaheen

    How does it look for members on mobile devices? That's very important. Can they access rewards from their phones?

  • 龍震天

    Adam, this is Dragon from Hong Kong. 

    Thanks a lot for your professional advise as usual and I want to ask some questions, hard to find an answer on the web and I hope I could have some professional advise from you.

    1. Between Membermouse and MemberPress, which plugin you think is better because they are similar but I can see Membermouse is hard to setup, I am not sure MemberPress is similar as well.

    2. I am not sure this is out of the scope of this video or not is about Sendowl, I am not sure if I use Membermouse or MemberPress why do I need to use Sendowl or if this is a plugin for those membership plugin that is not so advance without payment gateway.

    3. The third thing is about Paypal, do you know if Paypal is working well with MemberPress since their website told that Paypal does not support digital products such as online course anymore.

    Once again, thanks for your professional advise in advance and I always follow your videos and I learnt a lot from you!

  • Dave Hayes

    Excellent Video Adam, I was looking for a membership option for my own site and this seems to be a good choice, so I will go ahead and get it, or can I get it through WP Crafter and I take it works with Thrive Themes

  • Bruce Evans

    It appears that most e-commerce membership sites have one service with multiple levels (silver, gold, platinum), my challenge is that I have multiple services that each have two different levels of service: multiple educational courses that each have different levels of support and feedback at different prices. I'm trying to figure out how to access those from a member's account page or a different work around.

  • Rhys Rhys

    Are they no longer offering the developer license, it isn't on the page when I clicked your link. Highest package is pro, you get 10 sites to install it on but that's not enough

  • Pat Google

    02:32 I kinda like these old archived beast cause I don't have to worry about them going out of business and leaving me with a broken website (in IT, old = durable).

  • rickpaints1

    Hello, Can I use this to restrict only a member section of a website, and have free content as well on the same site?

  • Nick Grimshawe

    Hi Adam, thanks for the great tutorial. One question. I have been using the same WP website for about 13 years, with tons of content. Can I create a membership site on that website or is it better to create a new one just for the membership site?

  • Putra Rahmat Kurniawan

    Can u make tutorial how to integrate memberpress + woocommerce, i've being stuck long time how to integrate my-account (woo page) and account page (internal memberpress itself), cause i dont want make 2 separate page to access account (woo & memberpress).

  • fabstartube

    Hi Adam, thanks for this. I'm creating a site using Member Press and I have two questions for you. Well the first is about your tutorials. You were mentioning your plan to create a more in depth tutorial about building a membership website using MemberPress. Is this still in your plans? The other question is about the theme. Should we install first the WP theme and create the static pages layout before installing MemberPress or is better the other way around? Many thanks!

  • Ana Sofia Bavoni

    Thank you! Excelent tutorial. I just bought Membepress, but I don´t know how the password works in the login. How do you put "password" on the fields?

  • Aus Digital Media

    Great tutorial. Thanks. But member press lacks the members directory function that I need. I’ll keep looking around for my solution

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