Meet my dad: The Republican who’s hosting Muslim refugees
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Meet my dad: The Republican who’s hosting Muslim refugees

– Donald Trump has had harsh
words for Muslim refugees, building walls, banning Muslims, are you worried that you will be arrested for harboring Muslims? – Gosh, that outcome
hadn’t occurred to me. (light country music) – I’m Ashley McKinless, Associate Editor at America Magazine and this is my dad, Rich. He’s a great guy but we don’t see eye to eye on everything. Did you vote for Hillary Clinton? – I did not. – Favorite President?
– Ronald Reagan. – Supreme Court Justice? – The late Justice Scalia. – Government regulations, too many? – Way too many. – Global warming. – It shouldn’t be a hard question. – Okay. So how did you end up with Muslim refugees living in your house? (country music) Yep, Rich is a card-carrying
member of the GOP so when I came home last April and found a family of Muslim refugees living in the spare
bedroom, I had to know more. – Hello sir.
– Great to see you again. How have you been? – [Ashley] Rahim, Rayhanna
and their three kids fled Afghanistan under dire circumstances. Rahim had worked with the
U.S. military clearing IEDs. – Most of the time we were successful, but one time we lost one of my friends. – [Ashley] His
collaboration with Americans got him on a Taliban hit list. When he arrived in the
U.S. six months ago, my parents welcomed his
family into their home as part of a resettlement
program with Catholic charities. My mom and dad learned a lot
in those first few weeks. – One thing we learned
that I didn’t expect, was how difficult the
decision to leave was, for many of these families. Rahim and Rayhanna both
come from big families, they have six and seven
siblings respectively that they said goodbye to
earlier this year, maybe forever. They’re paying a price
most of us couldn’t imagine in choosing a new home. – [Ashley] And how was
it when they arrived? Were there any adjustments
you guys had to make? – We didn’t know if we
needed to, initially, tiptoe around our Christianity, but we quickly learned that
we’re all really humanity. His family was a great
underscoring to something, I think we sort of all know in our heart, and that’s that we all
share a lot more in common than whatever our cultural
differences may be. – [Ashley] After six months in the states, Rahim and Rayhanna of
course miss their family in Afghanistan but they’re
adjusting to life here. They’ve moved into a home of their own, and have found stable employment. – Haseeb is now in first grade, his English has gone through the roof since we first met him,
when he knew a few words and now he can carry on a conversation. And there are an awful lot
of things to get discouraged about in the current political environment but we get energized and
encouraged about America when we see how those who
have been somewhere else and not enjoyed everything we have, have the opportunity to come here and how hard they’re willing to work to improve their own situation
and that of their family without asking for anything. Immigrants are the last
ones most of us know who are looking for a handout from anyone. They want to support their family and they want to do it, I’ll
say, the old fashioned way, they’re willing to work,
they’re willing to work hard, they’re willing to sacrifice, they’re willing to defer gratification because they want something
better for their kids and a host family is a
beautiful way to introduce any new entrant to the country to America.


  • Jay J

    He is not republican. If he was he would love his country and never let people who hate us , and who want to kill us live with him. We will kick all of them out very soon. Its a promise.

  • Harun Malik

    As someone who supports Trump but is a Muslim, I love this video and there are good among the refugees, although they are a minority (the good). With what's going on in Europe at the moment, I understand the travel ban and it is not an attack on Muslims, otherwise all Muslim majority countries would be on the list. I want to see more of these types of refugees who wish to work hard and get jobs, instead of the ones who create ghettos and support ISIS.

  • radornkeldam

    Oh, it's, a Jesuit publication… Of course, they had to engage in this globalist propaganda.
    Let's get this out of the way: One example of a family doesn't represent the MASSIVE influx of unruly, violent and highly culturally incompatible muslim migrants, who are, mostly, single young men, not families. It also doesn't account for polygamists who, somehow, even though polygamy is illegal in the west, get their multiple wives "convalidated" when they bring them to the west. It also doesn't make Islam itself any less "kaffir" hating and imposing.
    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that there are muslims that, at least, seem to be more or less decent people… IN SPITE OF ISLAM, NOT THANKS TO IT, but this video is presenting the case that all muslim migrants are fantastic nice people, but the hard reality if that most of them are NOT, or at least not good enough to resist the lead of the worse elements of their community, and everywhere they go they bring and impose the ravages of Islam, and that's not acceptable.
    3:13 "without asking for anything"… YEEEEEEAH… that's just not true, most muslim migrants live off benefits, particularly those with multiple wives because each one gets separate benefits and the polygamist husband lives off that too, especially in Europe.
    This man is showing great ignorance of the reality which he prenteds to lecture about.

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