• VRocker

    I also get an error message when I add the first DNS server with the address of
    "The configured DNS server is oncorrect or does not exist."

  • itfreetraining

    @jenskepense What is the IP address of your DNS server? If it is not you will need to change the IP address. If you are using the local server as a DNS you can use the loopback address of

  • itfreetraining

    @jenskepense This maps a drive to a share called IT on server DC1. This share is not there by default and needs to be created. You are free however to use any share on the network that you want.

  • VRocker

    I'm using VirtualBox and configured the first Windows 2008 Server using your Video 6 tutorial where you create dc1 and give it a static IP address of

    Now I made a second Virtual PC and am following your 7th Video.
    I thought I needed to set the DNS server to the dc1 machine I have just created in the previous video.

  • itfreetraining

    @jenskepense O.k, I see the problem now. It is something we need to address in future courses. The video are designed to stand alone so your should not have to refer to previous videos. The problem is when people do follow on along like you did and we have changed the network around from video to video. We basically need to have the same network for all videos to make it easier

    In your case use the DNS address of assuming you installed DNS on dc1. This should also fix the net use

  • VRocker

    I have configured my dc1 like this now:

    I have added as the DNS server for my dc2, but it still fails to find it. Seems like my dc1 and dc2 are not finding each other.

    Should I be able to use the ping command in the command prompt to reach each other?
    Like if I type ping dc2 in the command prompt of my dc1, should I get a response?
    Also, should I be able to use "net use * \dc1", cause I can't as well. :s


  • itfreetraining

    @jenskepense Servers should be able to ping each other. Make sure the DC's are on the same subnet. DC2 should have an IP address 192.168.1.*

    When using virtual machines ensure that both computers are on the same virtual network. They should be by default.

    The command net use * \dc1 will connect to the IPC share. The IPC is used for communication. This is used to browse the computer and show shares and printers. If you run net use this will show shares that are connected. So this should work.

  • VRocker

    Yea that seems to be the problem somehow.
    My DC1 is
    My DC2 is
    I let them use as the default gateway.

    Afaik my virtual machines are using the same virtual network as you say.

    I can't really test it out without using Virtual Machines though, I'll try starting from scratch again and see if I did something wrong.

    Thanks for your efforts! These vids are really helpful!

  • VRocker


    I managed to fix my issue.
    Apparantly I had to set both of my network adapters of my virtual machines to "Internal network", similar to what you said.
    I'm so glad I finally found the problem after hours of struggling… 😀

  • TEC Kid

    i have use netsh interface IPv4 show interfaces command and my local area net work show is index 2 so i need to know why its showing like that

  • itfreetraining

    When a network adapter is installed on the computer it will use the next index number available. If you have had a previously installed network adapter on the computer it may have used index 1. Also certain software based adapter can use an index number. You can't assume that the index number will be a certain value as the value will be determined when the network adapter was installed.

  • itfreetraining

    I assume you mean net use * \dc1it
    Maybe try the username in e-mail format e.g. [email protected]
    Also check the permissions of the share. You can do this easily by logging in the server using the admin account and than attempt to connect to the share on the server from the server.

  • itfreetraining

    If you need to change networks adapter in VMware workstation which I assume you are using, this needs to be done using Virtual Network Editor. Once this is configured, you can edit the virtual network being used by your virtual machine and select the network you want to use with that virtual machine.

  • itfreetraining

    They don't need to be one the same network. You could have them on separate networks but they would need to be connected by a router. If you are using IP addresses on the same network, for example and they need to be on the same network. If they are not on the same network they will not be able to communicate with each other.

  • itfreetraining

    In the example, DC1.txt is a text need that is modified for to promote DC2. The text file needs to be available on the other server. You could copy it on a USB key or floppy disk if you wanted. You could even type the file in if you wanted. As long as it is available to the other computer.

  • TEC Kid

    hey 🙂 i have a question its i have install Vmware on my pc.i have installed server 2008 in a team network.
    The details:Pc name DC1, IP address = , subnet= /24 , default G= and i run dcpromo.all ok (Firewall OFF)
    Then i install server core @ new virtual pc at same team & type the commands ,
    Details:Pc name=DC2, ip address= subnet=/24 default G=
    vmware connections have 4 options(LAN1,Bridge,NAT,Host only) i cant ping default gate way from any pc

  • itfreetraining

    NAT. This will share the network adapter with your computer. Tour computer and virtual machines will be using the same network adapter.
    Host only will isolate the network from the outside. All the Virtual Machine can talk to each other but can't communicate on the network.
    Bridge the virtual machine will use the network adapter all to itself.
    Lan1 I assume is a virtual network, probably a VLAN.
    If your home network is on I would configure it for NAT with Vmware DHCP off.


    i have a problem please help me. its says
    An Active Directory Domain Controller for the domain ITFreeTraining.local could not be contacted.

    Ensure that you supplied the correct DNS domain name.

  • itfreetraining

    I would assume that when you installed your first domain controller that you called your domain ITFreeTraining.local If you have called it something else you will need to use that name.Otherwise the problem is most likely a problem with the server resolving DNS queries. Check your DNS settings are set correctly and also check to make sure that your DNS server is running and available on the network.

  • MasterzOfHardcore

    Hey dude, i had the same problem 2 days ago, and have the solution.
    in the CMD promp type 'sconfig', press 8, type in the index number of your interface, press 2, and then enter your DNS server's adress.
    Hope this works out for you 😉

  • itfreetraining

    Open a command prompt and try to ping the address. Run ipconfig and see if you network adapter is running and configured correctly. It is more than likely your network adapter is not configure correctly or the network adapter is not plugged in.

  • chobombo1

    Very informative, the video was easy to understand and the steps were easy to follow, based on this I took some notes for future reference as well as installed and configured my first Win 2008 core Domain Controller. kepp up the good work @itfreetraining

  • itfreetraining

    Error 53 is a resolution problem. You DNS may not be set up correctly you. To confirm this is the problem, attempt to map a drive using the IP address rather than than name. For example, if your server has the IP address of your would use the command net use * \

  • ronadona

    Coming from a management background… the first thing I do before watching any of your videos is liking it. You have great way of teaching. Not only the high level of accuracy of information, but also the very high level of recording quality, time use and the way you priorities concepts. This is a great peace of work. Indeed, a very great peace of work!

  • Vijay Prabhu

    hello sir how to uninstall AD from servercore
    i try to remove using
    dcpromo /forceremoval /unattend:c:dcuninstall.txt
    i export the answer file from one dc when uninstalling
    i supplied the password in answer file
    or else can i use same start cmd for uninstall

  • itfreetraining

    All the settings in the answer file can be placed on the command line so you could run something like

    dcpromo /unattend /username:(domain admin) /userdomain:domain /password:(DA password) /administratorpassword:(local admin password)

    You should not use forceremoval parameter unless you really have to. (E.g extreme hard failure) If the Domain Controller is not being removed there must be something that is wrong. E.g not replicating so check the logs for errors.

  • deepak basnet

    Dear Itfreetraining

    I am currently studying 70-640 on windows r2 and am on page 30 where I am supposed to do exercise 4 " Remove  a Domain Controller"

    But every time type and enter dcpromo /unattend /AdministratorPassword:Passw0rd. I get the error message 

    The specified argument AdministratorPassword was not recignized. Why is this and how do I get rid of this problem.

    thanking you

  • thejazD

    Hello itfreetraining.

    I've already done watching the Playlist from 1 -7. My question is that do I need to Install an Active Directory on Server Core, what I mean is that do I need to create a Server Core in my Virtual Machine in order to follow all instructions in this course/playlist? Is it prerequisite?


  • kutchstir

    Hi, I was wondering if you can assist me? I am using VMware Workstation 12 player and have created 2 VMs one with the Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 and one with Windows Server Core 2008 R2. Both work but I can not get passed the part in the video were it says to type net use * \dc1it to be able to apply the dcpromo settings from the text file from the previous video.

  • Badmunky64

    I'm just gonna pray that I won't get too many questions on this. I'm a visual learning guy so this is all "in one ear and out the other". Kinda like how I am with textbooks.

  • Andreas Hess

    Thanks for these videos… They are great! clear, concise and easy to understand while not being to slow at the same time… Well done.. keep 'em coming 🙂

  • Rohit Nair

    my dcpromo of second DC is failing with error The wizard cannot access the list of domain on the forest Logon failure : unknown user name or bad password, what could be the cause?

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