Maximising E-commerce Profit With Trust and Authority
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Maximising E-commerce Profit With Trust and Authority

And I think we looked at it, we mentioned
last week when we were, I can’t, what was that big furniture? It was made, wasn’t it? And if you go into the Wayback machine and
you look where they were when they didn’t have any trust in authority, their
messaging was very different. Yeah. And about what they were putting on
the site compared to what you do now. Now when people go to the site, they
pretty much have heard of made and they’ve huge and they’ve got thousands and
millions of reviews that I got. You know the authority, so
they can, yeah, they can They can swap the offer with that
authority because they’ve gotten the authority then don’t need to be so
aggressive with that USP and the offer. Yeah. Whereas if you don’t account that social
proof and you’re smaller, you literally got to, you’ve got to have the most
amazing value proposition, the most amazing offer to get. Otherwise, no. Why would people take
the risk buying from you? They’re not, you know, let’s face it, if
you’re small, and you’ve got you know, like a lot of our customers,
when they start, they’ve got no reason to buy from you. They’ve got no trust, no credibility,
no social proof, no offer. It’s like you wouldn’t buy from yourself. You know, if you saw this, you
landed on this page, nothing there. There’s no reason.

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