Matching documents in Cloud Firestore (pt. 2) – Firecasts
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Matching documents in Cloud Firestore (pt. 2) – Firecasts


  • Paul Renshaw

    Can somebody help with my question not covered in the videos or documentation as far as I can tell

  • Denis TRUFFAUT

    rules_version = "2" & Collection group queries look very interesting :

    Ex : /users/{userId}/images/{imageId}

    Prior to rules_version = "2" & Collection group queries, to access to all images whatever the user was, you had to create a dedicated index, like /images/{imageId} and before insertion verify in rules that uid in the document was an existing userId.

    With rules_version = "2"& Collection group queries, no tricks required, you can simply and safely store images under /users/{userId}/images/{imageId}, access to all images, even sort them by createdAt DESC to prepare insertion in your favorite search engine.

    Well done Firebase 🙂

  • Polla Fattah

    Is there any good book that talks about all features of the security rules in a human way not documentation method that the only documentation writer fully understands it. I really ask a book with the similar content as these videos

  • Erwin Lengkeek

    This is a great explanation, I'll implement support for group collection queries soon. I am wondering one thing though. In my project, the root collection contains documents with a certain document Id. I want to check this I'd within the group collection query security rule. Do I check the contents of prefix variable with a regex in this case? In other words, does the prefix also contain the path up until the history collection?

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