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hello everybody as you know it is the end of the season I have 26 days left to hit masters and I decided I’m gonna do it in three servers you’re insane first of all I’m gonna start with Vietnam I know I’m only plat one right here but we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna hammer out plat one two masters in Vietnam and then I’m gonna do masters in either in a or Philippines and then I’m gonna do masters in either in a or Philippines I don’t know if I can do it but I’m gonna try that’s what you get for beating on my Vladimir wait my bladder Mir is only two five I thought he was carrying this game this whole time I thought Vladimir was carrying I don’t even want to mess with the zhonya’s I just like nah she just like in stays on yyd we’re not even thinking about it good usage a package there my quirky imagine going legendary 16:6 on Harriman’s still losing because you know you can’t do anything okay okay so in our Vietnam promos for diamond 4 we are currently we are currently we are currently we are currently we are currently two wins one more they had diamond for here one more and then the climb to masters hopefully within like eight days we believe we believe I don’t believe that that was stupid I’m sad I’m very sad about that I’m very sad about that and we did it it took us two hours but we did it we are now diamond 4 in the Vietnam server and now we just need to get diamond 3 diamond – diamond 1 and masters to go where no Yi has ever gone before wait no I’ve done it before it doesn’t matter we’re gonna queue up again alright so my mid lane pings my blue my ad carry pings my red you know what did I didn’t want any buffs anyway I didn’t want anything anyway new in an or column or he uh squad bye-bye [Music] I really need my eeee all right he has a heel right [Music] easy you want some of this you just saw what I did to Annie you’re freaking next buddy you’re next oh my stun okay okay okay okay they didn’t respect the whitson guys they didn’t respect the witsand [Music] nope I’m too good at this game and they didn’t get any tower proximity gold I’ll leave that for jinx let’s go again dude why are they just like mailing on me here come on one at a time like a superhero movie I’m Batman I’m Batman I didn’t want to kill a star yet because I couldn’t get a pentakill anyway now we need to get a pentakill for YouTube hunt and Vietnam loves it when I pinned the kill in the Vietnam server oh that’s for you Vietnam yeah I’m coming wait ah double kills what’s the fuck is this can what is he doing okay get a little to meditate here I don’t know that is the power of young buffaloes in Vietnam diamond for ello that Bardolph good try good try sucks to be you all right I went through no come back I mean come on man it’s like I can’t tell if to run it away from me or running towards me to be honest well I died my bad guys my bad my bad Chengdu Chengdu corsage oh we’re going for band good thatch I like that I like that a lot I’ll take it I’ll take it what the fuck what what what what was that what even happened not that Gigi Gigi baby wait is that a yes sir come here dak sua the Vietnamese young Buffalo yeah sOooo easy alright boys we are now in promos for diamond 3 and we still have a negative wind rain we’re working on it we’re getting we’re getting it back I had a rough early season ok guys my early season was rough but now I’m back to get masters that’s why that’s why [Music] [Music] you


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