Master of Science in Applied Computing (MScAC) – ARIA 2016
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Master of Science in Applied Computing (MScAC) – ARIA 2016

My name is Eugene Fiume and I am the director of the Master of Science in Applied Computing program And what we have decided to do, is
to make this showcase a regular event, so that the students who are on internship could
show-off their work. But also I think one of the things that I’ve noticed, is that
a lot of companies have come to visit, and I see companies talking to one another. So,
some announcement down the line that some companies met and decided to do a merger because
of the meeting at one of these events. So the event gives us an opportunity to see
some new minds, new ideas, and lots of passion and energy. What we looked for in, in this program is
really business differentiators, things that can separate our products from our competitors.
We like to give our students opportunities to work on hard problems where we’re not
even sure that there is an answer but that if they find an answer, that it will have a huge
impact on our business. So really what this is helping is, helping
people find more relevant videos, more interesting videos for their audience. So if you have the user interest profiles
built into your system, you already have some information about every user, based on his
interests, and what kind of advertisements could be interesting to him, you can show
him customized advertisements. The Applied Computing Program here at U of
T is a perfect fit for Mitacs because what we do is fund research projects. And the corner
stone of the internship component of the Master [of Science in] Applied Computing program
is for the students to conduct the research projects on behalf of companies, that will
ultimately benefit them. I think it’s great to be able to show off
what you’ve done. We’ve worked for seven eight months on it now, and worked really
hard. So it’s nice to show it off a bit.


  • Leta JIFAR

    Is University of Toronto a good university for international students? I am looking for a good Master program for computer science. I try to read admission requirement page. but it is too general to break it down to the point that lets you decide. any suggestions ?

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