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Master of Computing | RMIT University

>>Arwa Alhamad: I’ve been fascinated with
computers since I was eight years old when my father let me play with his computer.
After high school I did my Bachelors in Computer and Information Systems at King Saud University
in Saudi Arabia, then worked for two years as a service delivery specialist at a semi
government company which was SADAD Payment System.
After reading and searching I found that RMIT had an internationally recognised reputation
for technology and was ranked in the top ten universities in Australia according to the
former Times Higher Education Supplement. Another reason I chose RMIT is because of
its facilities. They’re world class like these state of the art labs.
In 2010 in the Computer Science Information Technology awards night I was awarded the
best female student in any post graduate program. It’s fantastic to get this kind of recognition
which is a great encouragement to achieve your career goals.
My dream job is to become a security consultant and a part time lecturer to pass my knowledge
and experience to the new Saudi generations. RMIT helped prepare me for work by its unique
structure of the program which allowed me to spend the final semester persuing a unique
industrial software engineering project through Your Software.
Your Software empowered me to work in a team on an industry project on an external business.
This practical work based experience has significantly improved my job prospects.
The campus is a great place to study as students have 24/7 access to the computer high-tech
labs and the post graduate lounge which I consider my second home.
As a social person it was fun to make friends from different cultures and different backgrounds.
At uni, most students were friendly and worked together to share knowledge and experience.
Come to RMIT in Melbourne and live in the heart of a big international city and study
with people from all around the world. Itís fun, itís safe and youíll make a lot
of friends

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