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Hello, welcome to this week’s LWIAY YouTube’s favorite show hosted with me And me YAYYYYYY Leave your entries in the subreddit Bros And I’ll watch submissions in the next episode of LWIAY (clapping) (more clapping) 500,000 likes. That’s all it took to force Marzia to be part of this video Yeah, thank you I’m so happy to be … Do you know what we’re doing? Kind of… I mean I watch your videos, but they all become a big blur after a while So… What do you say? LWIAY Youtube’s favourite show, roll the intro: Leave your entries the in the Subreddit… Predictions, what do you expect to see? Marzia: I mean I’m reading “HMMMMMMM” Ok, you can’t cheat. Marzia: If Brad doesn’t do a HMMM right now on me, I’ll be upset Attention, the androids’ LED it’s the “I’m not a robot” symbol. (Together: HMMMMMMMMMMMM) Hey look its you! Marzia: How about Marzia hosts LWIAY, Pew News and Meme👏 Review👏 for a week, While PewDiePie makes food, reviews fashion, and does makeup. You already do it. I do literally everything in this channel.
Marzia: Off camera. Oh? What? I like how they just want me – – you to replace everything that I do I mean, they’re tired of you, I get it. What do you mean? Record themselves playing game which millions of people are doing; Considered original content. Yes, preach it! Reacting to his fans memes; not considered original content. WOW My 9 year olds, I am so proud. That’s the thing, like, you’re just playing a game. It’s not your game. Nothing, nothing has changed. I have always been unoriginal. Ok you read the firsh one, I read the…
Marzia: Firsh one?!?! Making a meme in English so Felix can read it. Marzia: Fare un meme in italiano cosi che Marzia lo capisca. Making a meme in Italian so Marzia can understand. Make a meme on russian to make fun of Felix woof woof woof bark woof edgar woof Marzia: Maya is not happy about this. Hey look that’s awesome! Marzia: That’s really cool. You get the best fan arts.
Marzia: Yeah I really do. No one takes this amount of time for me. They’ll just say they took 20 hours or 50 hours. Together: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW Marzia: That’s very cute. This is so cute, can we hit 5000 likes on this video? Marzia: 5000?!?! Well, you lowball them and they’ll be like: Oh meh gawd can we weawwy do it? And then they’re like: Look how many we got. Marzia: Wow. They’re 9 years old. They don’t know what they’re doing Marzia: Writing memes in English so Marzia and Felix can both understand them Marzia: Scriverli in italiano cosi che possa capirli solo Marzia e sia lei a doverli recensire Jesus Christ! Skidlididdidididi Oh my god! Thank you! Marzia: I feel like a sneeze will be stronger than a fart. You haven’t seen my farts. Marzia: I’ve heard them.. and smelt them! So, yeah. So you know about the power. Eating a picture- oh wait! He did it, he actually did it! Marzia: So you have to eat him now?
(That’s what she said) Damnit. Next video, I gotta save that for next one. I’m sorry. I will do it, well done! Thank you for not dying. By the way. I really appreciate that. Marzia: I used to eat paper as a kid. Marzia: Coz I thought they were like cooler chewing gums. There you have it everybody. You’re culturally insensitive (Casey) Logan I’m vegan now… Marzia: That was so good. I wish I had that card. Marzia: 9 years old Marzia: Marzia hosting LWIAY Brad Marzia Marzia: PewDiePie Marzia: So the expected Brad right, but I’m here.
Who’s saying you’re not.. Marzia: HUUUUUUUUH? Oh no, they want me to do a let’s play with Lego Star Wars. Marzia: Let’s do it together, off-camera we can play it. I’m down to play with you, but not for the 9 olds.
(D E M O N E T I Z E D) Okay, moving on… Celebrates 10th Birthday Marzia: Oh nooooo (RIP) You gotta do what you gotta do. You gotta grow up, it’s part of life. Okay. PewDiePie. Red Pewdiepie. Green PewDiePie. Pink Spaghetti- GUYS This is a real whamen. She’s not spaghetti.
(Marzia in background: So disrespectful) That is racism. And I will not tolerate any racism against my spaghetti girlfriend.
Marzia: Thank you, thank you.


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