Maryland Computing Education Summit
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Maryland Computing Education Summit

thank you so much for coming on a
gorgeous sunny morning this is the Maryland computing education summit at
UMBC I’m tweeting live so if everybody could just wave wave for me twitter
rules excellent, excellent technology is hip on this
campus and the Maryland Department of Education likes that we are making
computer science a priority in Maryland along with the coursework and along with
a toolkit the state convenes and has grown this summit ‘what does a pre-k child need to know versus a 12-grader?’ in its 6th-year now … ‘can anyone give an example of problem-solving? to boost interest
in computer science… ‘as a computer science integrated activity in the classroom?
students wanted to have robotics and the teacher was willing to do this knowing
that he didn’t know a lot about coding and so the students had to get online
had to use a different online sites to learn how to code…’ Teachers tell stories in
breakout sessions they trade tips learn from each other learning computer
science helps people to develop problem-solving skills that can be
applied at any time in any point in your life seems simple but as UMBC puts it…
‘Believe it or not, two-thirds of Americans who start in any stem discipline leave stem
within the first two years so here the school works with freshmen to help them
navigate the maze of majors because there are many different computing majors and
they have different characteristics and students don’t tend to know about them
when they get to college.’ and to get them there with a vibrant
interest Maryland develops these initiatives a comprehensive k to 12
computer science framework a toolkit for its implementation expanded teacher
certification options and broadened options for students to fill graduation
requirements with computer science courses Maryland posts the toolkit
online and it promotes diversity and battles gender bias in computer science
classrooms so that is something that’s truly accessible to all so we’re trying
to start young nasa hosts a breakout session but you gotta nudge you gotta push a little bit and we need
that mission-critical find and foster an early interest like when i learned basic
what was the first thing i did I designed a little game you know and
students can get excited about that and getting students excited remains the
focus the road ahead is we need more professional development for teachers we
need more awareness for parents students and guidance counselors and we need to
identify computing standards that are appropriate for students to be learning
all the way from pre-k through 12th grade and beyond from UMBC this is ms de

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