Mario Lopez Talks Co-Hosting Rumors
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Mario Lopez Talks Co-Hosting Rumors

Now the rumor is,
I don’t know if you’re going to tell me or that you will be replacing Michael Strahan
you’ll be with Kelly, is that possible?>>That’s very flattering.>>No, it’s not just me. It’s a rumor that you would
be replacing Michael Strahan.>>No I know some people who
are saying that, and again, very flattering I love Kelly and
I’ve guest hosted with her a few time. She’s awesome. I actually did a movie with her husband,
Mark who’s a real good guy.>>Yeah, seems like it.>>I’m looking forward to
going back to guest hosting.>>Cuz you’re going to guest host again.>>So yeah, I’m looking forward to it.>>And
then maybe you’ll be the replacement? [LAUGH]
>>Ellen starting rumors>>No, no I’m not starting rumors>>I mean, so you’re not shutting it down, you’re not saying absolutely not. Well, I’ve got to go over
everything with Mrs. Lopez. She’s the real boss of the house so
we’ll see what she. [APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah, smart. Smart.
>>See what she has to say about it.>>And you’d have to move to New York
too which I would miss you like crazy.>>Yeah I would miss you to.>>Personally I want you to be you know
happy but I want you to stay here.>>I got to stay close to my
Ellen alright sounds good.>>I guess you’re
planning your retirement, because you’re putting your children
to work I saw your son is helping you.>>Yes everyone pulls their
weight at casa Lopez and that my gosh that’s my son
Nico look where his hands are. [LAUGH] I gotta have
a talk to him about little Nico Suave right there little too Suave.>>Look at him.
>>Yeah, and he’s holding daddy’s picture. So I couldn’t make.>>He’s holding daddy’s picture? He’s holding a tequila.>>Well, not the bottle. I know some people
are giving me a hard time. I was was like,
it’s just his dad’s picture. We were the sponsor for
the Long Beach grand prix race here.>>Right.
>>And last minute I couldn’t make it so
my son went in my place. [LAUGH] Not by himself. Two years old cruising over there.>>That’s hilarious. And then your daughter is on
the red carpet a lot with you?>>She does she’s a special correspondent.>>She loves it right?>>She loves it.
She’s interviewing Cate Blanchett right there for Cinderella. She did Jungle Book. She’s really looking
forward to Finding Dory.>>Yes, I hope she is. [APPLAUSE]
>>She’s looking forward to talking to you on the carpet
She’s excited about that. [LAUGH] So far, yes,
everybody pulls their weight. We gotta get the dogs in there, too.>>Yeah.
>>Doing something.>>Because you have two now, right?>>I have two. Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez and
Juanita Manuela Marquez Lopez. [LAUGH] Those are my two dogs. And between the kids and the dogs, I’m like a UFC ref, just breaking up
the fights all over the house right there.>>And you love it.>>I love it.


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