Map Hosting – Control Point Gamemode
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Map Hosting – Control Point Gamemode

Back in July 2007 I made this map for Counter
Strike: Source. The teams spawned on opposite sides of the island and got to choose a class,
which would determine their weapons and grenades. They’d then have to reach nodes to take
them over, Battlefield-style. Doing so would then enable teleports at their base to those
nodes, letting them skip already-conquered parts of the map.
Once they reached the enemy base, all enemies would be immediately killed and the round
would be won. Oh and there was a mountain you could climb
that would give you a lovely view of the entire level.
Unfortunately it didn’t work with bots and was far too open to work that well with real
people either. But I have wanted to remake it.
And now I have! CP_Castle has been uploaded to the workshop
for a few days now as I’ve tweaked the formula. There are 3 classes to choose from; do you
go in with a mag7 and P250, the MP7 and explosive grenade or the scout and Molotov? Once you
spawn you’ll run down the tunnel of love to your main base. Through the glass wall
you can see the enemy base: your ultimate goal. You can then choose to go left or right
to the outer nodes. One is set in a ditch at the far side of an exposed field. The other
is in a maze of walls and crates for some frantic close-quarters action.
It’s then finally time to push on to the enemy base. If you reach this platform the
enemy’s spawn is disabled and you have to hunt the survivors down across the rest of
the map. Since its original release a few days ago
I’ve made some adjustments to it. Both checkpoints have to be held at the same time before you
can take the enemy base. This will lead to some frustratingly long-winded stalemates,
even with bots! But this comes with the gamemode. I’ve had the same experiences in Battlefield
and Unreal Tournament too. I think it makes the games more tactical and meaningful though,
see what you think. And once you reach the enemy base it’s not
a guaranteed win either. I’ve made it disable YOUR spawn after 15 seconds as well, giving
you a limited window to kill some of the enemies and to respawn if they beat you. But those
15 seconds should give you quite an advantage. It’s possible to extend the levels out and
to add more checkpoints. The real challenge with this map so far has been to balance how
long it takes to reach the main node compared with the benefits of teleports to the outer
nodes. The long tunnel of love is to encourage people to use the other nodes once they’re
taken and to make the final base a bit easier to attack since enemies don’t just spawn
on top of you. LabiteQ has suggested some rarer weapon drops
across the levels. Perhaps an AK or AWP that are on timed releases or whatever. Let me
know what you think of this as well. And lastly, armour. Currently it’s not handed
out but I think that having it would make engagements longer and possibly better.
The last issue I’ve had is that these maps require different changes to work better with
bots or human players. I may end up releasing a special version just for people who want
to play it alone. But since it’s all in its early stages I really need people to try
it out in its current state before I go crazy and start releasing other maps and stuff for
this gamemode. Any way, this map is now on the servers that
are KINDLY HOSTED BY PULSE SERVERS, check them out in this video’s description, they’ve
made this project possible and are always on hand with any questions you might have
about their services. Use the code ‘kliks’ to get a 20% discount on any servers of your
own. And thanks again to David Randall for the
music. You can also check him out in this video’s description.


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