Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders) | WP Learning Lab
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Manually Restore WordPress Site From Backup (Database, Files & Folders) | WP Learning Lab

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, everybody, it’s Bjorn
from the WP Learning Lab. In this video, I’m going to
show you how to manually restore a website that has been broken. And what I’m
actually going to do is delete my entire
website because I’ve backed it up in a
previous video, which is linked to below. Because we have the
backup of all the files and folders and the database,
we can recreate the website entirely. So I’m going to delete
the whole website, and then we are going to
upload it again and see if we can get back
to where we were before the website was deleted. And this is something you could
do after your site gets hacked or after something breaks. When you update your
themes or your plugins or your core files,
you always want to make sure you have
a backup before you do anything major just in
case something goes wrong. You can then get your site back
online as quickly as possible. So here we see the current
state of the website. This is our demo
site And now we’re going to delete
this whole website right now. So how we do that is we go
into our hosting account. And we go to the File Manager. We open the document
route for that website. And these are all the
website files right here. I’m going to click
on the first one to highlight it, scroll down,
hold down the Shift key, and click on the last one
to highlight all of them. And then click on delete. And then delete files. This takes a few moments
for them to be deleted. And now they’re all
gone, and we are going to go back to the
website and refresh and see what happens. Nothing there. Website is gone. Now what I’m also going to
do is delete the database. So if we go back
into the cPanel, we have to scroll
down to the place where we have the
PHD, my admin, option. Click on that. And I check my wp-config
file before I deleted site and my website
name is flowerpots. So I’m going to
find that database. And we’re going to do what’s
called Drop the database, which is the MySQL term for delete. So we open the list of
databases on the left. We find the flower
pots database. And we scroll down
to the very bottom. And we choose check all, which
checks all of the tables. And then in the dropdown with
selected, we choose Drop. Now it’s asking us, do we really
want to drop all these tables? Yes, we do. Now this database, the
flowerpots database has no tables found
in the database. So now we’ve deleted all the
WordPress files and folders and the WordPress
database so now we can restore it from
the backup that we made. Now how we do that is first
we’ll restore all the files. So if you recall,
or if you’ve even watched the previous
video, we had a zip file created that we downloaded
where it’s going to upload that zip file. And that zip file can be
found in a special folder that I made. And this is the folder,
or this is the zip file right here that contains all
the website files and folders. So we click on Open. And in the bottom right it shows
that the upload is starting. And it gives an estimated
time for how long it will take to upload those. I’ll pause this video
while it uploads. When it’s done, I’ll be back. So here we are. We’re back. The upload is completed. And we can actually close
this upload files tab, and then if we refresh
the File Manager, we see that our zip
file has been uploaded. To extract the zip file, all
you have to do is click on it to highlight it and
then click on extract. And it will extract all the
files directly into this folder as well. So we can leave all
these options as is and click on the
extract files button. This takes a few
moments to extract, and then it gives a list of all
the files that were extracted. You can click on Close. Reload this page again. And now we see all of
our site files are back. Now we can delete the
back of off the server because we don’t want to
save zip files on the server just because that’s
a security risk. So now we have all
our files back. And if we go back to our
website, where there’s currently nothing, if
we refresh the page, it now has a WordPress
installation menu. So you can go back and
install WordPress again. But then you’ll
lose all your data. But we’re not going to do that. What we actually want to do is
we want to upload our database. The database that we
backed up previously. So if we go back to our
flowerpots database, which we deleted earlier
in the video, now we can go to the Import option,
which is the tab at the top. Click on Import. You can say leave all
the settings as they are. Just click on the Browse button. Choose your file to
import, which in this case is a dot file, and
then click on Go. It takes a few moments
to upload or import that file in that database. Now we have a message that
says import has successfully finished. 240 queries executed. So now if you go back and
click on the structure for the database, we
should see all the tables that were there
before we deleted it. And it looks like
they are all there. I’m going to assume
they are because I didn’t memorize them all. If we go back to our website
here, we go to the homepage. We can see that
our website is back online just the way it was
before we deleted it all. So that is how you
manually restore a website from your
files and folders back up and your database backup. And this holds true also for
a lot of backup plugins, which will only export a zip file
that contains the database and your files and folders. A lot of the free
backup plugins don’t have an auto restore feature. So you have to do it manually
using the steps you just saw in this video. I hope this video helps you. My name is Bjorn Allpas
in WP Learning Lab. Please make sure you
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    I upgrade from MAMP PRO 4 to 5. When I did I was not able to bring up my WordPress blog. I reverted back to MAMP PRO 4.5. and reinstalled WordPress. When I did that. I was only able to login to a new WordPress blog and not my original WordPress blog. Will someone please help me to get back my original WordPress blog? I have been working on my original WordPress blog since 2016.

  • Naman Modi

    Great and informative video and this is very important and really worth for me and I am going to implement this method on our website, you have explained it very clearly. thanking you.

  • Ross Goldberg

    Thank you for the video. A rogue plugin infected my father's wordpress install, so I had to wipe the whole thing. Luckily I had a manual backup from before the incident, and this helped me quickly restore everything cleanly and easily. Everyone is happy again!

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    I Have my WordPress website backed up, but not in a zipped file. Just as loose files. Can I upload these non zipped files to restore my WordPress website ? (including original database)

  • Alberto Verissimo

    So, if you update your website and something goes wrong you always have to go back and delete both he core files and the database? or just the main files and you leave the database as it was?

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    So does it mean if my hosting plan gets exhausted and wanna renew I need to backup my files ?? then reinstall WordPress and then move to file manager and delete those default setup by my cpanel and import my backup one ?

  • Eric De La Cruz

    You are a life saver!!! My WP site is back up and running thanks to this video & your other video:

    I exported my database and website files from one hosting site and tried to move it manually to a new hosting site and I kept logging into wordpress with nothing in it! all my post, pages and plugins gone! Deleted everything DB's and files on server and followed this video, then i received a 500 error and I thought it was end , but then I found your other video, followed he steps and NOW…..everything it BACK!!!!! I have been trying to restore my site for 3 days!! THANK YOU FOR THESE VIDEOS!!!!

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    Thanks, bruh it worked for me. I was facing 500 internal server error and used all steps include replacing the wp-admin and wp-include but never worked so I deleted and I restore my web completely on my hosting site.
    Thank you!

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    Great video and nicely explained but sir, I have one question, what should I do If I want to create a new site, do I need to install the wordpress again or should I use the same credentials to login again. thanks

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    I went through the steps to restore, however, the theme seems to be picking up from another source.  It's showing a basic wordpress theme as opposed to my custom theme.  Any suggestions on a fix for that?  My content is below that theme view but my theme is not visible.

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    Thanks for the help buddy. This was useful and easy to follow. At one point you said there's a previous video in the description below. But there's a link this video and no to a previous one. I went to your channel videos page and have found it by using the search feature. However, it would be right to fix this 🙂

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    Don´t you forget to mention that also the DB Tabel option (siteurl, home) and the file wp-config.php (DB name, DB user, etc.) must be adjusted?

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    Hi, very informative video. However, I have a question: would not restoring the old database files give you the same problems as previously experienced? I say that as I have managed to mess up my site and only HTML now displaying, not images sheets etc.

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    You might want to tell people to find out which database they need to drop and how to find it BEFORE telling them to delete their website! If people have more than one site on their hosting account they're going to have more than one database.

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