Managed Hosting in 60 Seconds
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Managed Hosting in 60 Seconds

Hey this is J, from Liquid Web, and this
is Managed Hosting in 60 seconds. Let’s start by thinking about managed hosting as inclusive and comprehensive. It’s a grouping of infrastructure and hardware bundled with services and people. Let”s break that down to build a website out of its components you would need a stifling list of people places and
things. Everything from a physical building with a secure room to
networking equipment to the software that runs your web app. It’s perfectly
viable to do that but you also need an IT team to support it you can do it
yourself but there’s another option – Managed Hosting. With managed hosting the physical building the networking infrastructure and all the software you
need for your web app are included with your leased server. Plus you get the
entire helpful team needed to run your website. A bunch of welcoming humans
waiting and ready for your questions. Managed hosting includes: server
monitoring, security, backup software, continuous core software updates,
scheduled maintenance, and best of all server support and administration. In
summary managed hosting is inclusive and comprehensive, managed hosting reduces your cost of operation, managed hosting is backed by helpful humans. All right my
friends, this is J from Liquid Web and this was managed hosting in 60 seconds.

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