Maksud kemerdekaan, Rukun Negara, Harapan terhadap Negara Dan ucapan
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Maksud kemerdekaan, Rukun Negara, Harapan terhadap Negara Dan ucapan

independence in country context is meaning a country free from power colonizer, country that independence will ordered and ditadbir oleh rakyat negaranya sendiri we as rakyat Malaysia seharusnya bersyukur because Malaysia telah hampir 62 tahun mencapai kemerdekaan. for me, kemerdekaan means satu negara tu have people that are positive-minded more open Rukun Negara merupakan ideologi kebangsaan negara malaysia it was set up on 31st August 1970 from Majlis Gerakan Negara which is one year after tragedy 13th May 1969 that had HANCURKANPERPADUAN and PEACENESS of our country Antara prinsip ii Rukun Negara adalah Belief in God Loyalty to King and country Supremacy of the constitution Rule of Law Good behavior and morality with amalan ini Malaysia dapatlah bersatu ek *abaikan suara ku haha alamak lupa skrip haha i hope all Malaysians could unite solid and cooperate wake Malaysia up in the direction of a better Malaysia This thingy could be explained by our theme independence on this year Which is SAYANGI MALAYSIAKU : Malaysia Bersih This theme confirms us so that we realize that progression of country is not only located at development economy even unity that occurred between race and religion also donate to progress country *senyumskit, eu end once, sa want wish congratulations celebrate day independence times that of the 62 to all people Malaysia kbye tq tengok

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